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Hair Growth Treatment

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Finding the right hair growth treatment can require time and patience, as effectiveness can vary from person to person. Everyone has different needs and goals, so treatments can vary from case to case. It's best to consult a doctor to determine the safest and most effective treatment for your specific situation.

Not all men grow hair in the same way, which is why Mosh is dedicated to bringing you the proper hair growth treatment that will suit your specific needs. We understand that there are varying factors that affect hair growth. Your age, former scalp treatment, and medical conditions certainly have an effect on how your body interacts with hair loss medicine. 

For this reason, we provide you with a personalised treatment plan so that you do not have to depend on generic treatment options to treat hair loss. 

Doctors who care

Here at Mosh, we are an  online men’s health platform that has independent Australian doctors who care about your well-being. Our AHPRA-registered doctors are passionate about people’s health, and simply want to give you solutions to hard-hitting questions like ‘Why is my hair falling out?‘ or How to promote hair growth?’ You can rest assured that the answers they give will always be personalised according to your unique condition and need.

Through online consultations, you will have professional advice given to you and a prescription for hair loss if it is needed for your personal situation. Whether you are looking for hair growth vitaminsmen’s hair growth shampo or hair growth products our doctors have you covered with hair loss solutions.

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What is the most effective hair growth treatment?

The most effective hair growth treatment is the one that fits your specific needs the most. Instead of letting you try the latest treatments or fads, we make sure that we get to know you and your situation. This way, we know just what your scalp needs and what treatments to provide you. 

It is truly all about you when you subscribe to our hair regrowth for men services. Before you consult with a doctor from Mosh, we give you a set of questions to answer. By doing this, we take into account specific details like medications, diet, and family thinning or baldness history. Afterwards, a diagnosis is made, and then the personalised hair growth treatment will be prescribed by your doctor. It is then delivered to your door. 

Depending on your situation, the doctor will suggest the best solution for your individual needs, which may include natural treatments, medical treatments, or both. Natural treatments for the skin on your head may come in the form of biotin (vitamin B7) or saw palmetto. On the other hand, medical treatments may come in the form of a minoxidil or rogaine spray

Regardless of the solution or hair growth treatment our Mosh doctor has suggested, you can have peace of mind knowing that it is catered to your specific needs.

What are the benefits of hair growth treatments?

The main benefits of hair growth treatments are overall convenience and clinically proven effects. 

Overall convenience 

Instead of physically going to a doctor for hair growth results, you can simply sign up as a patient in our 100% online men’s health platform. With the convenient solution at Mosh, you will avoid long awkward waiting lines. Instead, you will have all the information and personalised treatment plans you need for your unique situation. 

Additionally, our subscription service allows you to have more precious time for hobbies and other activities. With our solution, you can apply for a subscription and forget about constantly ordering baldness treatment products. 

Our subscription services will quickly deliver right to your door and give automatic refills as needed. This way you can enjoy other aspects of your life without stressing about the next time you should go out to buy what you need. At Mosh, we cover everything from vitamins and supplements, all the way to medications with comprehensive treatment plans included. 

Clinically proven effects 

For our hair growth therapy, you have the benefit of scientifically proven results. This is because Mosh deals with Australian doctors who have studied everything there is to know about hair regrowth treatment. Additionally, Mosh’s doctors individually select a treatment plan for your needs. This means that the types of products you get are trusted, approved, and ready to use for your personal needs.

How long does it take for the hair growth treatment to work?

The effects of hair growth treatment vary as each patient’s body reacts differently. Moreover, there are a number of factors in play that could reduce the treatment’s efficiency. Depending on the treatment, some patients see results in three to six months while others take nine to twelve months to see effects.[1]

However, if you are worried about slow progress or if you have other concerns in mind, you can always bring them up during your next consultation. The beauty of our service is that it gives you constant updates and feedback from the doctors at Mosh.

Our consultation sessions are a place for the patient to be comfortable. Here, both the doctor and the patient can be honest and transparent with each other. For instance, if there is a reduction in hair thickness or if shedding occurs, then you can easily bring this concern up. The information you give the doctor will determine if the current strategies have been working or if there is a need to move on to a newer solution. 

After understanding our service and learning about hair growth treatment, subscribe now to see what we can do for your specific situation. Enjoy not only the products for your hair growth treatment but the trusted advice of our doctors as well. 

Hairlines that speak for themselves

Brayden beforeBrayden after
Brayden, 31QLD
PlanPrevent & regrow pro
PrescriptionDaily tablet and spray
Results4 months
Matthew beforeMatthew after
Matthew, 29VIC
PlanPrevent & regrow pro
PrescriptionDaily tablet and spray
Results6 months
Luke beforeLuke after
Luke, 29NSW
PlanPrevent & regrow
PrescriptionDaily capsule
Results2 months
William beforeWilliam after
William, 32VIC
PlanPrevent & regrow
PrescriptionDaily capsule
Results5 months
Troy beforeTroy after
Troy, 43NSW
PlanPrevent & regrow
PrescriptionDaily spray
Results3 months
Tony beforeTony after
Tony, 33QLD
PlanPrevent & regrow pro
PrescriptionDaily tablet and spray
Results3 months




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