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Why Is My Hair Falling Out?

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To fully understand the question "Why is my hair falling out?" the causes of hair fall must be understood.

Mosh is an online men’s health platform that answers the ever-important question ‘Why is my hair falling out?’ We are well versed in all aspects relating to men’s hair care, such as hair regrowth for men and the conditions of hair falling. 

We recognise that every person’s body has different needs, especially when it comes to scalp treatment. That is why we provide a personalised hair loss treatment that focuses on the specifics, rather than the general solutions. 

Passionate doctors

Mosh has been partnering with Australia-based doctors who serve as independent contractors. This means that they are not employees who are obliged to work in a certain manner. Their actions are not incentivised by us, and they work freely based on their own methodology and techniques. 

Our doctors are paid on a fee-for-service basis – which means that they are unbiased as they do not need to reach a quota or write a large number of prescriptions for patients. With this model, you can rest assured that any doctor who works on the Mosh platform is determined to give you hair growth treatment for the sake of helping and not just because there is a procedural obligation to do so. 

Learn more about Mosh and how our service benefits men all around Australia. Consult with our doctors to answer questions such as ‘Why is my hair falling out?’, ‘How to promote hair growth?’, and ‘How to stop hair loss?’ 

Afterwards, let the doctor make a diagnosis and recommend hair growth vitamins, hair growth prescription treatments, or men’s hair growth shampoo and conditioner based on the personalised treatment prescribed during the consultation.

What should I be cautious of when using hair loss treatments?

With thousands of websites claiming that they have the best hair regrowth treatment, choosing the right plan can be quite overwhelming. Some men in Australia would research for hours on end, but still end up with an option that doesn’t live up to their expectations. In fact, without the proper guidance, they could experience major side effects or allergic reactions. These include intense itching, red patches, scalp irritation, and even lower levels of libido.[2] 

What are the causes of hair fall?

To fully understand the question ‘Why is my hair falling out?’ the causes of hair fall must be understood. The main causes of bad hair loss are age, medical conditions, hormonal imbalances, hairstyles, genetics, and diet and medication, among others.[1]


It is no secret that the effects of age are the most common reason for hair falling out.[2] After some time, hair growth for men and women slows down. Aside from this, hair shedding becomes more apparent as follicles on the scalp stop producing hair.

Medical conditions

Alopecia is one medical condition that is known to cause hair loss symptoms.[3] Alopecia causes sudden hair loss as the condition makes the immune system surround and attack the hair follicles on the body’s skin. 

Another medical condition or illness associated with hair fall and hair loss is cancer. Cancer treatment, specifically chemotherapy, is a reason for hair fall as it causes the breakage of both cancer and non-cancer cells.


One other cause of hair fall and hair thinning is hormonal imbalances. You may be surprised to know that while testosterone endows you with manly features, it could also play a part in MPB. When converted in its more active form, dihydrotestosterone (DHT),[4] this hormone acts on different organs in the body including the hair follicles.

Hair loss is not caused by DHT production itself, but by an inherited sensitivity to it.[5] Men with genetically high sensitivity to DHT will most likely experience hair follicle thinning first.


If your family has a history of baldness, you are more likely to experience it.[6] Also, there are chances that hair fall is genetic if both men and women in your family go bald early in life.

Diet and medication

The type of food and medication you ingest is also a factor in hair fall. For diet, a lack of nutrients such as protein and iron causes hair shedding.[7] As for certain medications, hair falling could be one of the side effects. 

How to prevent hair fall?

Preventing hair fall can be done through the following three simple tips. With these tips, you can stop asking, ‘Why is my hair falling out?’ and act on your situation now. 

A healthy head of hair requires sufficient protein, vitamins, and minerals. Ensure you consume enough of the following as part of a healthy, balanced diet:[8][9][10]

  • Protein
  • Iron
  • Zinc
  • Vitamins C, D, E and A (but not too much A, as it can contribute to hair loss when taken in excess)
  • The B-complex vitamins
  • Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids

A healthy lifestyle is key to healthy hair. Ensure that you’re looking after yourself well, whether that’s getting seven to nine hours of sleep each night, drinking enough water, avoiding smoking, reducing your alcohol consumption, and managing your stress levels.

However, if you would rather invest in a more reliable solution, sign up as a Mosh patient. With our service, you can have products that cannot be purchased in a generic hair care store and receive professional advice from real doctors. 

When should I go to the doctor for hair loss?

If you are a man between the age of twenty and thirty, here are some stark indicators that tell you it is time to go see a doctor. 

  • You notice that your hairline has been receding as time passes by.
  • You see that your hair is not as thick as it used to be. 
  • Your widow’s peak looks more like an ‘M’ shape, rather than a small bump on your forehead.
  • You have less hair on the topmost portion of your head.
  • You notice excessive hair fall when you brush and wash your hair.

Experiencing any of these symptoms? Don’t fret; Mosh has a convenient solution for you. 

We understand that going to a doctor’s office can be a foreign and daunting task. This is why we created our online subscription service. Not only do we provide you with quality hair care products, but we also give you the opportunity to consult with trusted doctors online. This way, you can avoid awkward and embarrassing interactions outside and be comfortable talking with a medical professional through voice calls, video conferences, or even text messages.

Finally, you now know the answer to ‘Why is my hair falling out?’ It is time to act on these causes and enjoy our one-of-a-kind consultations with Australian doctors. Subscribe now and receive a diagnosis and treatment recommendation based on your specific needs.

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