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Mosh, an online platform for men's health, offers a multifaceted approach to hair loss and can provide guidance and scientifically-backed advice on using minoxidil to treat hair loss. To maximise the benefits of minoxidil, it's best to consult with a doctor for dosage and frequency advice and avoid using hair tools immediately after applying the solution.

Seeing that more Australian men are starting to open themselves up to hair-care, the online searches for questions like ‘What is minoxidil?’ and ‘What are the effects of minoxidil solution treatments?’ have significantly gone up. Most people can find websites with answers and corresponding hair growth foam formulas, but the truth is that there’s so much more to the topic of hair loss than just learning about and buying minoxidil.

Here at Mosh, we have a holistic and multifaceted approach to all things related to men’s health. We can answer your questions about using minoxidil solution for hair loss and give you scientifically-backed advice for your receding hairline, bald spots, or thinning hair strands.

Our team genuinely wants to look out for you as more than just another patient or statistic. For that reason, we’ve made it a point to only recommend what’s necessary. See what our telehealth platform is all about, and get the appropriate guidance or, if necessary, a treatment plan for your situation.

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What is minoxidil?

Minoxidil is a drug used to treat hair loss, especially among adults, that is commercially available in the form of lotions, sprays, or foams.[1]

Minoxidil topical solution treatments are typically available over the counter (OTC) and feature low concentrations of the drug. The typical concentrations for OTC minoxidil range from 2% to 5%, while higher concentrations of up to 8% to 15% may be available through a doctor’s prescription.

Minoxidil was originally formulated to treat hypertension, with the common side effect of hypertrichosis (excessive hair growth) being discovered among patients treated with the drug.

How does minoxidil work?

Further research is needed to understand how exactly minoxidil stimulates hair growth, but it’s said to help reverse the hair loss process by increasing the size of the hair follicles, improving blood flow around the follicles, encouraging follicle movement into the growth phase, and prolonging the growth phase of the hair follicles.[1]

How much does topical minoxidil cost?

It’s important that you have an estimate of how much you’ll probably spend per month if you decide to use topical minoxidil to know if you can sustain it. Topical minoxidil doesn’t result in permanent scalp hair regrowth; it must be used continuously to maintain hair regrowth, if any.[2] If you are wanting a pharmacy grade treatment, the price of a 180 mL 5% minoxidil solution can be around $79, worth three months of use. If however you would like a doctor prescribed treatment, personalised to your hair loss situation, this can cost from $29 a month.

What are the topical minoxidil side effects?

When considering topical minoxidil as a hair regrowth treatment, it’s crucial to be fully aware of the potential side effects. You may experience scalp itching, dryness, flaking, irritation, or burning. Let your doctor know if you experience any of these symptoms while using any minoxidil treatment. 
More severe side effects of minoxidil include weight gain, swelling of the face, difficulty breathing while lying down, rapid heart rate, chest pain, and lightheadedness.[4] You must contact your doctor immediately if any of these symptoms occur.

Using minoxidil hair products without proper guidance from a doctor can increase your chances of experiencing side effects, so consult a doctor before trying minoxidil or any type of hair loss treatment. 

How soon can I style my hair after applying minoxidil solution?

When it comes to styling your hair after applying a minoxidil topical solution, you should make sure that you wait around two to four hours before adding styling products such as hair spray, gel, or pomade.[3] Ensure that your routine leaves enough time for the minoxidil solution to dry and set.

For example, you can take a bath at night to allow your scalp to dry completely and then apply the topical minoxidil solution first thing in the morning. This way, you’ll be able to give the formula more than enough time to set as you can eat a quick breakfast, brush your teeth, and even get dressed while the affected area absorbs the minoxidil solution. After all that, you can have peace of mind when you finally get in front of the mirror and style your hair.

Your dosage, frequency, and use of minoxidil solution depend on your doctor’s advice and your condition. You can talk to your doctor about the recommended routine when using styling products with minoxidil.

In line with this, you should also be wary that constantly pulling and tugging on your hair can cause damage to your scalp’s sensitive follicles. As such, you could avoid tight hairstyles such as braids or buns and change up your style occasionally.[4] To make the most out of the minoxidil benefits, you should let your strands rest and recover from any stress they may have received.

Keen on knowing how to stop hair loss? Want more useful tips and advice? If that’s the case, look no further than our service at Mosh. We have Australian doctors on deck, and they’re more than happy to consult you regarding your hair loss concerns. Whether you’re planning to ask about possible treatments or are simply worried about the possible side effects of the minoxidil solution, our team will always be there to guide you.

How long should I leave minoxidil in my hair before washing it off?

You should leave the minoxidil solution on your scalp for at least two to four hours before washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner. Allowing the topical medicine to set and dry for this long would ensure that your body has absorbed the medicine. Taking a shower before this window ends could also prematurely remove the minoxidil solution, especially if you use intense shampoos and conditioners.[2]

If you’re looking for hair loss products to use with your minoxidil solution, Mosh offers a variety on our platform, from hair growth vitamins to shampoos and conditioners. With these components, you can gain back the confidence you once had by taking advantage of nourishing nutrients that are essential for your luscious locks of hair.

Best of all, you won’t have to worry about going to a physical men’s health clinic to receive your orders. Our delivery here at Mosh covers the whole of Australia, regardless of whether you live in urban cities like Sydney or more rural areas like Perth.

Can I use hair tools after using minoxidil?

You should refrain from using tools such as hair dryers, straighteners, and curlers directly after using a minoxidil solution.

No matter what your prescribed minoxidil dosage is, tools that radiate heat may cause the formula to evaporate faster than usual, thus rendering the medicine less potent.[2] That is why you should follow the same minimum two to four-hour waiting rule if you want to avoid the negative effects of heat on minoxidil spray.

If you want to know if minoxidil treatment is suitable for your unique hair situation, feel free to reach out to one of our doctors at Mosh. They can review your symptoms, concerns, and history to give you hair advice and, if necessary, recommend a treatment plan for hair growth. They can even answer questions like ‘Why is my hair falling out?’ and ‘How to apply minoxidil solution?’

Are there alternative treatments to minoxidil?

What’s more, we also have supplemental treatments and even alternatives, like over-the-counter products, to a minoxidil solution. If suitable, our Mosh doctors can provide you with options that can block DHT or perhaps even natural treatments if you aren’t ready for the medical pathway. 

Our process won’t take long at all; just answer the simple questionnaire on our online platform and then have our team give you client-specific feedback through one-on-one video conferencing, private phone calls, or even text messages.

Become part of our community and let us at Mosh empower you through our doctor-led consultations or, if needed, a custom treatment plan involving a minoxidil solution. 

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