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Hair Growth Oil

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Hair growth oils may not work for all hair types, and it's important to choose oils that are compatible with your hair and be cautious of any potential allergic reactions. Mosh offers personalised treatment plans and guidance from doctors to simplify the process and provide medically backed options tailored to your specific needs

With thousands of Australians having a balding, receding, or thinning head of hair, it comes as no surprise that search results for hair growth oil have skyrocketed over the past few years. However, seeing that hair loss is still a taboo topic in this day and age, most people would either just suffer in silence or be left alone to research on their own. 

At Mosh, we’re passionate about providing clarity on your concerns surrounding hair loss.

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Do hair oils work for any type of hair?

With the abundance of hair growth oil options out there, choosing a specific kind of oil for your hair can be a daunting task. Not all oils for hair growth may be compatible with your type of hair, which is why you should be wary about what you pick out and purchase. Not to mention that you could also have allergic reactions to certain essential oils for hair growth and thickness.

If you want to play it safe, you can consider lemongrass oil, tea tree oil, and lavender oil as your starting picks. They’re the common natural essential oils for hair growth, and most people look for them when dealing with hair loss.[1]

It is important to note that even if these options work for most hair types, you should still exercise caution by conducting a spot test to see if your scalp gives any adverse reactions.[2] Afterwards, you can keep coming back to the hair growth oils that work for you.

Too complicated for your liking? Not to worry, you can find treatments similar to hair growth oil when you take advantage of the service at Mosh. With us, you won’t have to go through a lengthy guess-and-check method. Our doctors will be able to guide you through follow-up consultations and recommend a different treatment plan if needed.

What to look for in high-quality hair growth oils?

Having learned that not all hair growth oils are created equal, you should now be concerned with medically backed properties, ease of dosage, and price in relation to value when choosing high-quality options. 

  • Medically backed properties. Rather than looking for offers with the most hair growth oil ingredients, you should focus on getting an oil with ingredients that scientifically stimulate and enrich the scalp or follicles. 
  • Ease of dosage. You could find great success with some hair growth oil for men, but the downside is that you’d need heaps of applications for it to be effective. With your busy lifestyle, you should be purchasing treatment that won’t interrupt your daily activities. 
  • Tailored to your unique needs.  A catch-all oil treatment for hair growth could cost you next to nothing, but it could also provide you with little to no benefits and slow results. It may be worth consulting with a professional who can provide personalised advice and options that are more likely to lead to the results you desire.

For an option that easily ticks all these, don’t hesitate to contact us at Mosh. With our unique service, you can even subscribe for automatic deliveries that reach every location in Australia. 

Is it better to buy hair oils instead of mixing my own at home?

There are benefits and drawbacks to buying a commercial hair growth oil treatment and mixing your own solution at home. For example, if you’re looking into hair growth oil DIY options or a homemade hair growth oil recipe, you can fine-tune your mixture based on your requirements. On the other hand, if you’re purchasing treatment from a reliable source, there’d be a lower risk of adverse reactions as there’d be accurate ratios and measurements. 

As opposed to enjoying the advantages of just one of these methods, wouldn’t you want to get the best of both worlds with Mosh? Simply answer our short questionnaire and have us personalise your treatment based on your specific medical history. After that, you can even consult with us as much as you’d like to make sure that everything’s going according to plan. 

Looking to test treatments out before making a final decision? Not a problem; we at Mosh also have a Hair Starter Kit you can take advantage of. Although, if you’re interested in our full plan, you’d be pleased to know that we have no lock-in contracts that don’t penalise cancellations.

Redefining the approach to men’s health – the Mosh way

Count on us to provide convenience. Just by loading up our treatment options, you can have more free time on your hands as you wouldn’t have to spend hours scrolling through community forum pages or searching for the website with the best oil for hair growth. Bringing everything together, you can also consult with our AHPRA-registered doctors if you have any questions regarding your treatment progress.

Gone are the days when you would have to visit physical clinics and endure awkward waiting room interactions. At Mosh, you’ll get the advice you need from our doctors and perhaps a science-backed plan only if you actually need it. Aside from hair care, our team is also knowledgeable in other fields, so feel free to check out all our services to know more about how to lose weight or if you have questions about our weight loss treatment plans, weight loss shakes, or meal plan for weight loss

Beyond weight loss, we care about your mental health,. If you find yourself experiencing symptoms of depression, then you can look to our mental health counselling services and talk to us. We’re ready to listen. 

Get in touch with us today and let our team of Mosh doctors guide you.

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