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60 Second Interview with Trichologist Paul Green

Created on June 23, 2017 by Mosh
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Dr Paul Green hair trichologist

Paul Green is a Trichologist at DHI Australia - the leaders in the market for natural hair transplants. We were lucky enough to pick his brain for a quick 60-seconds to learn more about his background, how he became an expert in treating hair loss and the smartest ways to regrow thinning hair.

What is your background?

I have been in the medical cosmetic industry for over 23 years, and was certified by the Institute of Trichologists in 1999.

Over this vast period, I have treated everyone from children to royalty, treating every case uniquely, yet with the same exuberant passion. My skill set allows me to make an accurate assessment and diagnosis on conditions concerning the hair and scalp, utilising an extensive knowledge in Toxicology and stress and their impact on Alopecia (hair loss) and the body.

How is DHI different to the other hair transplant providers out there?

DHI is the only company in Australia that currently uses all the latest technologies and techniques available to maximise hair regrowth and minimalize the downtime off our patients - often to less than a week. 

Our surgeons perform 100% of surgery themselves, using the nurses as assistants only. This improves the survival rates of the hairs and makes sure that our results are 100% natural, and undetectable.  The density achieved is the highest in the industry, allowing a full correction in only one session. This is compared to the average of 2 sessions (transplants) for all other techniques.

Download your exclusive guide to hair transplants

Do Mosh and DHI treatments complement each other?

A DHI hair transplant yields permanent results. However, it does not stop you losing hair in the areas that were not treated. You therefore need to prevent other areas from thinning. Mosh offers an affordable, proven and easy solution, making sure that only the one session is required. Also, Mosh's proprietary hair loss solutions can thicken and improve the coverage to the thin areas that are too early for a transplant.

How is using Mosh's treatments and growth factors / DHI transplants different to anything else out there?

Combining the latest in regenerative stem cell therapy with medically proven Hairmop products will maximise the results achievable. Growth Factor Therapy increases the release of stem cells and increases the level of growth factors to the hair follicle keeping the hair in an Anagen (Growth) stage. Meanwhile, Hairmop's hair loss treatments support growth and prevent further hair damage, blocking DHT and boosting the blood flow. When  the two therapies combine you are exposing your hair follicles to the best medical treatments currently available for genetic male and female hair loss.

What do you say to someone considering hair loss treatment?

Start as soon as possible, don’t go bald while contemplating your first step. Hair loss can be permanently corrected, especially when treated correctly.

Is it affordable?

Yes - both DHI and Mosh tailor treatment programs to suite your budget and personal needs. Flexible payment plans are also offered on certain treatments.

To learn more about natural hair transplants, download our consumer guide to hair loss transplants and have our friendly team at Hairmop and DHI assist you in finding the most advanced hair regrowth solution tailored specifically for you.

hairmop and DHI hair loss treatments

Topics: Hair Loss Treatments, hair loss transplant