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Hair Loss Doctor

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Mosh works with the best hair loss doctors to meet your specific needs when it comes to regrowing your hair or seeking out different hair loss treatments. We understand that hair loss is complex, and there are various factors that affect hair growth. Your age, your medical-related illnesses such as alopecia, and even your lifestyle habits are a few things that can provide the necessary conditions for hair loss. 

Our team of hair loss doctors at Mosh has the experience to distinguish the various patterns of hair loss and identify the cause. Our doctors then prescribe medications for hair loss to prevent further baldness and, whenever possible, regrowth of hair. We provide individualised care and individualised treatment options following your consultation with us in order to help you feel comfortable with the way you look.

Mosh is an online men’s health platform that houses experienced Australian doctors who care about your well-being. Our AHPRA-registered hair growth treatment doctors are passionate about men’s health and want to give you the answers to any of your concerns. If necessary, they can prescribe a treatment that is most appropriate for you based on their individual clinical judgment.

Through our secure online consultations, you will be given professional advice and a plan for fighting your baldness. We also house various other products such as hair growth vitamins and shampoo for thinning hair that work in tandem with your doctor’s medical advice, altogether providing you with the best odds towards a healthy scalp and luscious hair.

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When should I consult a doctor for hair loss?

Hair loss can be difficult to predict. However, you should be mindful of early signs if you wish to avoid your hair going elsewhere. If you are a male, here are some stark indicators that let you know if it’s time to see a hair loss consultant:

  • Receding hairline. The flat or mildly receded hairline you previously had starts turning into a more M-shaped hairline. This begins around the temples for most men and often starts with thinning rather than total hair loss.
  • Thickness. Your hair begins to thin out. Thinning can start on the crown (top, back of the head) or diffuse (spreading around the entire scalp).
  • Hair fall. You may start noticing an excessive amount of hair falling out throughout the day. Pay attention to the amount of hair collecting on your pillow, on your brush, and in the shower.
  • Regrowth. It takes longer for your hair to grow, and the regrown hair is wispy. In male-pattern baldness, sensitivity to dihydrotestosterone causes the hair follicle to shrink and weaken. This results in the hair becoming progressively shorter and wispier, and it can eventually stop growing altogether.

It may comfort you to know that complete baldness doesn’t occur overnight. Going bald usually takes from a few years to several decades. Why endure the pain? You’d be better off recognising the signs and taking action as soon as possible. The sooner you act, the more hair you can save.

How to consult a doctor for hair loss?

It usually takes a long time to consult with a hair loss doctor. The process starts with looking for the right doctor and then scheduling an appointment. You have to take time out of your day to visit the said doctor, potentially wasting time in traffic and the clinic queue. Additionally, you might feel awkward and embarrassed as hair loss is one of the most personal experiences of your life. 

Following that, you get some advice and a diagnosis from the doctor, and he gives you a prescription or suggests a hair fall treatment you have to get or schedule yourself.

The doctor may also recommend you see a different specialist for a second opinion, such as a dermatologist hair loss expert or a hair specialist for alopecia, which requires more scheduling and planning. Let’s face it – this entire process is stressful for those with very busy lives. 

Here’s where we at Mosh come in. We make the process of consulting a doctor for hair loss easy through our online platform. We not only provide you with the medications you need discreetly shipped to your doorstep but also allow you to consult with trusted doctors online. 

Save time and money and avoid embarrassing interactions outside by using our service to speak with a medical professional in whatever medium you are most comfortable with. From voice calls, video conferences, and text messages, we at Mosh link you to only the most effective doctors to give you the best chance for hair loss recovery.

What are the benefits of consulting a doctor for hair loss?

With our help, you can easily get a doctor-tailored treatment plan that uses science to help stop your receding hairline. Together with our team of medical experts, we tailor a program that meets your budgets and needs and deliver it right to your doorstep. 

Our process is also as simple as it begins with taking a quiz to let us know about your current health and medical history. By taking this quiz, we will have all the information we need to make a clinical decision as to what treatment plan is best for your individual needs. 

At Mosh, our doctors have seen tens of thousands of hair loss patients, and have a special interest in personalising the right hair loss and growth treatment for everyone. This means that they can recommend hair growth treatment plans that fit your situation. From topical and oral solutions to minimally invasive interventions, you’ll get a wide range of options that will answer your question on how to promote hair growth

We also treat other pain areas regarding men’s health, such as skincare and sexual health. To learn more about what we offer and to schedule a free consultation with one of our hair loss doctors, visit Mosh today. 




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