How to Stop Hair Loss

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How to Stop Hair Loss

We rarely notice big changes in our appearance, but when hair loss occurs in men, it’s clear as day; as a result, men scramble to find ways to stop hair loss.

Baldness holds an unfair stigma and is an incredibly personal experience. As hair is an important part of our appearance, having thinning or shedding hair can be a huge concern for some men.

There are many misleading advertisements on the internet for products claiming to grow your hair within weeks. You might have even purchased hair fall solutions or tried online natural home hair loss remedies. The results from these products might have been disastrous, leading you to believe that your hair loss problem is hopeless. It doesn’t have to be.

At Mosh, we have answers to your question of how to stop hair loss. Our consultation services with Australian doctors combined with our carefully curated products can give you the solutions to hair loss prevention.

Keep your head of hair with pride as we boast our extensive research on baldness prevention and various hair growth treatment options – from natural hair growth products that significantly improve hair growth to minimally invasive and surgical interventions that stimulate hair growth. Together we can work towards stopping hair loss for you.

What causes hair loss?

When you first begin losing hair, you might be quick to blame yourself. Perhaps you think it’s the new shampoo or hair product you’ve been using or even because you wore your favourite hat all the time this week. 

Hair loss can result from several different causes. The most common cause is male pattern baldness (MPB). This is not because of any product or lifestyle decision but due to genetics – you might have inherited it from your parents. Aside from your genes, your hormones and environment also contribute to hair loss. Other factors for your hair loss problem may be due to the following reasons:

  • Poor diet. Even if you seem to be getting away with eating anything and everything, if your hair starts thinning, it’s not a bad idea to look at your diet. Iron and protein are quite important in providing hair loss help in your body.[1]
  • Testosterone and DHT. These are the major culprits of MPB,[2] and the conversion of testosterone to DHT is what makes your hair follicles weaker. DHT shrinks hair follicles and shortens the hair growth cycle, leading to significant hair loss.
  • Smoking. Toxins in smoke can harm hair follicles and damage hormones.[3] This means that smokers are more at risk, and you might want to consider quitting if you notice your hair is beginning to go bald.

How to stop hair loss?

MPB is not curable, but several hair loss prevention techniques and balding treatment options are available. Hair needs adequate nutrients to prevent shedding, including proteins, vitamins, and minerals (zinc and iron). Make sure you get these through your diet and food or through additional supplements, such as hair growth vitamins, to keep your hair strong.

It is possible to be sceptical about using natural methods that increase scalp circulation and prevent hair loss before using them. Still, some people have experienced success using them. Some of these methods include scalp massages (which double as stress-reducers) and using saw palmetto. 

Shampoos that contain essential nutrients also support healthy hair growth. Including them in medical hair loss treatments may increase their effectiveness. Investing in a good shampoo to wash your hair is a good idea since it energises the scalp and nourishes hair.

Last but not least, you can treat hair loss through medical means. As with all medicines, these are clinically proven to work, but they may have side effects that you should discuss with your doctor. 

Minoxidil is commonly used to treat hair loss by spraying it directly onto the scalp and root of your hair. You may ask, ‘Does Minoxidil work?’ The short answer is that it works by increasing blood flow in your hair follicles, ultimately slowing down hair loss.[4] Other treatments that fall under this category are micro-needling for hair loss and surgical hair implants that function as a receding hairline treatment.

Because of Australian law, we cannot speak to you about certain treatments until you see a doctor. We guarantee that these treatments are the most effective, especially when combined with other treatments. We encourage you to consult with a medical professional at our men’s health platform – via video chat, voice call, or even text – to determine the right treatment for you. 

Whether you need medical advice from doctors, lifestyle changes, or advice on cosmetic styling options, Mosh can assist you with all your hair loss needs. Considering all the benefits and drawbacks of all types of services and finding the best solution for you will be our goal.

How to choose the most effective hair loss treatment?

Instead of experimenting and trying different methods and wasting precious time and resources, why not use our service to learn how to stop hair loss effectively?

With Mosh’s online men’s health platform, we can provide you with a comprehensive range of hair loss solutions. Whether it’s medications for hair loss or thickening shampoos, let us help you maintain your appearance by fighting your hair loss right now. 

We also have our men’s hair growth shampoo with all the beneficial ingredients and a conditioner with healthy oils to hydrate and maintain a smooth shine. 

Visit us today and solve your hair loss problem effectively.

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