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Depression Test

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Key Takeaways

Proper diagnosis is important for depression as it can be misdiagnosed and has many forms, a test can be a starting point but not replace a diagnosis from a doctor. Mosh offers online consultations with friendly Australian-based doctors who take your well-being as their top priority and can provide personalised advice and support.

If you have been searching for a depression test online, know that you are not alone. Many people turn to the internet for solutions to health problems rather than seeing a doctor in person due to embarrassment or feeling overwhelmed.

It Is important to note that online resources may not always provide clinically sound and effective advice. At Mosh, we offer online consultations with friendly, Australian-based doctors who prioritise your well-being. Any questions you have about depression will be treated with respect and confidentiality.

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What is depression?

Depression is not just feeling sad or down all the time. It is a type of mood disorder characterized by negative emotions that prevent a person from functioning normally, such as sadness, loss, or anger. The number and severity of symptoms can indicate a minor or major depressive disorder. In addition to affecting a person's mood, these symptoms can also manifest in physical ways, such as sleep problems, headaches, and changes in appetite. [1]

What happens during a depression test?

Questions and rating scales about your emotional and mental state within the last few weeks or months are a common feature of many questionnaires, but not all of them are strictly depression tests. Some may be used to narrow down or rule out other problems.

You may find questions like:

"Have you felt down, depressed, or hopeless in the past three months?"

"Has your interest or enjoyment in doing things diminished over the past three months?"

A test assessing your mental health may ask you about your mood, cognitive abilities, and physical experiences like tiredness, sleep disturbances, and sexual problems. It is possible for you to feel uncomfortable answering questions or rating statements honestly when taking a test, but you should try to assess your symptoms with as much honesty as possible.

Aside from finding out how your mood is affecting your daily life, your doctor can also make use of questionnaires intended specifically to screen for depression, such as the Patient Health Questionnaire-9 (PHQ-9)[2] or the Beck Depression Inventory. [3]

Mosh offers a quick and easy online mental health questionnaire that is divided into three sections:

Getting Started

Mind Check-in

Personal History and Lifestyle.

The results will not replace a diagnosis, but they can be accessed by our network of doctors, who can use them to assess your situation. Keep in mind that these questionnaires are only one component in the process of depression diagnosis.

Your answers to the questionnaires can help your doctor know what to do next. They can then tailor their advice to your needs, keep track of your progress over time, and help you understand your mental state better. They can ask follow-up questions to help validate a diagnosis. If your responses do not point to depression, the doctor may go over your symptoms again to identify the underlying issue.

Although questionnaires and screening tools can be helpful, they can’t take the place of an in-depth consultation with a doctor. Your doctor will be able to suggest a treatment that works after sufficient deliberation. At Mosh, we want to remove any barriers that get in the way of you receiving help. That is why our platform connects you directly to AHPRA-registered doctors whom you can consult remotely through text, chat, or video call.

Is proper diagnosis important for depression?

Arriving at a mental health diagnosis can be complicated. A standardized depression test may not take everything into account. It is important to receive a proper diagnosis when it comes to treating depression because:

1. Depression shares symptoms with many other mental and physical conditions, such as chronic fatigue and sleep disturbances, so it is easy to misdiagnose without the right help. Your symptoms could come from a medical condition with similar symptoms or a different mental condition, such as anxiety or ADHD. [4]

2. You may have multiple conditions at once. For example, anxiety can be a sign of depression but can also trigger it. Anxiety and depression are common co-occurring disorders, but they are not the same thing, even if they share symptoms like anxiety, irritability, insomnia, and trouble focusing. Only a doctor can tell you for sure.

3. There are different types of depression. Major depression may be handled differently than seasonal affective disorder (SAD)[5] or postpartum depression. [6]

A depression test can serve as a starting point, but it cannot produce an accurate diagnosis on its own

Can getting a depression test help with treating it?

While taking a depression test can be a step in the right direction towards addressing your problem and may provide you and your doctor with useful information about your current mental state, it cannot replace a diagnosis from a doctor. The test results may indicate whether or not you have depression, but it is only an indication. There is no specific set of symptoms that characterizes depression, and the severity of these symptoms can vary from person to person. Regardless of the results, if you are concerned about your mental health, seek professional help.

At Mosh, our doctors consider as many factors related to your situation as possible before offering personalized advice. You can have a consultation with one of our Mosh doctors within 24 hours of completing our questionnaire. If your doctor deems it necessary, you may be recommended for therapy, medication, or both. Mosh will also take care of delivering any prescribed medications. You can also receive refills of your medications automatically through our subscription service. After the first, third, and sixth months, and every six months thereafter, you can check back in with your doctor to discuss your progress and adjust your medication if needed.

If you are recommended for therapy, you can book a session on the same day, pending availability. Sessions last fifty minutes, are completely confidential, and are conducted online. You can cancel and reschedule your session up to 24 hours prior for no additional charge, or switch to a different therapist at any time. With a valid Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP), you can also claim Medicare rebates for therapy sessions. Some Mosh doctors can provide you with a MHCP.

Mosh: a health platform that is here for you

Mosh is a telehealth platform that specialises in taboo-breaking issues like mental and sexual health, weight and hair loss, and skincare. At Mosh, there is no such thing as an issue too private or personal to be taken seriously. We strive to provide you with the attention and care you deserve without the hassles of long commutes and waiting rooms.

Your doctor can introduce you to different coping mechanisms and give you tips on how to calm anxiety during your consultation. You can also learn about the symptoms of depression.

If you’re struggling with a health concern by yourself, don’t settle for a generic depression test from the internet. You can talk to us whenever you’re ready.

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