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Trusted by over 75,000 Aussies

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The truth about premature ejaculation

Dr Christopher Love

Dr Christopher Love

Urologic and Prosthetic Surgeon


"PE is a common and treatable condition that can be caused by a variety of factors. Here's what you need to know."


Lifelong premature ejaculation cannot be cured, but can be managed with psychological and/or medical treatment in 75% of cases.[1]

What is it?

The distress that is caused by repeatedly ejaculating less than one minute after penetration.

What causes it?

Performance anxiety, stress, depression and relationship problems are all contributing factors, but physical issues like low serotonin levels in the brain can also be to blame.

How common is it?

About 1 in 3 men experience PE at some point.[2]


Almost 24% of Australian men say they orgasm too quickly.

What can I do about it?

There are safe and effective medications available to help manage PE, including anaesthetic sprays and oral medications which, together with psychological treatment, have proven effective in 75% of cases.

Want to find out more? We worked with our doctors to create this Ultimate Guide to PE.

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Why aren't you guys saying the names of what you sell?

Legislation means that we aren't allowed to mention specific drug names.
But if there's a treatment that you know that you want, there's a very good chance we have it.

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Discreet delivery

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It's all about telemedicine here at Mosh, meaning you meet remotely with real doctors to create a bespoke treatment plan that gets results. They'll ask about your health, everything from medications you take to your lifestyle, and how exactly PE is affecting you. They'll also give you some handy tips for how to work through the treatment with your partner. After all, you're in this together. Once that's out of the way they'll get cracking on finding the right treatment for you.

Good question, and one that doctors have struggled to answer until very recently. A lot of guys think they should be lasting longer only to discover that their time to orgasm is well within the average time frame. So let's put it to bed once and for all.

According to the International Society of Sexual Medicine (ISSM) premature ejaculation is a male sexual health condition defined by the following 3 factors:

  1. Ejaculation that always or nearly always occurs prior to or within about 1 minute of penetration from the first sexual experience. We call this LPE, or Lifelong Premature Ejaculation. Otherwise, a significant reduction in the time it takes to reach orgasm after engaging in sex, often to about 3 minutes or less. This one's called APE, or Acquired Premature Ejaculation.
  2. Not being able to delay ejaculation on all or nearly all penetrations.
  3. Negative personal consequences, such as distress, bother, frustration, and/or the avoidance of sexual intimacy.

Basically though, it's persistent or recurrent ejaculation that you have little or no voluntary control over, causing you and/or your partner distress.

As we mentioned before, there's no one magical treatment that works for everyone, but the majority of men can still be treated successfully. It's all about working with your doctor to find the right treatment combination for you. When it comes to PE, patience and perseverance is key.

Your doctor may recommend a combination of behavioural tips and medication depending on your unique situation. Some guys will use an oral medication as well as a topical anaesthetic that they cover with a condom, but you might find that that's overkill for you. It's all about your personal experience, so the sooner you chat to one of our doctors the sooner you can get started.

Basically, because sometimes ED is the underlying cause of PE - especially if it's stress-related. We're complicated beasts, and ED can often be the catalyst in a bunch of physiological changes that results in premature ejaculation.

Drugs work differently for everyone and sometimes there could be a chance of side effects. Familiarise yourself with the side effects so that you're informed about the chances of them affecting you. And if you do experience some, not to worry. We're here to manage your options with you.

Behavioural therapy tips play a huge part in PE treatments. A lot of guys experience big improvements with learned techniques as medication isn't for everyone.

Some examples of these techniques include:

  • Topical anaesthetic that are applied to the penis just before sex. Creams, lotions or sprays that are all available over-the-counter. Decreased sensation = more time until ejaculation.
  • Condoms. You know what they are and where to find them. Reduced sensitivity helps, especially when combined with a topical anaesthetic. Plus, it's safe.
  • The Squeeze, and the Start-Stop Technique. 2 different strategies designed to give you control over the timing of your ejaculation.
  • Counseling. Just the simple act of talking to someone, whether it's a mate or a therapist can dramatically increase the chances of success for some guys. You don't have to lie down on the couch, just a simple phone call or text will do. Getting it off your chest is the first step in breaking the cycle, and helps you remember your value. Again, it's a medical condition - not a flaw.
  • And don't forget, it might be a combination of a couple (or all) of these things that works for you.

That all depends on the kind of treatment your doctor prescribes. Our treatments start from $2 per dose for daily treatments or $2.80 per dose for on-demand treatments, but there are more expensive options.

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Dr Christopher Love

Dr Christopher Love

Urologic and Prosthetic Surgeon
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Trusted by over 75,000 Aussies

It's all very discreet and it doesn't discriminate

ED is nothing to be ashamed of. I'm really impressed with the Mosh service. You create a profile, you answer the questions, you talk to a doctor. It's all very discreet and it doesn't discriminate, … it's very quick and easy.


Made me feel really comfortable

I was pretty impressed with the whole service, it is really good. They're quick, they're efficient... and, yeah, I recommend it.


Mosh is a great thing

ED affects not only your physical relationships but your mental health too. The convenience of doing it all online and getting it sent straight to your door. I've been using Mosh for about a month now and couldn't be happier, it's quick, easy and simple to order, …


Discrete and online

What impressed me was that Mosh has the discrete delivery and it's all online.


Discreet, It's online, It's easy

Before using mosh I was very hesitant in that way, I would quite often be in the process and just lose my erection. So, it just made life very, very difficult. I suppose the best thing about mosh service is it's discreet, It's online, it's easy.


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Premature Ejaculation Treatment

In this day and age, a lot of people still have the misconception that talking about premature ejaculation is taboo and that premature ejaculation treatment should not be openly discussed. Well, we're here to talk about this condition and normalise it as a topic - all in the name of better sexual health for all men.

Contrary to popular belief, premature ejaculation is a common medical condition. In fact, statistics have shown that for every three men, one of them would struggle with this issue.[1] Men who have this condition don't have to be embarrassed about it because it can be solved through proper treatment by doctors. 

Doctors you can freely talk to

You don't have to go to a physical men's health clinic because here at Mosh, we have Australia-based doctors who work independently. They are our contractors, not employees - which means that they can go above and beyond when it comes to your premature ejaculation treatment and advice. They are not obliged to prescribe you premature ejaculation medication or pills to last longer in bed if they are not actually necessary for you. Instead, our doctors will only recommend a treatment plan if it aligns with your sexual health goals. 

You can ask our doctors anything related to your sexual health. Whether you inquire 'How to stop premature ejaculation?' or 'How to last longer in bed', our doctors have the expertise to provide you with answers. 

If you're looking for treatments to solve some of your other medical problems, our online men's health platform also allows you to tackle hair regrowth for men and even find a licensed psychologist online. With Mosh, you can receive advice from a number of medical professionals. 

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What is premature ejaculation? 

Generally, if you ejaculate less than one minute after penetration and it's causing you distress, then you are experiencing premature ejaculation. However, a definition like this does not give a clear-cut answer as preferred orgasm time varies from relationship to relationship. 

One man might think he needs a premature ejaculation fix because his partner wants him to last significantly longer in bed. On the other hand, another man might want to buy premature ejaculation pills because he himself is bothered with how fast he reaches his climax. 

Studies on ejaculation time have been conducted. One study found that the average male takes about 5.5 minutes to ejaculate during sexual intercourse[2] while another study that involved Canadian and American sex therapists suggests that 'normal' climax times should be around 3 to 13 minutes.[3]

Based on the above information, premature ejaculation ultimately depends on your and your partner's point of view. If both of you average a shorter time, then there would most likely be little to no conflict. However, if your partner is unsatisfied about the short amount of time it takes for you to climax, then it may be time to consult a doctor. 

By taking advantage of our services at Mosh, you can skip long and embarrassing lines in physical clinics. With us, you can consult with a doctor without the fear of people hearing about your personal situation. Subscribe to Mosh today and get a personalised premature ejaculation treatment that is tailored to your specific needs. 

What are the signs and symptoms of premature ejaculation? 

There are not a lot of signs and symptoms of premature ejaculation that tell you when to go see a doctor. However, the primary symptom of this condition is the inability to control how fast you reach climax. More specifically, it is when you do not have the ability to restrain yourself from ejaculating for more than one minute after sexual intercourse has commenced.[4]

Generally, doctors use this simple guide to form a diagnosis and see if you can gain from premature ejaculation treatment:

  1. Ejaculating within one minute of penetration
  2. Having difficulty delaying ejaculation during sex all the time or nearly all the time 
  3. Experiencing feelings of frustration, depression, and anxiety as effects of the quick climax

If you almost always feel or experience these three symptoms, then perhaps it is time to seek a medical professional. Take advantage of our quality services at Mosh and be on top of your medical condition. Consult with one of our doctors at your convenience via call, video chat, or text; and they will provide you with personalised treatment for premature ejaculation. 

How to treat premature ejaculation?

There are two types of premature ejaculation treatment - home remedies and professional solutions. Listed here are some of the home remedy solutions you can try out when you have intimate relations with your partner. 

  1. Thicker condoms. For some men, using a thick condom can delay premature ejaculation. This is because the layer of rubber and latex reduces the sensation your erection feels. 
  2. Longer foreplay. Sex does not just involve penetration. It can be greatly enhanced by foreplay. The longer the foreplay, the higher the chances you will delay your ejaculation.
  3. Slower rhythm. Having a slower rhythm or motion during sex will allow you to better control the amount of pleasure you receive.

However, if you are looking for professional solutions such as pills to help you last longer or other forms of medicine for premature ejaculation, then it is best to consult with a doctor. 

Mosh excels in this area. Our team of medical professionals understands that natural and home remedies may not work or be suitable for everyone. That is why we are here to provide you with the premature ejaculation treatment that is tailored to your situation. 

When you consult with our doctors, they will diagnose and provide you with appropriate premature ejaculation treatment if appropriate. We will then ship your treatment discreetly. Our subscription includes unlimited follow-ups and automatic refills as needed, so you have one less thing to worry about. 

Sign up now as a patient at Mosh to enjoy life's natural pleasure for longer. 

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