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If you're in crisis or experiencing suicidal thoughts call 000 or Lifeline 13 11 14

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  • Counsellor
  • I want to have better relationships
  • I want help making an important decision
  • I'm feeling burnt out and need coping tools
  • I need help with situational issues like grief or a breakup
  • Psychologist
  • I want someone to assess & diagnose my condition
  • I want to understand the root cause of my problems
  • I want to learn how to control my thoughts and change my behaviours

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John Hughes

Registered psychologist

Liam Farrelly

Registered psychologist

Parisa Stelio


Felicity Sands

Registered psychologist

Kellie Breinstampf


Brigid Blanckenberg

Clinical psychologist

Josef Wopenka

Registered psychologist

Angela Mclean

Registered psychologist

Stephen Sinclair


Mandi Jacobson

Clinical psychologist

Maggie Egan


Mark Hutchens

Registered psychologist

Amelie Nguyen

Clinical psychologist

Lisa Lashansky

Registered psychologist

Donna Niemi-Barrett

Registered psychologist

Jo Doyle

Registered psychologist

Michael Erlbaum

Registered psychologist

Mark McElroy

Registered psychologist

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  • Online, confidential 50 minute session
  • Same day availability
  • Switch therapist any time
  • Reschedule up to 24 hour before
Counsellors: $65/session
Psychologist: $150*/session

Bulk billing with a MHCP also available

*Claim up to 85% back from Medicare with a valid MHCP, bulk billing with a MHCP also available.

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Is this available for women?

Yes, our online mental health services are available to both men and women.

What are the available therapy options and prices?

Mosh mental health provides a range of therapy options to suit different people. These include Mental Health Counsellors as well as both Registered and Clinical Psychologists. All our therapists are individually vetted, qualified and Australian. However, there are some differences between their specialisations and how they charge for their services.

A session with a registered mental health counsellor costs $65, while a session with a clinical or registered psychologist costs $150 (though this may attract an $93 - $136 rebate from Medicare with a valid Mental Health Treatment Plan). If a psychologist has chosen to 'bulk bill', it means they are claiming the Medicare rebate (if you choose to assign it to them) as full payment for their services and you pay $0 (provided you have uploaded a valid MHCP and referral letter at least 48 hours before your session).

What if I have a mental health care plan?

In Australia, Medicare offers rebates for 20 individual therapy sessions within a year with a 'Mental Health Care Plan' (otherwise known as a 'Mental Health Care Plan'). This means the government will cover $93 - $136 (depending on your therapist's specialisation) towards each session. Mosh doctors cannot write MHCPs due to Medicare requirements. To get a MHCP, you will need to book an in-person appointment with your regular GP.

To access this benefit through Mosh, you need to upload your MHCP and a referral letter from your GP at least 48 hours before your psychologist session. If you don't, your card on file will be charged for a non-Medicare session ($150).

Can I cancel or reschedule my appointment?

If you cancel or reschedule up to 24 hours before an appointment you will not be charged. If you cancel or reschedule within 24 hours of your appointment or miss your appointment, you will be charged 50% of the appointment cost.

More about therapists online

Therapist Online

Never ignore your mental health struggles and get the right mental health wellness support you need right away. More often than not, the stigma surrounding mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, depression, and anxiety causes people to bottle up their symptoms of depression and other mental health problems – mostly out of fear of being judged by their own family, friends, and community. If you feel that way, know that there is a safe space for you to seek professional help and get better. 

Here at Mosh, we make mental health services for various mental health conditions easy to access to encourage more people to seek advice from doctors. By simply taking an online quiz, you can consult a trained mental health counsellor or psychologist online and get a personalised treatment plan recommendation for your psychological health. If needed, the doctors will also prescribe medications for you which we will deliver to your doorstep whenever you need a restock.

What is mental health and why is it important?

Mental health is the well-being of your mind. Daily events in life – like getting burnt out from overworking or struggling to cope with the recent loss of a loved one – significantly affect one’s mental, emotional, and social health. The effects are not only limited to internal struggles but can also manifest externally through changes in your sleep, mood, appetite, and how you socialise with other people. With that, mental problems should never be taken lightly. It is important that you get the right support you need to manage your emotional and mental problems better otherwise they will only worsen and eventually affect the quality of the life you live. 

Mosh therapists have the expertise to professionally assess your situation and design a treatment plan and therapy session based on what type of mental health services you need. Our team of friendly professionals genuinely cares about your mental wellness to provide you with the right mental health care support you need. You can also switch mental health doctors at any time especially when you feel like the one you have isn’t your right fit, so you don’t have to settle with a doctor that you don’t feel comfortable with.

What are the early signs of mental health issues?

Like physical sickness, mental health issues can be cured faster when treatment is done in the early stages. Consider talking to a psychologist immediately when you experience:  

Extreme tiredness

If youdon’re constantly low on energy even when you got the right amount of sleep, it could be a mental issue. Lack of sleep, a restless mind, and constant fatigue are also common signs of a mental problem. Mosh doctors can help you deal with such symptoms safely and effectively. 

Reduced concentration

Mental issues affect your daily functions. They manifest in symptoms like a shorter attention span, extreme worries, fears, or feelings of guilt that prevent your mind from functioning as usual. Our therapists can address these symptoms professionally so you can make a recovery from them. 

Withdrawal from usual activities

Talking to your friends and family less, not engaging in your favourite hobbies, and eating less or more than you used to can all be signs of a mental struggle. Mosh treatment plans are personalised so you can get the right support you need to regain the motivation you once had to do the things you love.

How to deal with mental health issues?

Unfortunately, mental health issues don’t just go away on their own. Without appropriate intervention, the symptoms may keep recurring, perhaps disrupting your routine or affecting your ability to function normally. The safest and most effective way of dealing with mental issues is to seek the expertise of your doctor. Only professionals know to correctly diagnose your condition to tell what type of treatment would work best for you. 

Mosh lets you consult your Australian doctor conveniently from anywhere you are. Through confidential video consultations, the doctor can devise a personalised mental health care plan according to your unique situation and goals. Making follow-ups is easy as well as you can simply book an appointment online. You are free to cancel or reschedule your appointment in case something comes up for up to 24 hours. How often you need to consult your doctor depends on the plan designed for you. Those who are prescribed to take mental health medications, for example, should check in more often at varying intervals of one to six months depending on their condition and recovery progress. 

Take a free quiz now and receive a treatment recommendation within 24 hours from one of our doctors! Let our platform at Mosh help you take better care of your mental health today.