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The Basics

price spend money
How much do the plans cost?

Pricing varies depending on the issue you're trying to treat and whether it's a prescription or non-prescription product.

Click here to view pricing.

origin originate first started
How long has Mosh been around for?

Mosh launched in early 2019 from the sunny shores of Bondi Beach, Sydney.

Click here to learn more about us!

what is it what do you do what for
What is Mosh?

Mosh is a men’s online health clinic that connects Australian men with Australian doctors. Our goal is to get men the help they need without all the hassle, seriousness and sometimes awkwardness of seeing your doctor.

Our platform currently offers personalised programs for:

  • Hair loss
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Acne
  • Anti-ageing skin care; and
  • Mental health.
how to start how do I start? first steps
How do I get started with a Mosh plan?

It's really simple, select the problem you are looking to treat on our website and you will be directed to an online assessment.

The online assessment generally takes 2 to 5 minutes to complete and can be done discreetly and conveniently from your mobile or desktop. This information will be passed on to your Mosh doctor who will use this to recommend the best course of treatment for you. Communication with a Mosh doctor is 100% online.

What happens after I complete the questionnaire?

The doctor will make an independant assessment based on your answers from the questionnaire and recommend a treatment plan. Regardless of your suitability for treatment, you will be notified by the Mosh team via email & SMS within 48 hours of completing the questionnaire.

If the doctor recommends a plan that contains prescription treatments and you have received an email or SMS confirming this, then click on the link to be directed to a page where you can learn more about the treatments recommended (not prescribed!).

what happens next? what next?
What happens after checkout?

If you have decided to proceed with the doctor recommendation and have already made payment, you will need to book in a video consult with a Mosh doctor to receive your prescription. No prescription products can be dispatched without a prescription issued by the doctor.

Haven't booked in your consult with the doctor? Click here.

If you don’t want to go ahead with the video consult, you can look into the non prescription products or contact support to request a refund.

locked in lock in contracts
Is Mosh a subscription service?

Short answer is yes.

Our pharmacies registered on the Mosh platform dispatch your treatment every 3 months so you never run out.

You have the option to cancel, change or pause your subscription at any time!

how many months length of treatment treatment length how much medication amount of medication amount of treatment
How much treatment do I receive?

Each parcel contains 3 months worth of treatment.

Assuming a valid script is on file at that pharmacy, at the end of the third month the pharmacy will prepare and dispatch the next lot of treatment so you don’t run out.

locked in lock in contracts
Am I locked in? Any fine print?

Absolutely not! Just jump online and hit cancel anytime.

No need to cancel if you’re just looking to delay or change your order. These options are available in your online portal!

will i be charged will i get charged do i get charged what if i decide not to what happens if i don't want to proceed what happens if i dont want to proceed
What if I pay and after speaking with the Mosh doctor I decide not to proceed?

If the doctor deems you unsuitable for prescription treatments or you change your mind about going ahead, you’ll be fully refunded. You will not be charged for the cost of the doctor consultation!

Contact support to request a refund.


alter prescription change script alter script
How do I change my prescription?

Changes to dosages or the treatment form will require a video consult with a Mosh doctor. These consults are free of charge as part of your treatment plan.

If you are looking to remove a particular product from your plan, a doctors consult is not required and Mosh support will be able to assist you. Contact support.

Changes that are requested during the order cycle will be subject to a $60 dispensing fee to cover a portion of the treatment prepared and express posted by the pharmacy. It’s also important to note that even if prescription treatments are returned to the pharmacy they can not be resold or re-distributed.

The incurrence of a dispensing fee is assessed on a case by case basis and we ask that you contact support to have this looked at ASAP!

Are your doctors registered?

Yes, all Mosh doctors are registered and licensed in accordance with Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).

Learn more about how we work with out doctors here.

Will I speak with a doctor?

Mosh is a platform that connects you with a doctor. You can consult with your doctor via: text, phone or video.

The method of communication will be dependent on your medical history and treatment plan. As part of our service all patients have access to free follow-ups 365 days a year.

How do the video consults work?

Using our platform you will have access to our team of doctors 7 days a week, from 9:30am to 6:45pm AEST.

  1. Lock in a convenient time for the video call.
  2. Receive an appointment confirmation via SMS (includes a unique link).
  3. Click the unique link 2 minutes prior to your consultation time.
  4. You will then be connected with your doctor via video.
Can I use an outside prescription?

Prescriptions for hair loss, sexual health or skincare treatments may be accepted depending on what the script includes.

If you wish to use another pharmacy to dispense your treatments, your existing pharmacy must fax and send through the original physical prescription to our pharmacies registered on the Mosh platform. Contact support to request this info!

Once our pharmacies registered on the Mosh platform have obtained your original, valid prescription, they will be able to dispense the particular treatments.

renew script update script
How do I renew my prescription?

Renewing your prescription is easy.

  1. If you're a hair customer, click here and answer a series of questions. For sexual health customers, click here.
  2. You may need to book in a video call with the doctor after the questions have been answered.

The rest we take care of!

Can I use my own pharmacy instead?

Prescriptions issued by the Mosh doctors can be faxed and mailed to the pharmacy of your choice.

There is a $35 fee associated with this request which covers the cost of the doctor consultation.

Contact support to request this.

Can I see my prescription?

This is definitely possible!

Contact support to request a PDF copy of your prescription (you will be required to verify your identity).

Can I pick the doctor I speak to?

This can definitely be arranged! Contact support to request to speak with a specific doctor as we will need to check when that doctor is working next!


How much treatment is in each order?

Each parcel contains 3 months worth of treatment.

At the end of the third month the pharmacy will prepare and dispatch the next lot of treatment so you don’t run out.

my order is missing no order where is my order? wrong order lost order never recieved order when will i when do i where is my
My order was lost, damaged or missing something!

If your tracking indicates the parcel has been delivered but is nowhere to be seen or there’s an issue with the products you’ve received, please make our support team aware.

We will make sure it’s taken care of. Contact support.

What’s your refund policy?

We’ll always do what we can to help.

Orders are dispatched by the pharmacy within 24 hours of the payment being processed. We ask that you let us know immediately so we can notify the pharmacy to withhold your order.

Any cancellation request made after the pharmacy sends out your order may be rejected.

Contact support if there’s been an issue!

postage package mail when will i when do i where is my
I haven’t received my next lot of treatment!

Made a payment but haven’t received any tracking details? Before anything please check your spam or junk folder in case it’s ended up there somehow.

There’s three things that may have happened:

  1. Your prescription has no repeats remaining and therefore the pharmacy is unable to dispatch your treatments without a new prescription. Click here if you're a hair customer and you need to renew your prescription. For sexual health customers, please click here.
  2. You’ve just signed up and have no prescription on file. Click here to book in your initial consult.
  3. Payment was unsuccessful and no order was processed. Login to your account and update payment details anytime.

Contact support if you need further support.

postage mail
Why is my order being returned to sender?

If Australia Post were unable to deliver your parcel to your address provided to us in your account, they’ll return your parcel back to the dispensing pharmacy. It’s likely due to an incorrect address we have on file. Please log in to your account and double check the address you provided.

Contact support to have your order re-sent.

Manage account

How do I change my postal address?

You will need to login to your online portal to update your postal address.

  1. Click here to access your online portal
  2. Click 'Profile'
  3. Click 'Edit' in the 'Shipping info' section
How do I update my payment details?

You will need to login to your online portal to update your payment information.

  1. Click here to access your online portal
  2. Click 'Profile'
  3. You will then see the 'Payment info' section
How can I cancel my subscription?

You will need to login to your online portal to cancel your subscription.

  1. Click here to access your online portal
  2. Click 'Subscriptions'
  3. Click 'Manage' on the specific subscription
  4. Click 'Cancel subscription'
How can I delay my next order? I’m not ready for it yet.

You will need to login to your online portal to delay the date of your next order.

  1. Click here to access your online portal
  2. Click 'Subscriptions'
  3. Click 'Manage' on the specific subscription
  4. Click 'Change next renewal date'
I need my next order sooner than expected

You will need to login to your online portal to bring the date of your next order forward.

  1. Click here to access your online portal
  2. Click 'Subscriptions'
  3. Click 'Manage' on the specific subscription
  4. Click 'Change next renewal date'


can I send can I post postage mail
Do you deliver overseas?

Our Mosh doctors are unable to prescribe medications to patients outside of Australia. If you are an existing Mosh customer and moving overseas then please contact support.

can I send can I post postage mail
Does Mosh deliver nationwide?

Yes! Mosh delivers anywhere within Australia Post’s reach.

can I send can I post postage mail
Can I have my treatment sent to a PO Box?

Yes! Your Mosh treatment can be sent to a PO Box of your choosing.

postage mail
How long does delivery take?

The pharmacy will dispense your treatment within 24 hours of your payment being processed and use express post to accelerate delivery. Once your parcel is on it’s way, tracking details will be emailed to you automatically!

If you can’t find this email, please check your spam or junk folder, otherwise contact support.

postage mail
What happens if I’m not home to receive the parcel?

Australia Post will leave your parcel at your property if there is a safe place to leave it.

If there is no safe place, your parcel will be taken to the nearest Australia Post office.

Please contact support if you prefer to arrange sign on delivery. That way if you’re not home to sign for the parcel, Australia Post will leave a slip for you in the mailbox advising that your parcel will be awaiting collection at the nearest post office.

mail what does postage cost cost of postage cost of mailing price of postage price of mailing
How much is postage?

For you, nothing.

Express postage to anywhere in Australia is included in the price of every order.

discretion are you discreet what's on the box what's on the packaging whats on the box whats on the packaging how discreet what does it look like
Is your packaging discreet?


All Mosh products are sent in a green compostable mailer bag that contains a small letter “M” and a bit of text relating to the eco-friendly mailer.

There is no mention of “Mosh” or any text to suggest the contents inside.

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