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Treat Erectile Dysfunction
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If you’re concerned about erectile dysfunction, talking to an ED doctor about it might be a good idea. Erectile dysfunction seems to affect older men, but it is more common than you think. If you’re suffering from erectile dysfunction of any sort, ED doctors can help with a multitude of treatments.

At our online men’s health platform at Mosh, we are dedicated to providing you with a health practitioner who will give you the erectile dysfunction treatment that suits your needs. We have all the features of a physical clinic, but with the added benefit of convenience and discreetness. If you dread the idea of talking to an erectile dysfunction specialist face to face, then our online platform is the best option for you; consult with the health practitioners at Mosh all from the comfort of your home.

At Mosh, you can talk to your health practitioner via call, video chat, or text. Whether you are ready to take a male libido enhancer or apprehensive about the effects of the little blue pill, any health practitioner from our online sexual health platform has the proper erectile dysfunction advice for your specific situation. 

We have been partnering with leading independent doctors who are registered under the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). You can rest assured that a health practitioner from our online platform is not obliged to prescribe you male enhancement pills or erectile dysfunction pills. If necessary, they are able to prescribe you what is most appropriate for your individual condition and needs based on their clinical assessment.

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Treat Erectile Dysfunction

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What are the symptoms of erectile dysfunction?

You do not need to be an ED doctor to know the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Here are three main indicators that tell you it is time to consult a doctor for impotence cures:

1. Difficulty getting an erection

2. Difficulty keeping an erection

3. Lowered sex drive

If you have experienced any of these symptoms, don’t freak out. Studies have shown that erectile dysfunction is the most common sexual health problem men report to an ED doctor. Keep these helpful dos and don’ts in mind:


Do try to be open-minded about the issue at hand. There are a number of erectile dysfunction treatments out there. It is better to accept the problem and start looking for solutions right away. For professional treatment, you can sign up at Mosh as our team of AHPRA-registered health practitioners can form a diagnosis and then recommend a personalised treatment for your unique needs.


Do not blame your partner or make them feel uncomfortable about your situation. Erectile dysfunction will affect both of you, so do not let it change the dynamics of your relationship. Don’t let guilt get in the way of living your life and trying to fix this problem together.

What are the causes of erectile dysfunction?

Ask any ED doctor, and they will tell you there are several causes of erectile dysfunction. Here are some of the most common:

Health issues 

A huge number of men have physical health problems like vascular diseases or heart conditions. These issues may come with age and are sometimes the culprit for erectile dysfunction. With these conditions, proper blood flow for a consistent erection is often impeded. This is why a healthy lifestyle is beneficial as this allows you to also avoid diabetes and prostate cancer – other conditions that may cause erectile dysfunction. 

Psychological conditions

Aside from physical health, psychological factors also come into play with regard to erectile dysfunction. Mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety cause the brain to give the body a non-traditional response during sexual intercourse. These responses may come in the form of a lack of additional blood flow in the genital region or an overall lack of sex drive. 

Use of drugs

The recreational use of drugs is another factor that affects erectile dysfunction. Marijuana, MDMA (ecstasy), and cocaine alter the body’s blood flow – making it harder for you to get and keep an erection. Drinking alcohol also brings down levels of testosterone. Subsequently, the lack of this sex hormone may lead you to feel less interested in intimate activity with your partner. 

When should I consult a doctor for erectile dysfunction?

You should consult an ED doctor if you feel any of the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Consulting a doctor is also important if you have questions about your lack of erections or if you have other issues such as premature ejaculation or delayed ejaculation. 

Remember that you should see a doctor first before taking over-the-counter generic erectile dysfunction remedies. This is because your sexual problem could stem from health conditions such as diabetes, prostate cancer, or other issues. 

If you have more questions about erectile dysfunction, we at Mosh are ready with answers. Take advantage of our subscription service so you can obtain unlimited medical support. Our Australian health practitioners will provide professional ED advice and treatment recommendations. Subscribe with us today!



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