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Hair Transplant Cost

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The price of a hair transplant can differ significantly based on several elements such as the location, the surgeon's reputation and experience, the degree of hair loss, the number of grafts required, the method utilized, and any extra services or amenities offered. For comprehensive information on hair transplants and alternative hair loss treatments, it is advisable to consult with a healthcare professional.

Anyone who has looked up ‘how much is a hair transplant?’ before likely knows that a hair transplant cost is not cheap. But because hair growth concerns can affect one’s self-confidence and even mental health, some men would risk spending a lot of money in attempts to solve their problems. 

A hair transplant procedure, however, doesn’t always guarantee a one-off definitive solution to hair loss. To improve your chances of finding an effective yet economical hair treatment, talking to a doctor is a great start. 

Mosh is an online platform dedicated to men’s health that makes it easier for Aussie men to consult doctors about their hair growth concerns. Our doctors are AHPRA-registered and capable of assessing your unique situation to provide you with personalised, science-backed hair advice. You can ask your Mosh doctor questions like ‘how much does a hair transplant cost?’ or ‘are hair implants painful?’ 

If you’re still curious about why hair transplant costs can be so high, our discussion below might provide you with some insights and help narrow down your hair treatment options. 

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How long do hair transplants take?

People who ask ‘How much does a hair transplant cost?’ are typically curious about how long a hair transplant procedure takes too. The duration of a hair transplant depends on the amount of hair to graft, but on average, it takes about four to eight hours.[1] Because it is an invasive procedure, not everyone is a suitable candidate for the surgery. Multiple assessments are often required before a doctor can give their patient a go signal for a hair transplant. 

If you are hesitant to undergo surgery or if the cost of a hair transplant is too expensive for you, you are welcome to ask your Mosh doctor about other available treatments. Your doctor will consider various factors to get a better grasp on your situation, such as your medical history, genetic factors, and side effects you may have experienced with previous hair treatments you’ve tried, if any. 

This information enables your doctor to give you tailored advice and even recommend a customised hair treatment plan if it is the best course of action for you.

Does it take long for hair transplants to heal?

A common question people who are interested in a hair transplant ask besides the hair transplant cost is ‘how do hair transplants work?’ 

There are different hair transplant techniques, but they all involve removing parts of the scalp with active hair growth and grafting them onto the scalp’s problem areas.[2] Not all hair transplants are successful, but all those who undergo the surgery must heal for quite some time, typically up to nine months.[3] 

Those considering hair transplants should talk to their doctors about the risks and benefits of the procedure to weigh if it’s truly worth the hair transplant cost as well as their time, effort, and health.

At Mosh, it’s easier to consult a doctor about whether a hair transplant is the best hair treatment for you – whether through text, call, or video chat. You may opt to fill out our questionnaire, and a Mosh doctor will reach out to you about your situation. 

Depending on your desired results and what your situation requires, your doctor may or may not recommend a personalised hair treatment plan. The plan may include prescribed medications if needed. You are free to accept or reject your doctor’s proposed solution. If you agree to take their prescribed treatment products, they can be delivered discreetly to your doorstep anywhere in Australia.

Can I use hair products after getting hair transplant surgery?

Hair transplant surgeons usually advise their patients on certain medications that they should take before and after the procedure, especially during the healing phase. Because the scalp may be sore and prone to infections after the hair transplant, it is crucial for patients to consult their doctors about any hair products they plan to use. 

In some cases, mild shampoos and conditioners can be used a few days post-surgery and mousses, creams, and gels around two weeks after surgery.[4] However, never use a hair product on a newly transplanted scalp without your doctor’s approval. 

Mosh hair treatment plans come with ongoing support from your doctor; you can easily book follow-up consultations with your doctor on our platform. Your doctor can monitor your progress or adjust your hair treatment plan as needed to boost your chances of achieving your desired results successfully. We also offer a subscription service where you can replenish your Mosh products, if prescribed by your doctor. 

Personalised health care – the Mosh way

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Mosh can also connect you to doctors who can give you reliable information about mental health prescriptions, such as anxiety medications, if you have questions related to them. Because you can talk to your doctor privately from your home, you can feel more confident talking about your mental health concerns and get advice on whether you need a mental health care plan or not. 

Getting the right support you need for better chances of getting the results you want is made easier by Mosh. Fill out our online questionnaire and receive recommendations from our doctors when you’re ready to address your hair growth concerns. 

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Hairlines that speak for themselves

Brayden beforeBrayden after
Brayden, 31QLD
PlanPrevent & regrow pro
PrescriptionDaily tablet and spray
Results4 months
Matthew beforeMatthew after
Matthew, 29VIC
PlanPrevent & regrow pro
PrescriptionDaily tablet and spray
Results6 months
Luke beforeLuke after
Luke, 29NSW
PlanPrevent & regrow
PrescriptionDaily capsule
Results2 months
William beforeWilliam after
William, 32VIC
PlanPrevent & regrow
PrescriptionDaily capsule
Results5 months
Troy beforeTroy after
Troy, 43NSW
PlanPrevent & regrow
PrescriptionDaily spray
Results3 months
Tony beforeTony after
Tony, 33QLD
PlanPrevent & regrow pro
PrescriptionDaily tablet and spray
Results3 months



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