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If going to a physical hair loss clinic seems bothersome, Mosh offers an online hair loss platform that is dedicated to bringing you the best hair doctors and hair loss treatments suitable for your specific needs. We are a men’s health platform that has the full functionality of a clinic, but with the added advantage of convenience. Our online hair loss platform allows you to have easy access to expert advice on complex topics like minoxidil in Australia and saw palmetto hair loss

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Our hair treatment platform consists of Australia-based doctors who are independent and AHPRA-registered. With this service model, a doctor from our online platform is not obliged to prescribe you a particular medication. If needed, they can prescribe you what is most appropriate for your individual condition and needs based on their own clinical judgement.

If you’re looking for a hair loss doctor, you can trust the doctors on our platform to be that and so much more; Mosh is dedicated to the full spectrum of men’s health – from skincare, hair loss, mental and sexual health – ensuring we provide the excellent service you deserve all throughout. Whether you are asking specific questions like ‘Does minoxidil work?’ or procedural questions like ‘How to stop hair loss?’ the doctors working on our hair loss platform have the answers for you.

Satisfaction in your subscription.

You can save precious hours and money by subscribing to our one-of-a-kind services. Here at Mosh, we give you the power to set and forget. Instead of constantly stressing about physical trips to hair loss clinics, our expert team will do all the work for you. We deliver right to your door and give automatic refills as needed. This way, you need not make plans to leave the house just for the hair treatment you need. 

Our online hair loss platform gives you medical information and advice while our subscription service gives you the convenience you have always wanted. Sign up now to be a patient at Mosh and never worry about awkward or bothersome interactions in physical clinic rooms again. 

What treatments do hair loss clinics use?

A hair loss clinic uses a wide array of general treatments – natural and medical treatments being the most common options. 

Natural treatments

Natural treatments include deep scalp massages, saw palmetto, and biotin (vitamin B7). 

Studies suggest that deep scalp massages lead to lowered stress levels and increased blood flow in the head, face, and skin.[1] This is also a safe natural treatment as you are not ingesting an external substance. 

Out of the three common natural treatments, saw palmetto is the only herbal option. Its berry extract has been reported to block enzymes that cause testosterone to convert into the notorious dihydrotestosterone or DHT – one of the leading causes of baldness and thinning.[2]

Biotin (vitamin B7), meanwhile, is a common ingredient used in a number of supplements and cosmetic products like conditioners. However, since biotin deficiency is rare in humans, further studies on the effectiveness of biotin to combat hair loss still need to be conducted.[3]

Medical treatments

Common medical treatments include minoxidil (Rogaine) and prescription-only treatments. 

Minoxidil is a topical solution that makes the blood vessels near the hair follicles wider.[4] In turn, this makes nutrient- and mineral-rich blood more accessible to the scalp – stimulating and causing hair to grow.

Other treatments require the prescription of your doctor. Some prescription-only treatments work by blocking enzymes detrimental to hair growth. 

Some individuals may not respond to these treatments. Thus, professional advice should always be sought. You can start treating your hair right by signing up to be a patient at Mosh’s online hair loss platform.

How can I find the right hair loss treatment?

In our hair loss platform, we have effective treatments based on your personal conditions. With Mosh, there is no need to run risks, experiment, or use trial and error. You can simply consult with us through text, call, or video chat at your convenience. You can bring up your concerns with our hair doctors and get the right treatment for your specific situation. 

You can begin by subscribing to our online hair loss service and then answering a few questions so that we can assess your situation. Generally, these questions revolve around your medical health and history. After answering our questions, you can then consult with one of our doctors. Afterwards, all that’s left to do is wait for your recommended hair regrowth treatment to arrive right in front of your doorstep. 

How long do these hair loss treatments take to work?

Generic natural and medical treatments from a hair loss clinic take around three to six months for just the initial progress to become apparent.[5] On top of that, these treatments have to be taken daily to maintain the results once they are achieved. However, not all men and women react to treatments in the same way. Just because one person benefited from one treatment doesn’t mean it is true for all. 

Instead of risking your hair’s health, place your trust in our hair loss platform. At Mosh, we have passionate doctors who support you and your hair goals. Subscribe to our services now and receive not just expert advice on all things hair regrowth, but also effective products personalised for your specific needs.

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