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How Much Fat Is In An Egg

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The majority of the fat in an egg is found in the yolk, while the egg white is mostly fat-free. Additionally, eggs also provide various essential nutrients such as protein, vitamins, and minerals. To get personalized diet guidance according to your specific needs, consult with a healthcare professional or a certified fitness trainer.

When you want to lose weight, you must be more conscious of your eating and lifestyle habits. It might be hard to find nutrition information for healthy food replacements and low-fat foods. While you could search for how much fat is in an egg, do you know how it fits into your dietary plan?

At Mosh, we connect you to a network of Australian doctors who can help you understand how to plan a diet and how to lose weight. Not only can our Mosh doctor help you figure out how much fat is in an egg and how to integrate it into your diet, but your doctor can also provide personalised advice on what foods are best for your body.

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Are eggs considered to be healthy fat?

Eggs are one of the most popular food items in diets across Australia. It’s no surprise, as eggs are an excellent source of healthy fat with essential nutrients like vitamins A, D, and E, while being calorie-dense and containing antioxidants. 

On average, a medium-sized boiled egg contains roughly 78 kcal of energy and 5.3 grams of total fat. From the total fat, there is 2.0 g of monounsaturated fats and 0.7 g of polyunsaturated fats, both of which are known as ‘good fats’.[1]

Many diets and popular food options include eggs in some way, shape, or form, so many Australians have eaten eggs at some point in their lives if it wasn’t already a staple food. Still, if you have apprehensions about consuming eggs as a source of healthy fat, we encourage you to contact a doctor you trust to clarify the role of eggs in your diet. 

At Mosh, you can easily connect with a doctor to discuss your health concerns via our online health platform. All you have to do is fill out a quick questionnaire, and your Mosh doctor will reach out with recommendations or to discuss your concerns further. 

Instead of searching for how much fat is in an egg online, ask our Mosh doctors questions like ‘What is healthy fat?’ or ‘What is good fat?’ and learn more about healthy weight loss. 

Is it okay to eat eggs daily?

Eggs can be a daily part of your diet, though it may depend on your age, dietary restrictions, and how you prepare them. According to research, a healthy adult with normal cholesterol levels and no history of heart disease can include an egg in their daily diet.[2][3]

Moreover, recent research has found that regularly consuming eggs does not increase your risk of heart disease.[4][5] Instead, studies show that eggs increase your high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol,[6] which is considered good cholesterol because it reduces other types of cholesterol in the blood.

However, if you are overweight or obese and at risk of heart disease, your doctor may restrict your egg consumption in an effort to reduce your risk or to help you lose weight. You may be having a hard time finding the answer to ‘How much fat is in an egg?’ or ‘How many calories in a kg of fat?’ since it’s difficult to find an exact number for your needs without the help of a doctor.

At Mosh, we provide several quality products and services to help you achieve your weight loss goals. If your Mosh doctor finds it necessary, you may be recommended medical treatments, over-the-counter items, or diet coaching solutions. We ensure that if you need to reorder a product or renew your Mosh service, you can do so quickly and with ease. 

You are not obligated to accept any treatment plan recommended by our doctors. Moreover, if you ever want to cancel your subscription to Mosh, you can easily do so without extra charge. 

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Can I still have eggs on a low fat diet?

You can still have eggs in a low-fat diet, as they are one of the sources of ‘good fats’ that can benefit your diet. It goes without saying that anything healthy, including eggs, should still be eaten in moderation. Moreover, if you need help figuring out the healthy food options you should include in your diet, Mosh can help. 

At Mosh, our dietician program is one of the medical programs our doctor may recommend to you if found necessary for your health and dietary concerns. You can receive personalised, flexible dietary plans that fit your needs and goals. Together with our subscription-based services, we can help you stay committed to your dietary and weight loss goals long-term. 

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