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Hair Loss Medication

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Seeking effective treatment for hair loss goes beyond generic over-the-counter remedies. Our platform, Mosh, provides personalised consultations with registered doctors who prescribe tailored medication, ensuring transparency and professionalism. When it comes to your health, it is important to consult a doctor before trying hair loss medications and to follow their guidance on proper use and dosage.

Having the right medication for hair loss is a great start in combating hair loss problems. When it comes to proper medical treatment for hair loss, our online hair loss platform at Mosh will surely leave you completely satisfied. 

We know that it is not always possible to apply a universal solution – especially for a topic as personal as hair loss treatment. For that reason, we have created a subscription service that is based on the advice given by medical professionals.

Your online doctor at Mosh

We have partnered with a number of AHPRA-registered doctors who genuinely care about men’s health. Any hair loss doctor at Mosh is capable of assessing your situation and subsequently recommending the most suitable medicine for your hair growth. During your consultations with them via calls, video chats, or text messages, you can bring up your private concerns without the fear and awkwardness you would normally feel in a traditional clinic model. 

Ask them pertinent questions like ‘How to stop hair loss?’ and ‘Does minoxidil work?’ You can also ask them to explain a number of other concepts related to hair loss such as minoxidil Australia and saw palmetto hair loss

As our Mosh doctors work independently and are AHPRA-registered, you can rest assured knowing that there is honesty, transparency, and professionalism in your consultations. The doctors on our online platform will prescribe you a treatment plan only if it is necessary, and will ensure that it is tailored according to your unique situation and needs.

No matter your hair condition, our medication for hair loss, doctor consultation, and subscription service will provide you with everything you need to feel like yourself again.

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Can medications help with hair loss?

In theory, over-the-counter generic medication for hair loss can help men and women alike with thinning or baldness conditions. The medication’s effects have a scientific basis behind them, and this is what causes people to treat themselves with it. 

However, without a proper hair fall diagnosis from a doctor, these one-size-fits-all solutions could even worsen your current condition. This is where the services from Mosh come in. 

We understand that researching effective hair loss prevention is a difficult task – especially if you do not have a background in the medical field. People often fall into the trap of buying the most marketed hair loss pills or hair thinning tablets that simply do not work.

Instead of this guess-and-check method, you can approach the problem with a more consistent solution from one of our Australian doctors. Once you sign up as a patient at Mosh, our expert team will learn about your body and its specific needs. 

All you have to do is answer simple questions about your medical history, receive a diagnosis and treatment recommendation from one of our medical professionals, and then have their personalised recommendation of medication for hair loss shipped right to your doorstep. 

You don’t have to waste your precious time and effort on medications that are not catered to your personal needs. Choose the right solution – allow Mosh to support and guide you in your hair regrowth journey. 

What are the most common medications that help with hair loss?

Your doctor at Mosh may suggest treatment plans that include natural treatments, medical treatments, or both. Natural treatments for hair loss may contain biotin (vitamin B7), vitamin E, caffeine, or saw palmetto.[1] 

Another medication that is commercially available is minoxidil, an active ingredient that is sold under the brand name ‘Rogaine’. This medication is rubbed on the scalp to give a dilating effect on the blood vessels near the hair follicles.[2] As a result, more nutrient-rich blood can travel freely. This causes the hair to grow thicker and longer over time. 

Under Australian law, we cannot tell you anything about our other treatments until you see a doctor. Consult with our Australian registered doctors through call, video chat, or text so they can advise you of the treatment option that suits your situation.

How long should I take these medications?

Non-prescription medication for hair loss needs to be taken daily for results to appear. With this day-to-day use, the hair regrowth process will become apparent after three to six months and up to nine to twelve months in some people.[3] Skipping medication days, along with a variety of other factors like stress, diet, age, and even former surgery, may slow down the process. 

To truly improve your hair’s health, sign up to become a patient at Mosh. Our services are as easy as one-two-three. Just consult with our doctors after subscribing, allow them to create a personalised treatment plan, and then have us deliver your treatment in no time. The best part is that you can set the subscription and forget about trips to the physical clinic. Simply sit back and receive automatic refills as needed!

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