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Acne or ageing concerns? Chat to a doctor today

Close-up of man's skin

We’re used to seeing a doctor and getting medical advice for many health concerns. But when it comes to our skin, we often avoid seeking that same level of care.


Here’s how much hair transplants actually cost

Man on balcony looking at camera

If you’re thinking about getting your hair back, you need to consider the financial damage. We break down how much it costs to get hair transplants done.


5 causes of erectile dysfunction & how we can help

Man sitting on couch looking contemplative

Erectile dysfunction is more common than you think, even in younger guys. Treating it successfully involves understanding the cause. Here are five reasons you could be suffering.


The right & wrong way to react to erectile issues

Man with head in hands

Erectile dysfunction is difficult to accept, but the way you react to it can make all the difference. Learn the right and wrong ways to respond for a positive outcome.


Guide to different acne types (& how to treat them)

Man checking his face in the mirror

Treating acne isn’t a one size fits all approach. To find the right acne treatment, you first need to understand what type of acne you have. Read on to find out.


Should I be losing my hair at 30?

Should I Be Losing My Hair at the Age of 30?

“I’m too young to lose my hair!”

We hear that sort of complaint all the time. Most people think hair loss is a condition reserved for older men. Young guys are supposed to have thick, youthful manes, right? This is a common assumption that many people hold.


Does your ability to grow a beard cause hair loss?

It might make you wonder: Does growing a beard cause hair loss? Or is it just another hair loss myth?


How to bring up sexual issues in the bedroom

Legs of a man and woman facing each other

Sex can be a fun and enjoyable experience, but it can also bring with it a lot of awkward situations. Whether you’re educated or more inadequately educated about the topic of sex, growing up, sexual issues are not really something that get addressed.

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