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What Is The Ideal Body Fat Percentage For Abs

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Key Takeaways

The ideal body fat percentage for visible abs can vary depending on factors such as gender, genetics, and personal goals. Generally, for men, a healthy body fat percentage range would be 2% to 24% and as for women, the healthy levels are higher, at 10% to 31%. It's important to note that these ranges are general guidelines, and individual variations exist. Some people may need to achieve lower body fat percentages to see visible abs, while others may have naturally more prominent abs even at slightly higher body fat percentages..

Stepping on a weighing scale can help you keep track of weight loss, but getting answers to questions  like ‘What is the ideal body fat percentage for abs?’ or ‘How does fat leave the body?’ can help you achieve your health and physique goals quicker. 

However, with the abundance of resources online, there’s a high chance you’ll come across a number of trends and fads – all of which claim to help you get shredded abs or a healthier body. The good news is that you’ve just landed here at Mosh. Here, we’re an online health platform that’ll ensure you get scientifically-backed information from AHPRA-registered doctors. 

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What is body fat?

Body fat is a kind of tissue that stores energy as lipids and can be found in areas such as the hips, chest, legs, and, of course, the abdomen. This tissue is made up of adipocytes, which can be broken down as energy again and used down the line.[1]

While beneficial at lower levels, excessive body fat can be harmful since it leads to obesity and an increased risk of diabetes, chronic kidney disease, and heart disease.[2] 

How does a body fat percentage work?

Before you can understand the answer to questions like ‘Which exercise burns belly fat?’ and ‘What is the ideal body fat percentage for abs?’, you must first be familiar with the concept of body fat level. 

This is a measurement used to determine how much fat your body is storing. Since the measurement is a percentage of your entire body weight, you’ll also know how much muscle you have.[3] As opposed to looking at a number on your weighing scale, finding out what your body fat level is would give you more information and open you up to more weight loss strategies. 

What is considered a healthy body fat percentage?

Studies have shown that a healthy body fat percentage range for men would be 2% to 24%. As for women, the healthy levels are higher, at 10% to 31%.[4] 

However, if you’re tackling the question, ‘What is the ideal body fat percentage for abs?’ or even more specific questions like ‘What body fat percentage to see abs male?’ or ‘What body fat percentage to see abs female?’, then you should consult a doctor since not everyone has the same biological needs. For instance, some people would need to retain a higher body fat level due to underlying health conditions. 

How is body fat level calculated?

When asking questions like ‘What is the ideal body fat percentage for abs?’ or even just ‘How to shred fat?’, it would be beneficial for you to know the body fat level measuring process. 

  • Caliper method. Using a body fat calliper, pinch and clamp the skin folds on the following areas: chest, abdomen, lower side oblique, lower armpit, tricep, top left or right back, and thigh. Jot down these numbers and input them into an online body fat percentage calculator.[5]
  • Tape method. Using a tape measure can be an alternative if you don’t want to spend on a calliper. Simply note down your weight and then wrap the measuring tape around your waist to find your waist’s circumference. Afterwards, input the data into a body fat percentage calculator.[6] 

Now that you know what your body fat level is, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a professional for specific weight loss instructions and answers to questions such as ‘What is the ideal body fat percentage for abs?’ 

With Mosh, you’ll be pleased to know that a doctor can even update you through private video conferences, phone calls, and text message threads. 

How do I lower my body fat percentage?

If you want to know how to lower body fat percentage, then you should take into account the common steps to lose weight. By shedding some kilos, you’ll also be reducing your body fat percentage – ultimately leading closer to six-pack abs and a healthy lifestyle. 

What are the common steps to lose weight?

Losing weight and body fat can be summed up to three common steps: watching your food and diet, partaking in exercise, and perhaps leveraging evidence-based treatments if necessary. 

Food and diet

Questions like ‘What is the ideal body fat percentage for abs?’ and ‘How to diet to lose belly fat?’ go hand in hand. It’s important to note that lowering your calorie intake can help you lose weight, but if you want more muscle for health and physique reasons, you should also make sure you’re consuming enough protein.[7]


Familiarising yourself with the topic ‘What is the best exercise to lose weight?’ can also help you understand the question ‘How to lower body fat percentage?’ 

Physical activity can help you burn more calories due to energy expenditure. For this reason, exercise can be incredibly beneficial when paired with an appropriate diet. Lessening the amount of food you eat and working out will make it difficult for your body to store energy in the form of fat.[8] 

Evidence-based treatments

Mosh recognises that some people may still struggle even after making positive diet and exercise changes. As such, our telehealth service can provide a custom treatment plan for these types of people, but only if absolutely necessary. 

Not only can we connect you with a doctor that can answer questions like ‘What is the ideal body fat percentage for abs?’, but we can also send out prescribed treatment anywhere in Australia for your convenience. 

Come check us out today and allow us to help you feel comfortable in your own body! 

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