Minoxidil 5%

180ml / 3mo supply

Packaging may vary
Key benefits
  • Stimulates hair growth by shedding old hair and replacing it with new hair growth
  • Helps prevent male pattern baldness
What is it?

Effective topical treatment for male pattern baldness. A pharmacist will assess your request for this product and ensure it is clinically appropriate for you (and follow-up if they have any questions).

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What's in it?

Minoxidil topical spray works by shortening the resting (telogen) phase of your hair growth cycle and moving your hairs into the active growth (anagen) phase.

Minoxidil 5% Spray ingredients:
Minoxidil 50mg, ethanol, propylene glycol and purified water.

How do I use it?

Apply 1ml or 5 sprays twice a day, once in the morning AND once at night onto dry scalp in the hair loss area.

Key ingredient

Minoxidil 5% Spray
A tried and tested method to combat the age old burden of hair loss. Various studies show a positive response to topical minoxidil (reduced hair loss and/or hair regrowth) for 50% to more than 80% of people.


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