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1. Chat

Start by answering some questions about your current hair loss condition and your overall health to determine your options. Yeah, we know, but it’s important!

Get Mosh is the best hair treatment for men.

2. Assess

Your doctor will review your answers to determine the best hair loss treatment for you. This may include a secure video chat explaining hair loss and the best hair treatment for men.

Get Mosh, hair treatment for men.

3. Treat

Our partner pharmacy will prepare the hair loss treatment and deliver your parcel discreetly to your door for free.

Stop blaming your bald uncle.

Yes, genetics play a role in hair loss. DHT is the hormone that causes male balding. We love to point the finger at Mum’s side of the family, but really Dad’s side is just as much to blame.

The power’s in your hands to prevent hair loss - not your family’s. The earlier you take action, the more chance you have to treat hair loss maybe even regrow the hair you’ve lost. But it starts right here, right now.

Ok, serious talk now.

You will notice the difference with Mosh hair loss treatment for men

1-2 months


Minimal change. You may notice some initial hair loss but don't be worried.

Mosh is the best hair treatment for men.

3-6 months


Expect a visible change. The perscribed treatment may slow down or stop the hair loss, but ideally your hair is beginning to regrow.

Hair loss can be prevented with Mosh.

6-12 months


Assuming you are satisfied, it's time to maintain the results. Continue with your hair loss treatment for men to achieve further improvements.

This may vary based on your stage of hair loss and the treatment prescribed.

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We're not messing around here.

Mosh hair loss treatment.
Get Mosh for hair loss prevention.
Mosh, is the best hair loss treatment for men. Hair loss prevention with Mosh Hair falling out? Get Mosh Mosh makes the difference when you experience hair loss. The best hair loss treatment for men. Mosh is the best hair loss treatment for men. Mosh is the best hair loss treatment for men. Mosh is the best hair loss treatment for men.
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I think I might be losing hair but I’m not sure. What should I be looking for?

Is your hair acting differently? Are you finding hair in places you previously weren’t, like the sink and the drain in your shower? If so, then you might be losing some hair and need a hair treatment for men.

How do you guys treat and prevent hair loss? What hair treatments for men do you offer?

The treatments on offer include topical or tablets, medical, natural, and shampoo. Remember, hair loss treatment for men include an online visit with a doctor and are backed by clinical evidence.

Can you diagnose male pattern baldness remotely, or am I being catfished?

Yep. In most cases, hair loss can be diagnosed by one of our doctors based on an online visit which includes a video call, self-reporting your symptoms, along with some photographs and your medical history. No, you’re not being catfished.

Am I guaranteed results? Don’t f*** with me here.

While hair loss treatment programs for men work in the majority of guys, we cannot guarantee results. However, we can guarantee you results with a 90-day money back guarantee should you be unsatisfied for whatever reason. Mosh provides the best hair loss treatment for men!

Wait, I’ve never even met you. How are you going to personalise my hair loss treatment?

The online quiz helps guide you to a personalised hair loss treatment plan for you based on a combination of factors including the stage of hair loss, appetite for treatments, and price. If you opt for a medical program you will speak with a doctor online to make sure this is right for you.

Show me some proof this works. You’ve got proof, right?

Check out the reviews and before and after pictures here.

I’ve got a wedding coming up. How long does the treatment take to work?

Congratulations. Not sure when you’re getting hitched, but the best hair loss treatment programs can take 3 to 6 months of daily use to start seeing visible changes. It can take up to a year to see the maximum results. Like all medications or supplements, results may vary from person to person.

Do you use real doctors?

Yes, all of our doctors are registered with AHPRA.

Our advisors

Dr. Aimee Paik

Dr. Aimee Paik is an experienced dermatologist who is passionate about men’s health and the ability to improve one's quality of life. She completed her dermatology residency at University of California Irvine, where she was elected Chief Resident and received the Resident Teaching Award, and has been in practice for 10 years.

Dr. Daniel Lanzer

Dr. Daniel Lanzer is a well known Australian Dermatologist and Cosmetic Surgeon who features prominently on TV and in the media. He has pioneered many new developments in Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery over the last 30 years.

The best time to start treatment is when you first start seeing signs of hair loss, such as your scalp peeking through or your hairline receding. Medical treatment for hair loss only works in areas where you still have hair.

- Dr. Aimee Paik

Early treatment is key to prevent hair loss. Let Mosh help before you've lost it.

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