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More about sleep vitamins

Sleep Vitamins

If you regularly have trouble sleeping at night, you may benefit from taking sleep vitamins. 

Let’s face it, we’ve all had restless nights. Whether tossing and turning is a nightly occurrence for you or this is the first time you’re up counting sheep, you’ve likely begun to wonder if these sleep aid supplements can actually help you. 

Numerous studies have shown that 10% to 30% of the global population have insomnia. Some studies even claim as high as 50% to 60%.[1] Considering this situation, chronic insomnia is indeed a common problem. Poor sleep quality can lead to severe consequences, from lowering productivity to increasing the risk of diseases.

We here at Mosh can help you through this. With our online men’s health platform, we can provide you with the best vitamins for insomnia guaranteed to give you the rest you deserve. 

Subscribe to our services if you have insomnia or want to improve your overall sleep quality. Mosh takes care of the delivery and shipment of your prescription, giving you more time and energy to focus on other things.

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Instead of allowing our doctors to practice as employees, we hire them as contractors. They can focus on giving you the right medication or vitamin to help overcome your sleep problems.

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When you subscribe to our services, you don’t need to worry about running out of our evidence-based sleep supplements as we refill them as needed. Save time and energy by taking advantage of our subscription plan.

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Avoid long lines at physical clinics and the stress of scheduling a visit to the pharmacist. Sign up with us and experience the benefits of our best sleep vitamins. 

How do sleep vitamins work?

Sleep vitamins work by utilising ingredients that have been studied to have effects on improving both the quality and quantity of sleep. Here are some of the ingredients we at Mosh use and what they do for your body:


Magnesium is a mineral involved in hundreds of processes in the human body, and it’s important for brain function and heart health. It may help quiet the mind and body, making it easier to fall asleep. Research shows that magnesium’s relaxing effect may be partly due to its ability to regulate melatonin production (a hormone known for its ability to regulate sleep cycles). Through melatonin, the mineral can relax muscles through proteins and induce sleep. Increasing your magnesium intake by taking supplements may help you optimise the quality and quantity of your sleep.[2]


Passionflower, also known as Passiflora incarnata or maypop, is a popular herbal remedy for insomnia. The species of passionflower linked to sleep improvements are native to North America. The plant’s sleep-promoting effects have been demonstrated in animal and human studies. Passionflower intake is generally safe in adults and has improved subjective sleep quality.[3]

Our tablets also contain other ingredients such as lemon balm and Ziziphus, which don’t directly affect your sleep but provide added benefits to maintaining fitness and general well-being. Our formula is a calming combo of natural ingredients to help get you the shut-eye you so sorely seek.

What are the benefits of sleep vitamins?

Since sleep vitamins enhance the quality and quantity of sleep, you receive the health benefits associated with adequate sleep. These are some examples of how a sleep supplement that promotes good sleep can benefit you:

  • You will get sick less often.
  • You will maintain a healthy weight.
  • You will lower your risk for serious diseases (e.g., diabetes and heart disease). 
  • Your mood will improve, thereby reducing stress.
  • You will make good decisions because you have focus.[4]

How long do sleep vitamins take to work?

At Mosh, we recommend taking one tablet of our sleep vitamins daily with water, one to two hours before bed, or as directed by your doctor.

Instead of just giving you the best sleep vitamins available, we at Mosh allow you to consult our team of medical professionals so you can receive additional advice and treatment options. Our services are tailored towards giving you a solution that matches your specific needs.

When you subscribe to our services, you only need to answer some background questions about your health history and condition. Our medical team will then assess your situation and determine what treatment plan will work for you.

We value transparency, so our doctors will discuss the treatment options in-depth, letting you know about any potential side effects. You can consult with your Mosh doctor via video chat, call, or even text. Mosh will also handle the delivery of your personalised treatment.

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