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treatments for hair loss and erectile dysfunction.

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Answer questions about your health, hair loss treatment needs, erectile dysfunction, or your premature-ejaculation condition. Yeah, we know. But it’s important!

Delivered to your door treatments for erectile dysfunction and hair loss

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Your doctor will review your answers to determine the best hair loss, ED or PE treatment for you. This may include a secure video chat.

Step by step treatments for hair loss and erectile dysfunction.

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Hair loss

Sun Tzu always said ‘the best defence is a good offence’, and he had a pretty luscious mane. Let’s go on the offensive.


PE and ED. Medical conditions, not faults in your character. That means they're treatable, and we can get started right away. The balls are in your court.

Skin care

You might get tired, run down and a little worse for wear sometimes, but your skin doesn’t have to. Keep your birthday suit stuck permanently in its prime.


Forget the drinkable stuff, real vitamins are a great shortcut to getting your body working the way you’d like it to.

Erectile dysfunction or ED is treatable.

Our mission.

Simplify healthcare for men

Mosh provides access, knowledge, and the best available treatments for hair loss, ED and PE, anywhere, anytime, on any device. Fast, free, and discreet delivery. Say goodbye to appointments and waiting rooms!

Remove the stigma of hair loss, PE and ED

It's okay to look and feel your best. Let's create a male culture of openness and empowerment to overcome the effects of hair loss, ED or PE, resulting in positive and proactive health and preventative self-care.

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