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What Is High Functioning Anxiety

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Key Takeaways

High functioning anxiety is a commonly used term to describe a specific manifestation of anxiety that some individuals experience.

If you identify with the characteristics of high functioning anxiety and find that it affects your daily functioning or overall well-being, it's recommended to consult with a mental health professional. They can provide a comprehensive evaluation, offer support, and guide you in developing coping strategies to manage anxiety effectively.

Anxiety can be difficult to identify and manage, causing a lot of people to go online and search for answers to questions like ‘What is high functioning anxiety?’ and ‘How is chronic anxiety diagnosed?’ But even then, it can be hard to recognise the signs and symptoms when you’re experiencing them, and it can be even harder to find the right solutions for managing them.

At Mosh, our team of doctors is ready to help you understand your anxiety and, if needed, develop a personalised treatment plan that works for you. We provide medication management, therapy, and lifestyle guidance to help you manage your high-functioning anxiety.

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What is high-functioning anxiety?

People with high-functioning anxiety might look like they are successful and put together on the outside, but they may be struggling with intense worries, fears, and a sense of impending doom on the inside. However, it’s important to note that high-functioning anxiety isn’t a recognised disorder but, instead, is considered to be one of the ways anxiety presents itself.[1]

What are the common symptoms of high-functioning anxiety?

When looking for answers to questions in mind such as ‘What is high functioning anxiety?’ or ‘What does anxiety look like?’ it is important to be aware of the symptoms of high functioning anxiety to be able to identify when these indicators may occur and take proactive actions to manage them.

Some common symptoms that anxiety-prone people may experience include the following:

  • extreme preoccupation with future worries
  • constant striving for perfection and fear of making errors
  • extreme fear of disappointing others
  • persistent feeling of dissatisfaction despite achieving high standards
  • finding comfort in focusing on small details
  • nervous habits such as fidgeting or repetitive movements[2]

If you think that you may be experiencing some or all of these symptoms, feel free to reach out to us at Mosh. Our doctors will be more than happy to help you with issues such as how to relieve anxiety, how to treat depression, how does fat leave the body, how much hair loss is normal, and much more.

All you have to do is fill out a quick questionnaire on our website detailing your basic personal information, medical information, and specific concerns you want to address. Our doctors will read through your answers and get back to you as soon as possible. Should treatment be appropriate for your situation, you can expect your doctor to recommend a personalised treatment plan within twenty-four hours.

Can high-functioning anxiety cause issues in people?

When it comes to figuring out what is high functioning anxiety, one of the important aspects to consider is the issues it causes.

High-functioning anxiety is a type of chronic anxiety that occurs when someone is able to manage their anxiety and still function in daily life. While this may sound like a positive thing, it can actually be quite detrimental to an individual’s mental and physical health. If left ignored, it can lead to symptoms like a lack of appetite and poor sleep quality.

Managing high-functioning anxiety can be achieved by making certain lifestyle changes, such as ensuring adequate sleep, relaxation, and regular physical activity. Eating a balanced diet and limiting caffeine, alcohol, and processed foods can also help. 

Daily relaxation techniques to help manage the sneaky signs of high-functioning anxiety in adults like deep breathing and progressive muscle relaxation are also beneficial. 

Additionally, finding healthy ways to cope with stress, like talking to a trusted friend or family member, journaling, or engaging in creative activities, can be helpful. By implementing these lifestyle changes, you can effectively manage your high-functioning anxiety.

Are there treatments specifically for high-functioning anxiety?

Yes, there are treatments specifically for high-functioning anxiety. These include cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), medication, and even mindfulness meditation.

At Mosh, we offer a range of treatments to help manage the symptoms of high-functioning anxiety, including therapy and over-the-counter solutions. 

If you choose to proceed with your Mosh doctor’s recommended course of action, which may include medication, it will be delivered discreetly straight to your door in four to seven working days from the date of your payment, and refills will be provided as necessary.

For those who opt to go for therapy sessions, you’ll be matched with a doctor who has same-day and after-hours availability and who can thoroughly explain things like what is high functioning anxiety and how to deal with it. If you ever feel like the doctor you were matched with isn’t the most suitable one for you, you can request a switch at any time.

You can rest assured knowing that every online therapy session is 100% confidential, and all notes and data are encrypted and audited by independent organisations.

While your doctor may recommend what they think is the best course of action for you, feel free to let them know what solutions you’re comfortable with and which ones you aren’t so you can both work together to find a treatment plan that is right for you as you navigate the waters of understanding the question, ‘What is high functioning anxiety?’

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