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Medication For Anxiety

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Key Takeaways

Medication can help with anxiety by blocking, targeting, or boosting certain neurotransmitters in the brain. It's important to consult with a doctor about medication and treatment for anxiety, as Mosh provides a safe space for individuals to talk to AHPRA-registered doctors about their concerns.

Anxiety disorders, which include conditions such as social anxiety and panic attacks, are the most common kind of mental illness in Australia, affecting 16.8% of the population, or 3.3 million people.[1] That’s why it’s important for us to provide a safe space where people can ask AHPRA-registered doctors about medication and treatment for anxiety.

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is a natural reaction to stressful or novel situations, where a person might feel worried, apprehensive, or nervous. However, for some people, the symptoms of anxiety manifest more severely and may interrupt their day-to-day lives. Persistent symptoms may point towards an anxiety disorder.[2]

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How does medication for anxiety work?

Medication can help people deal with anxiety in several ways.[3] These include blocking, targeting, or boosting certain neurotransmitters. One type of medication boosts the amount of serotonin in the brain, leading to better communication in the brain. Some forms of anxiety medication also alleviate symptoms by targeting beta receptors. It's important to talk with a doctor before taking any medications.

If you're unsure about the most common anxiety medications or exactly what helps with anxiety, consulting a doctor is the best course of action.[4]

What does an anti-anxiety medication do?

Although it is not considered a cure, [5] medications in combination with therapy can be used to alleviate and calm the symptoms of anxiety.[6]

When you're immobilised by fear or fatigued from a restless night of anxiety, you may try everything to seek relief. Medications can help with crippling anxiety, providing short-term relief, but it's best to use them under the professional guidance of a doctor. Mosh understands the difficulty of going out and finding a safe space to talk about your troubles.

Mosh makes consultations for men's health more convenient and accessible through our telehealth services. You can connect to a doctor virtually from your device, so you don't even have to leave your house to seek the right advice for your situation. We work with independent, AHPRA-registered doctors who can customise a treatment plan just for you based on your medical history, desired results, specific needs, and all other aspects that contribute to your anxiety. No more waiting in line at the doctor's clinic or worrying that someone else might overhear the issues you have as you share them with your doctor.

If you think that you or someone you know needs medication for anxiety, Mosh can help. We are committed to assisting you and providing personalised recommendations for the unique person that you are.

What is the most common medication for anxiety?

The most common medication for anxiety is prescription drugs, which should only be prescribed by a doctor, and can also help alleviate depression if used appropriately. Most of them may offer safety and quick relief.[7]

Prescription medications can only be given by doctors to patients to help treat types of anxiety. Other practices include progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) and stress management. PMR involves tensing and then relaxing each muscle to relieve stress and anxiety in the body. [8].

Stress management may include mindfulness-based stress reduction, which has been shown to decrease symptoms of anxiety and enhance patients' quality of life.[9]

Another way to cope with anxiety is to find others who have similar experiences. Support groups can help people feel less alone and provide new coping mechanisms.[10] It's also important to avoid alcoholic beverages, illicit narcotics, and excessive amounts of coffee as they can make anxiety worse.[11]

At Mosh, we provide personalised services to help you achieve your goals. To assist you better, feel free to answer our short quiz. If treatment is suitable for your situation, an Australian doctor will review and consult with you through call, video conference, or even text.

When should I take anxiety medication?

While taking therapy, exercise, and meditation can help, in some cases, anxiety can persist and interfere with everyday life. In such cases, medication for anxiety may be needed.

Here are some signs that you could benefit from medication:[14]

  • If you often experience symptoms of panic attacks such as heart racing, sweating and dizziness -If anxiety is preventing you from living your life normally, avoiding certain situations or people
  • If you have trouble sleeping because of worry and this interferes with your daily life
  • If mindfulness, relaxation and yoga are not helping -If you have trouble focusing and you feel like you are wasting time
  • If you get angry frequently over small things and it makes you lose control

Our goal, tied to our passion for men's health, is to initiate conversations that can be challenging to open up about. We will match you with a doctor who can assist you and explain the options at Mosh and if alternative treatments are necessary. The convenience of our online setup also lets you avoid awkward interactions in waiting rooms and the hassle of leaving your home. As a reliable and reputable men's health platform in Australia, Mosh will never pressure you to move forward with our recommended treatment plan; the decision is entirely up to you.

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