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Men's health made easy.

G'day, we're a men's online health clinic.

Our goal is to get men the help they need without all the hassle, seriousness and sometimes awkwardness of seeing your GP.

What we treat

Hair Loss

Ahh the joys of getting older. Unfortunately losing a little up top is inevitable for most of us, but never fear, we've got the goods to treat your hair so it stays put.

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Sexual health

So you've got a problem downstairs, it happens to the best of us. There are many possible causes for PE and ED but also equally as many treatments. Needless to say, you're in the right place to get some help.


Skin is our biggest organ so it should get some special treatment every once in while, don't you think?

Mental health

We've all had bad days where you just can't get out of bed and face the day. But if it's starting to become more frequent our psychologists are here to help.

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Tell us about you

To start answer some simple questions about your health and medical history.


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Text, call or video chat with an Australian doctor where they'll figure out the best course of treatment for you.


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We're backed by specialists

We work with dozens of leading doctors, dermatologists, psychologists and pharmacists to help you get the best treatment.

Dr. Daniel Lanzer

Dermatologist / Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr. Aimee Paik


Important stuff


Aussie GPs

We only use Australian GPs, so we guarantee that you'll speak with a trusted doctor who is in the same time zone.


Personalised Treatment

One-on-one-consultations mean each treatment plan is 100% for you, no blanket treatment plans here.


Cancel anytime

If at anytime you aren't feeling it, you can cancel without incurring any additional fees.


It's been really good! Much cheaper than competitive brands and don't have to spend ridiculous hours at a clinic talking to the 'doctor' about it.


The staff were very helpful

The staff were very helpful and responsive. I was able to discuss all my concerns with healthcare professionals.


Stellar customer service!

Quick delivery and response times. A doctor called almost instantly after I signed up and provided a tailored program to my needs.


Great product and service

Been using Mosh for almost a year now ... and it has boosted my confidence a lot.


Supporting our boys on the beach.

Here at Mosh we like to help out the fellas where we can. So we donate to the Lifesavers Club to help keep our beaches, and the people that protect them, safe.

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