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How to Get Rid Of Neck Fat

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Key Takeaways

While exercise cannot specifically target neck fat, general aerobic and strength exercises can help reduce overall body fat and define neck muscles, respectively. Consulting a doctor and maintaining a healthy lifestyle with proper diet and exercise can help address concerns about neck fat.

Neck fat can be caused by various factors, including age, weight gain, and genetics. It’s challenging to lose neck fat and even harder to know where to start. Instead of searching for answers to your questions about how to get rid of neck fat online from questionable sites, get the help you need from our doctors. At Mosh, our network of AHPRA-registered doctors can help you understand your health concerns and provide evidence-based recommendations.

If necessary, our Mosh doctors can recommend total solutions to help you live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle and better understand how to get rid of neck fat. From our medical weight loss treatments to dietitians to help personalise your diet, we help you build healthy habits that eliminate neck fat and keep it off long-term.

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What is neck fat?

Before tackling how to get rid of neck fat, it’s important to define it first. Neck fat is the excessive accumulation of body fat, specifically submental fat, around the neck, which can appear as a ‘double chin’, thicker neck circumference, or increased mass around the nape of the neck. While you don’t necessarily need to be overweight or obese to appear to have excessive neck fat, you can appear to have a double chin or ‘fat rolls’ around the neck due to other causes and medical conditions.  

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What causes neck fat and a double chin?

While there can be various causes of the accumulation of body fat around the neck, it is usually due to weight gain as excess body fat is distributed to different parts of the body, including your face and neck.[1] Therefore, when you want to understand how to get rid of neck fat, you must understand the factors that lead to neck fat. 

In general, you can gain weight and accumulate body fat if you consume substantially more calories than you can burn[2.] However, some causes that can trigger weight and body fat gain may include, but are not limited to: 

  • excessive consumption of unhealthy food;
  • excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages;
  • poor access to healthy choices; 
  • a lack of physical activity and exercise; 
  • accumulation of daily stress;
  • medical conditions; and 
  • genetics.[3]

There is not a single cause for weight gain and body fat accumulation. Each person’s case is unique. Some may gain weight and body fat due to a combination of causes and factors, while others may gain body fat simply because of a single cause.

Whether you notice sudden weight gain or are starting to accumulate more body fat, we encourage you to speak to your doctor. At Mosh, our online platform connects you to a network of doctors who can address your health concerns and help you understand your concerns regarding how to get rid of neck fat or which food is good for weight loss.

What exercises help get rid of neck fat?

There is no evidence that exercise can cause targeted fat loss in a specific area or reduce excess body fat in certain parts of the body, including the neck.[4] Exercise does reduce your overall body fat, which, in turn, can get rid of neck fat while toning specific muscles associated with specific body parts. Some common aerobic exercises that are effective for losing body fat and inducing weight loss include:

  • Jogging or running
  • Cycling
  • Swimming
  • Other vigorous exercises

Staying properly hydrated could also enhance your exercise results. You burn more calories throughout the day by drinking plenty of water, according to research.[5]

If you’re ever unsure of what exercises and habits are effective for your concerns about how to get rid of neck fat, we recommend you consult your doctor and dietitian. At Mosh, our doctors are easily contactable via text, phone, and email through our online platform. Moreover, if our doctors recommend treatment, you can easily find products and services that help you achieve the results you want.

Our Moshers can take advantage of a range of support services once they’ve found an expert who matches their needs and has relevant experience. Our subscription service ensures that you don’t forget about your commitment and refills your products when needed. Moreover, we never force you to accept a treatment option if it doesn’t fit your needs. You can easily cancel your treatment if you feel like you’ve reached your goals.

If you ever have questions regarding ‘how to exercise for weight loss?’ or ‘how to lose weight fast’, our Mosh doctors would be more than welcome to help you understand ways you can adopt healthy weight loss habits.

How can I tighten my neck fat quickly?

While there is no evidence to support fat loss targeted at any part of the body, including the neck, one study found body part-specific exercises can help define muscles.[6] Thus allowing you to ‘tighten’ the skin around the neck by increasing muscle definition of the neck muscles. These following exercises can help ‘tighten’ one’s neck and help the neck appear slimmer:

  • Straight jaw jut- Tilt your head back until you face the ceiling and push out your lower jaw to stretch your neck muscles. Return your head to a neutral position after a count of ten. 
  • Ball exercise- Place a ball (large enough so it can rest without much effort) under your chin and press your chin down. Repeat regularly throughout the day. 
  • Bottom jaw jut- Tilt your head back until you face the ceiling and turn your head to one side. Jut your bottom jaw forward and hold for five to ten seconds, then return to a neutral position. Repeat on the other side.[7]  

Slim your neck the Mosh way.

At Mosh, we are committed to bringing you consistent quality service through our subscription service to help you build healthy, long-term, and sustainable habits that will help you achieve your desired goals. 

 If you have more questions like ‘how to lose weight?’ or ‘how many calories are needed for weight loss?’ you can bring these up to your Mosh doctor, and they’ll guide you with tailored recommendations as opposed to a one-size-fits-all solution.

Take the first step towards getting rid of fat with Mosh by your side. Talk to us today.

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