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Diet Plan for Weight Loss

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Key Takeaways

A successful weight loss plan should include satiating, macronutrient-rich and high-protein foods in a calorie deficit diet. Complex carbohydrates like oats, grains, and vegetables aid in satiety, macronutrient-rich foods provide essential nutrients and stabilise energy levels, while high-protein foods help preserve muscle mass and promote calorie burning even at rest. To receive guidance regarding your weight loss concerns, it is recommended that you consult with a healthcare professional or a registered dietitian for personalised advice based on your specific needs and goals.

As someone who’s keen on getting a diet plan for weight loss, you’re most probably looking to lose a few kilos for better health or simply to feel more confident in your own skin. 

Regardless of the reason, know that you won’t have to go through this journey alone as you’ve just landed at Mosh. Instead of spending countless nights searching for the best diet for weight loss or miracle pills that quickly burn belly fat, why don’t you get scientifically backed advice from us? 

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What are the top foods that will help with weight loss?

It goes without saying that the backbone of a great diet plan for weight loss is the food it incorporates. As such, you should be looking for weight loss treatment options that encourage the consumption of satiating, macronutrient-rich food that are generally high in protein. 

  • Satiating food. Since you have to be in a calorie deficit to lose weight, you should be relying on satiating food to get you through the day. As opposed to eating meals your body can digest quickly, consider adding complex carbohydrates, like oats, grains, and vegetables, as staples to your diet. Due to their structure, these ingredients take a longer time to break down and be converted into energy your body can use.[1] 
  • Macronutrient-rich food. Consuming fewer calories doesn’t have to mean consuming fewer beneficial nutrients. Macronutrient-rich food shouldn’t be overlooked as they provide you with vitamins and minerals you need to remain healthy. What’s more, they also help you control your appetite swings and fluctuations in your energy levels.[2] 
  • High-protein food. Lastly, sticking with lean, high-protein food can make it so you won’t lose muscle mass while in a calorie deficit. In fact, meals that are dense in protein can even facilitate new muscle growth when paired with even just light physical activity. In turn, the muscles in your body will burn calories and help you lose weight even when your body is at rest.[3] 

If you’re looking for weight loss programs that check all these boxes, then you’ve come to the right place. Our meal replacement shakes are designed to provide you with the nutrients you need from a complete meal, even when you’re cutting back on calories. With our personalised diet plan for weight loss, you’ll have complete support with our weekly meal planning guides, intuitive dashboard, and encouraging community. 

When you take advantage of the service at Mosh, you no longer have to spend your free time researching on your own. All you have to do is follow our easy instructions for a healthy yet enjoyable lifestyle.

Can I lose weight in a week by just dieting?

Seeing that you’re interested in a diet plan for weight loss, it comes as no surprise that you’d be wondering whether you can lose weight with just a week of dieting. Realistically, you can aim to lose 0.5 to 1 kilogram in a week.[4]

Some drastic weight loss diet plans promise that you’ll shed a couple of kilos in this amount of time, but that isn’t a realistic or healthy goal to have. Rather than crash dieting for immediate results, you should take the healthy route and set realistic goals. 

With a weight loss plan that has a steady pace, you’ll be able to get into a long term routine you can effortlessly follow without the harmful effects of crash diets, such as increased risk of dehydration and heart palpitations.[5] For the best and fastest results, you can even incorporate sports and exercise into your weekly routine to burn a few more calories. 

Don’t have the time to figure everything out by yourself? Not to worry, we at Mosh have doctor-approved weight loss shakes at your disposal. By subscribing to our Dadbod or Bigbod diet plans for weight loss, a premeasured treatment will be promptly sent straight to your door. It doesn’t even matter what city in Australia you live in – our couriers won’t have any problems delivering your initial package and follow-up refills as needed. 

What are the benefits of a keto weight loss diet plan?

Most Australian men know about the advantages of being vegetarian, but not all are familiar with the benefits of a ketogenic or keto diet plan for weight loss. On top of reducing body fat percentages, studies have shown that a keto meal plan for weight loss potentially reduces the likelihood of cancers, protects brain functions,[6] and even regulates or lowers blood sugar for those with diabetes.[7] 

However, a keto diet plan isn’t an option everyone should explore. For instance, those with a weakened bone structure (osteoporosis), history of digestive problems, diabetics on insulin, pregnant or breastfeeding, people with eating disorders or perhaps even those who have a tough time committing to a specific diet should steer clear of keto. 

In order to know what exactly would work for you and your body type, you should consult with doctors who are well versed in nutrition and dieting. With the service we have at Mosh, you can effortlessly speak to any of our doctors through one-on-one video conferences, phone calls, or text messages. Just answer our short quiz and our doctors will give you recommendations based on your unique situation. 

Get in touch with the Mosh team to learn how to lose weight through science-based methods and expert medical advice from our AHPRA-registered doctors! 

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