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Treat Mental Health
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Dr Paul Goodridge, General Practitioner
Paul Goodridge

There's no shame in needing help for mental struggles; talk to professional mental health doctors who can provide you with the right support you need to get better. Everyone experiences symptoms of depression or anxiety at one point, but it takes a personalised approach to address the unique mental health situation of each person.

At Mosh, our platform lets you easily access services from therapists who are individually vetted, qualified and Australian, so all you have to do is simply browse our list and book whichever service aligns with your goals. You don't have to actually feel symptoms of mental illness before you seek the advice of mental health doctors; you can get mental health services as soon as possible so a therapist can assess your current mental state.

Within 24 hours after completing the quiz, one of our doctors will get back to you with a personalised mental health care plan recommendation based on your needs and goals. Once you give the go signal to push through with the doctor's recommended treatment plan for you, you can book an online therapy session within the same day so you can start getting help right away.

When to see a doctor about mental health?

Everyone has different levels of mental fortitude, shaped by individual factors such as a person's genetics, life experiences, lifestyle, current living conditions, and many more. No matter what the reason for not feeling mentally well is, like recovering from the loss of a family member or dealing with past trauma, they are all valid reasons to see mental health doctors. It's normal to feel down or low at times but when it starts to get in the way of your usual routine, it's a good idea to see a professional immediately.

Talking to a doctor about how you're feeling can help you identify what exactly is going wrong and diagnose your condition. Doctors can also recommend you for counselling, therapy, or other mental health services as well as prescribe you medication if needed.

Mosh makes seeing a therapist hassle-free and easily accessible online. You don't have to feel ashamed about opening up to mental health doctors as our sessions are guaranteed to be confidential. No need to worry if you don't feel like your doctor is not the right match for you as you can switch to a new one you prefer at any time. Mosh has a team of doctors who genuinely care about your well-being. You can trust that no matter what your reason for seeking mental support is, it will be respected and considered by our doctors.

If your doctor deems it necessary to prescribe medication, such as anxiety medications, rest assured that they can be discreetly delivered to your door as you need them.

How to talk to your doctor about your mental health?

Trying to communicate how you feel when you are struggling can be really difficult. Feelings of being judged, unsupported, shamed, or vulnerable can be hindrances that stop you from talking to your doctor openly. If you're worried you might not be able to properly discuss what you want to talk about with your doctor, you can prepare ahead by creating a list of what to tackle in your next session. Start by writing down the changes you have noticed in your routines such as your appetite, sleep, mood, or emotions. You can also include how these changes have impacted your daily functioning and relationships with yourself and others. If talking to a doctor alone feels overwhelming, you can ask someone you trust to sit near you during the session to feel supported and safe.

Our registered therapists are experienced in providing support for all kinds of patients so they know how to approach you the right way. You can trust them to facilitate the online therapy session that feels like a natural conversation with a friend so you can open up about your struggles more comfortably. We will not force you to pursue a treatment plan you are not comfortable with as we are committed to going through the process with you as slowly or quickly as you want it to be.

How long will it take for the treatment to work?

Many factors affect the duration at which a mental health treatment starts to work such as the specific type of mental issue you have, the medications you need if any, the frequency of the therapy sessions, and of course, your unique progress with your mental health doctors. Everyone heals at different paces; but one thing for sure is that the sooner you seek help, the sooner you can get better as well.

Complete the questionnaire at Mosh today and receive a personalised treatment recommendation plan from our doctor within 24 hours. You can book a psychologist online, get counselling, or talk to any therapist that specialises in the type of mental health care you need most. Connect to our friendly virtual psychologists from wherever you are in Australia so you don't have to go out of your way just to get the help you need.

Through text or video call, you will get a free consultation where you will confirm if the recommended plan is right for you. If a doctor prescribes medication for you, we will deliver it to you whenever you need a replenishment with free express postage so you don't have to worry about running out.

Book highly trained and friendly mental health doctors now to start getting the mental health support you need to improve your mental state. Get in touch with our team for any queries you may have.

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