Let's change Australian healthcare for the better.

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Life at Mosh.

Headquartered in sunny Bondi Beach and with a healthy remote team across Australia and abroad, Moshers are passionate about reinventing the Australian healthcare system.

We are a diverse team of engineers, marketers, designers, practitioners and way more.

Christine Yoon

Head of Marketing

"Working at Mosh is truly a unique opportunity. We are a tight-knit group of teammates that share our values, believe in our mission and are passionate about the future of men’s health. I can confidently say that my work is having a positive impact in the world.

Every single person at Mosh is challenged with exceptional opportunities for growth, and although ‘health’ may sound like a serious topic, we have a crazy fun brand and humongous marketing playground to try all the cool things you can think of as a marketer.”

Atif Khan

Head of Engineering

“When I started my conversation with Mosh I could see the importance of their mission to change men's health. Being able to use my technical and business skills in this space gives me an amazing sense of purpose with my work.

As a part of the engineering team you have the opportunity to work on greenfield projects and lead with best practices in online health to make a difference in peoples' lives.”

Magda Myka

Head of Product & Customer Experience

"There were three main factors that attracted me to Mosh: People - I believe the right culture boosts performance and happiness amongst the team. Growth - job satisfaction for me is closely related to opportunities for growth and expanding my skill set. Last, but not least: Purpose. Every day we work on refining our products, making them more available and useful, and trying to reach those who need our support to create wide-reaching impact.

I believe together we can reduce health related stigmas and this makes our job really meaningful!"

Why do we exist?

You know you should probably fix your
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. If only you could ask a doctor without the awkward waiting room where
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Our values


Make it happen

We believe there is no better time than now, that action is better than words and that results trump dreams. So we’re committed to helping you get the results you’re after.


Honesty & transparency

Being open and honest with the world is the best way to reveal yourself; but we also believe it’s the best way to do business. So we won’t bullshit you or pull the wool over your eyes.


It's all about you

Everyone is different and we think that’s what makes life interesting. So we’re here to serve you as the unique person you are; not just another number.

Perks of working at Mosh


'Momentum at Mosh' is an employee led wellness initiative that encompasses how the team can balance their hard work in the office with maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle. This includes tennis Lessons, pilates classes and much more to help staff stay happy, healthy, and active.


At Mosh, we care about healthcare (obviously). Mosh contributes to employees' healthcare needs with access to all products and services offered via the platform.


We actively look to invest in the professional and personal growth of our team. Mosh offers continuous opportunities for learning & development by working with you to hand-pick relevant events and courses of interest.


Working at Mosh is a unique opportunity where not only will you receive a competitive salary, but also the opportunity to see your ideas and work come to life with equity to ensure that you share in the success you have created.

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