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Is Mental Health A Disability

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Key Takeaways

To understand if mental health is a disability, you must understand how mental health, mental illness and disability are defined. If you do suffer from a mental illness such as depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder, it can be defined as a disability according to Australian law, however, do not let it define you. To address any concerns that you may have, it is advisable to consult with a  mental health professional to receive proper advice and treatment depending on your specific situation.

If you are someone who has been looking up terms like ‘Is mental health a disability’ or ‘What is stigma in mental health?’, then you are most likely assessing your well-being. Whether you are trying to understand depression, anxiety, or other types of disorders, know that you are never alone. You should also give yourself credit, as researching such inquiries requires a lot of strength from within. 

While you may be going through some difficult times right now, you can take a deep breath and find comfort in the fact that your situation can always change. Here at Mosh, feel free to view us as one of your safe spaces – a place where you can share all your feelings without the fear of criticism or judgement. We want nothing but the best for you, and we will even encourage you to express yourself. 

With our telehealth platform, you can reach out to AHPRA-registered doctors who are passionate about mental health. On top of feeling more like yourself through meaningful discourse, you can also ask questions similar to ‘Is mental illness a disability?’ or even ‘How does social media affect mental health?’ 

Come to us whenever you feel like you are ready, and we will be happy to welcome you with open ears.

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What is mental health?

Answering the question ‘Is mental health a disability?’ begins with understanding the basic definition of mental health. 

Mental health refers to a person’s overall psychological well-being. It includes emotional, psychological, and social factors. It affects how a person perceives situations and their feelings about them. Good mental health is characterised by a person’s ability to cope with the normal stresses of life, work productively and fruitfully, and make a contribution to their community. 

As such, when a person’s mental health is compromised, they may experience a range of conditions and symptoms that make them feel like they’re not themselves.[1] 

Is mental health a disability in Australia?

Now that you know the basic definition of mental health, you can now better grasp ‘Is mental health a disability?’ or perhaps even more specific questions like ‘Is mental health a disability in Australia?’ and ‘What is anxiety in psychology?’

However, you must first understand that mental health and mental illness are two different concepts. For instance, a number of people in Australia can have poor mental health, but this does not mean that they automatically have mental illnesses.[2] It is absolutely normal for someone to have bad days, but if you constantly feel this way, then you may have a disability or disorder.[3] 

In relation to this, Australian law states that mental illnesses can be classified as disabilities under the Disability Discrimination Act. With this mandate, no one can legally discriminate against another because of their disability, whether it be mental or physical.[4] 

As such, it is incredibly important that you get checked by a professional in the mental health field – one that is knowledgeable in topics like ‘What does depression mean?’ or ‘What is oxidative stress?’ At Mosh, you will not have to muster up the strength to go through traditional and arduous processes since our online service can connect you with a doctor via private video conferencing, phone calls, or even text. 

What are some examples of mental health disabilities?

There are a number of mental disability examples, such as depression, anxiety disorders, and bipolar affective disorder. 

  • Depression. More than just being sad, this condition dampens your spirits and brings you down to the point that you are less active and that you no longer enjoy your interests.[5]
  • Anxiety disorders. This condition also hinders you from enjoying your daily life, as you could constantly feel fear and doom looming over you.[6] 
  • Bipolar affective disorder. Similar to depression, a person who experiences this condition would feel down, but the difference is that there would also be drastic mood shifts (elation to depression).[7] 

In order to find out if you are facing any of the symptoms related to these mental disabilities or illnesses, you should connect with a doctor for scientifically-backed guidance. 

At Mosh, we know how difficult this situation can be, and that is why we have made the whole process simple for you. Instead of researching topics like ‘Is mental health a disability?’ or ‘What is high functioning anxiety’ alone, you can receive mental health support by filling up our digital form, having a doctor assess your medical history, and then applying their personalised advice accordingly. 

Since you have searched for terms like ‘Is mental health a disability?’ or ‘Is depression a disability?’, you should keep in mind that Centrelink can provide you with monetary support for select situations. As an example, you can get assistance if you have a mental disorder or illness, feelings of depression or anxiety, or thoughts of suicide or self-harm.[8]

However, you must also remember that there are only a select number of options within their Payment and Service Finder. This can be quite daunting if you are already feeling symptoms or if you simply want a convenient process. 

Mosh understands how challenging everything can be and that all you really want is to gain insight on topics similar to ‘Is mental health a disability?’ or ‘What is clinical depression?’ For this reason, we have made it so you can easily connect with a doctor, know more about what you are feeling, and then follow personalised advice. 

Additionally, a doctor can also prescribe a custom plan, but only if your unique circumstances call for it. Not to worry; if ever you do need this treatment, you will not have to leave your home or safe space since Mosh delivers Australia-wide.

Come reach out to us today and receive advice at a pace that is suitable and comfortable for you.

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