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When things aren't looking up, we can help.

There's a reason why thousands of Aussies are treating ED online with Mosh.

Erectile dysfunction meds delivered to your door.

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What is ED?

Erectile dysfunction.

There, we said it...

Now we can move on to more important information. Did you know that to get your tools working properly involves the brain, nerves, hormones, muscles and circulatory system. Yep, there’s a whole lot going on inside that gets the blood flowing downstairs.

ED is common and easy to treat

A Mosh treatment plan can be delivered discreetly to your door from $6 per use.

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It's been really good! Much cheaper than competitive brands and don't have to spend ridiculous hours at a clinic talking to the 'doctor' about it.


The staff were very helpful

The staff were very helpful and responsive. I was able to discuss all my concerns with healthcare professionals.


Stellar customer service!

Quick delivery and response times. A doctor called almost instantly after I signed up and provided a tailored program to my needs.


Great product and service

Been using Mosh for almost a year now ... and it has boosted my confidence a lot.


Frequently asked questions

What exactly is ED?
The main symptom of erectile dysfunction (ED) is a man's inability to have or keep an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse. In many cases ED can lead to stress, and low self-confidence and can also be a sign of a physical or psychological condition.
How do you guys treat it? What exactly are the treatments on offer?
There are a range of treatments for ED, including PDE5 inhibitors in tablet form, surgery, penile vacuum pumps and other medications. Mosh doctors generally prescribe PDE5 Inhibitors as “first line of therapy” for erectile dysfunction depending on your personal circumstances and preferences.
Wait, I’ve never even met you. How are you going to personalise my treatment?
It all starts when you chat to your doctor online. Your doctor needs to know about your health (like your medications, lifestyle issues, any prior surgeries) and how exactly ED affects you. They’ll then review everything, determine if you’re a candidate for telemedicine and craft a personalised treatment plan just for you.
How much is the treatment going to cost me?
Erectile dysfunction treatment programs start from $6 per dose and include an online and secure doctor consultation. Should you not proceed after speaking with the doctor you receive a full refund... rock solid guarantee.
How are you guys going to deliver this stuff to me?
The pharmacy will dispatch the treatment discreetly to your address within 3 to 5 working days after speaking with the doctor.
Can you diagnose ED remotely, or am I being catfished?
Yes, in most cases erectile dysfunction can be diagnosed by a physician based on you self-reporting your symptoms and detailed info about your medical history. Our doctors ask questions to evaluate your symptoms and make sure it’s safe and appropriate to prescribe ED medication. They’ll then use your answers to diagnose your condition and create a bespoke treatment plan just for you. That’s why it’s important to be honest and accurate (like most things in life, really).

Still unsure?

We've worked really closely with doctors to create a comprehensive erectile dysfunction treatment guide to help you decide what's right for you.

Understand the causes of erectile dysfunction, treatment options and how to decide what's right for you.

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Typing about ED can be easier than talking about it.

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