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Due to legal reasons, we are prohibited from mentioning specific drug names until discussed with a doctor.

Hair loss

Doctor tailored prescription plan
Prevention Plan
From $24 /month
Prevention & Regrowth Plan
From $44 /month
Hair Loss Clinic Plan
From $56 /month
Non-prescription treatments
Shampoo & conditioner
$60 /3 months
Keep Vitamin
$60 /3 months
Minoxidil 5%
$79 /3months

Weight loss

Doctor tailored plan
Weight loss medication program
From $295 /month
Weight loss meal shakes program
From $159 /month
Dietitian add-on
From $50 /month

Sexual health

Doctor tailored prescription plan
Erectile Dysfunction treatment plan
from $2.5 /use
Premature Ejaculation treatment plan
from $5.6 /use
Non-prescription treatments
Libido Vitamin
$90 /3 months


Doctor tailored prescription plan
Nightly Defense Rx Cream
from $75 /3 months
Daily skincare essentials
Fresh Cleanser
$40 /3 months
PM moisturiser
$50 /3 months
Dark Circle Eliminator
$50 /3 months
Daily Skincare Trio
$140 /3 months

Mental health

Doctor tailored plan (50 min online therapy sessions)
From $65 /session
Registered psychologist
From $150 /session ($56.65 with rebate)
From $69 /month