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Which Oil Is Best For Hair Growth

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Key Takeaways

While coconut oil has been suggested to reduce protein loss and peppermint oil may aid in the early stages of hair growth, it is important to consult with a doctor to determine the most suitable options for your specific hair concerns and overall condition. Using hair oils every day and the appropriate amount depends on various factors, and a doctor can provide guidance tailored to your needs and preferences.

If you’re someone who’s keen on healthy hair, you might be curious about which oil is best for hair growth. As such, you might have been searching the internet for more information. 

There are many resources that talk about hair oils such as olive, coconut, castor, and tea tree oils. But the effectiveness of hair growth routines varies per individual, so it is best to seek professional medical advice before beginning any regimen.

At Mosh, doctors provide personalised recommendations for hair growth, including medication or treatment if necessary. This means that their advice would depend on your overall condition. 

Is there an answer to ‘Which oil is best for hair growth?’ Read on and find out.

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How do hair growth oils work?

Hair oils primarily function as an emollient or softener. They may also work by providing the necessary nutrients that lead to many benefits. However, there is limited information as to how exactly they do so.[1]

One of the well-known causes of hair loss is protein deficiency due to dietary methods.[2] According to one study, this can be prevented with coconut oil. Its light molecular weight and high affinity for hair protein allow it to go into the shaft and reduce protein loss.[3] 

As you look for which oil is best for hair growth, you may also find peppermint oil. One research suggests that this oil helps with vascularisation,[4] the process of improving oxygen and nutrient supply.[5] This is believed to benefit the early stage of hair growth (anagen).[6]

The problem is that sifting through and fact-checking a lot of information from numerous articles may be challenging. Moreover, it may be difficult to determine which hair oils are suitable for your hair type and unique hair concerns.

To determine which oil is best for hair growth, talk to your doctor, as they are the ones who can determine how certain hair oils would work for you.

At Mosh, you can connect with AHPRA-registered doctors about your hair loss concerns. Aside from asking which oil is best for hair growth, you can also ask them about other hair-loss enquiries, like which vitamin deficiency causes hair loss. Our doctors may be able to provide you with science-backed advice, and if suitable, they may recommend options for your concerns, such as over-the-counter products or other treatment plans. 

How much oil should I use to promote hair growth?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question because many factors affect both hair growth and loss. These include the case of hair loss, medical history, drug history, and one’s health. 

Some published information discusses how much oil should be used to promote hair growth. However, these are only general suggestions that may not be suited to your preference and needs.

Instead, you can talk to a doctor first about how your hair can be checked for any pattern of hair loss. The things that can be checked include scarring and the overall condition of your scalp, among many others.[7]

Can I use hair oils everyday?

Various sources provide different recommendations on how often to use hair oils. Some factors to consider are the oil being used and the individual’s hair type. Before using hair oils, consider possible side effects on people prone to allergies or scalp irritation as well.

People may look to supplements believing that they are the optimal solution for hair loss. That makes them skip doctor’s consultations for an easy alternative. It’s best to talk to your doctor about your unique condition before trying different products for hair growth.

Our doctors at Mosh are willing to talk with you about which oil is best for hair growth. To start, take a short online quiz. Your answers will help our doctors develop custom recommendations based on your hair concerns. 

Should your situation call for any form of treatment, your doctor may contact you through chat, call, or video conference. Our completely online setup means you won’t have to worry about uncomfortable waiting rooms or long wait times!

Mosh doctors have helped thousands of Australians with hair loss and other health concerns. If you are curious about topics revolving around hair loss due to stress, you can also be guided on how to stop stress.

Aside from hair loss concerns, you can also talk to Mosh doctors about weight loss topics like how to reduce body fat and what food makes you lose weight. If you are ever interested in skin care, erectile dysfunction, and even how to improve mental health, we are also here to help you. 

We want nothing but the best for you. Connect with a Mosh doctor today.

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