Refer a friend program: the friend's T&C's

1. The referral credit is available for Eligible Customers only. An Eligible Customer:
a. is an Australian resident, over 18 years of age at the date of purchase; and
b. has not made a purchase from Mosh in the last 365 days from the date of their Eligible Purchase; and
c. has not previously used a referral code on an earlier purchase.

2. Your introductory credit is valid for use on the first payment of an Eligible Purchase. An Eligible Purchase:
a. is valued at $60 per payment or more; and
b. is a purchase of a prescription, OTC product or therapy / counselling session via the Mosh website, subject to a Doctor's consult and recommendation where necessary.

3. Your introductory credit will be automatically applied to an Eligible Purchase of a prescription plan. However, you will need to manually enter your referral code for a purchase of an OTC plan or therapy session.

4. If you cancel, delay or suspend your purchase before it is received, or request a refund for your purchase, your introductory credit will lapse and will not be refunded to you.

5. You must not share any part of the introductory credit with another person.

6. This offer may be withdrawn or changed by Mosh at any time before you make an Eligible Purchase. If you have already made a purchase using your referral code prior to a withdrawal or change to this offer, the introductory credit will not be reversed, subject to the other existing terms of this offer being satisfied.

7. Your referral code is valid for up to 12 months only.

8. If you wish to purchase multiple treatment plans, the plans should be purchased in the same transaction in order for the Referral Code to apply.

9. By using the referral code, you acknowledge that the person who referred you to Mosh will receive a credit in their Mosh account. This will indicate that a person to whom they sent the code has made a purchase from Mosh, but not the name of the customer or what they purchased.

10. Your referral code cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

11. You cannot redeem unused introductory credits for cash under any circumstance.