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When considering hair growth products for men, it's important to choose wisely. Look for products that address your specific hair concerns, whether it's thinning hair, a receding hairline, or overall hair health. Pay attention to the ingredients and opt for products that contain key nutrients like biotin, vitamins, and minerals that support hair growth. Additionally, consider your lifestyle and preferences when selecting products, as consistency is key for effectiveness. Consulting with a healthcare professional or dermatologist can help you choose the right products for your needs and ensure you're on the right track to healthier hair.

When it comes to hair growth products, Mosh knows what is best for you. We understand that each person is unique – that is why we are dedicated to bringing you personalised products for hair growth. With our hair growth products, your scalp will be nourished using scientifically proven clinical ingredients. So say goodbye to fads that don’t work and subscribe to our premium service to use products supported by Australian doctors. 

Mosh is an easily accessible online men’s health platform that partners with the leading doctors in Australia. With their knowledge and passion for men’s health, our doctors can prescribe you what is most appropriate for your individual circumstance. Our platform is a safe space, so you can even ask questions such as ‘How to promote hair growth?’ or ‘Why is my hair falling out?’ without fear of people hearing you through the physical clinic walls. So if you’re curious about our men’s hair growth shampoo and hair growth vitamins, don’t wait any longer and learn more about them through your doctor consultations.

We have seen people desperately trying to find and buy the best conditioner for hair growth. However, without the right guidance, they will just fall flat with an option that simply does not work.

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How do hair growth products work?

Hair growth products can come in the form of medicines and vitamins. Here are some of the ways these products strengthen and stimulate hair growth.


Some medical products available work by putting a stop to DHT breakage. Studies show that when this hormone breaks down, it leads to male baldness or hair thinning. On the other hand, other types of medical hair growth products work by increasing blood flow. Reportedly, this kind of product makes blood vessels near the skin wider. As a result, more chemical elements like oxygen reach the scalp follicles to facilitate better hair growth. 


The common ingredients of hair growth products in the form of vitamins are zinc, keratin, caffeine, and proteins. For these natural hair growth products, results are generally attained by supplying the body with the proper nutrients and minerals. By doing this, the body is better equipped to perform tasks such as cell creation and hair growth. 

While these general products may work, they still do not compare to personalised treatment. At Mosh, you can take advantage of our online consultation and subscription services so that our doctors can give you the hair growth products you need based on your situation. 

Simply answer some background questions about your health history and condition, and consult with a doctor to see what will work for you. 

What are the benefits of using hair growth products?

The two main benefits of using quality hair growth products from Mosh are ease of use and clinically proven treatments. 

Ease of use 

With our personalised solution, you can avoid costly and complicated hair growth booster surgeries. Additionally, you can avoid awkward waiting lines in physical health clinics. No longer will you stress about your next trip to the hair care store or doctor’s office. Instead, you can enjoy our subscription service where everything is delivered to your door. Simply set up your subscription, wait for your package to arrive, and have automatic refills as needed.

Clinically proven treatments that fit your personal needs

Regardless of the product your Mosh doctor suggests – whether it is a hair growth stimulator or a hair loss serum – you will have peace of mind knowing that you are in professional hands. This is because our doctors will only recommend quality hair growth products that are fit for your personal conditions. During consultations, not only will you be able to voice out your concerns, but you will also get frequent updates regarding your progress. 

How long do hair growth products take to work?

Results vary as not all people react to the products in the same way. There are a number of factors that affect the time it takes for hair growth products to work. Depending on the treatment, it can take around three to six months to see significant progress, but in some people, it can take nine to twelve months to see full effects[1].

We understand that hair regrowth can be a difficult process filled with all sorts of emotions and thoughts. This is why you can speak your mind during your consultation sessions. One of our key principles at Mosh is honesty and transparency, so you can rest assured that every piece of advice you receive from our doctor is authentic. They have your best interest in mind.

If you have apprehensions about certain hair growth products, tell your Mosh doctor, and they can assess your situation further. Afterwards, they can give you medical advice about the treatment that suits you and even provide a different solution if it fits your personal situation. 

Whether you are balding, have thinning strands, or simply just want to keep your hair in the best condition possible, Mosh is the place for you. Subscribe to our service now!

Hairlines that speak for themselves

Brayden beforeBrayden after
Brayden, 31QLD
PlanPrevent & regrow pro
PrescriptionDaily tablet and spray
Results4 months
Matthew beforeMatthew after
Matthew, 29VIC
PlanPrevent & regrow pro
PrescriptionDaily tablet and spray
Results6 months
Luke beforeLuke after
Luke, 29NSW
PlanPrevent & regrow
PrescriptionDaily capsule
Results2 months
William beforeWilliam after
William, 32VIC
PlanPrevent & regrow
PrescriptionDaily capsule
Results5 months
Troy beforeTroy after
Troy, 43NSW
PlanPrevent & regrow
PrescriptionDaily spray
Results3 months
Tony beforeTony after
Tony, 33QLD
PlanPrevent & regrow pro
PrescriptionDaily tablet and spray
Results3 months

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