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Are Women More Attracted To Bald Men or Guys With Hair?

Created on October 27, 2016 by Mosh
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We all know it, all that really matters, at least in the beginning of a relationship, is how someone looks...

We all know it, all that matters, at least in the beginning of a relationship, is how someone looks...

Some dizzying figures were revealed recently via a New York Times feature on Tinder’s user base, noting that the app receives over a billion left and right swipes on any given day, with the average user spending 90 minutes per day reviewing their matches.

Many women will make HAIR contact with a guy before they make eye contact. It's true; women are pickier than guys! First impressions count the most. Therefore guys without hair tend to direct a lady’s attention elsewhere Women, in general, are more attracted to men with hair, which has historically been linked to virility, strength and a strong sex drive. Hair is a great indicator of health and youthfulness!

In the world of online dating, a guy’s photo, more so than his personality profile, plays a pivotal role in swipe ability. In fact, one study discussed in The Telegraph revealed that women were five times more likely to swipe right for a guy with a full mop of hair, compared with a guy who is balding or has a receding hairline.

Approximately a quarter of men experience some form of hair loss by age 30, and two-thirds by age 60.

While many older guys wear their baldness as a badge of honour (feeling it suits them or reflects their strong personality), most younger guys view hair loss as a genuinely troubling experience. They feel it’s a sign of aging or diminished masculinity. Some even suffer a dent in their self-esteem and start questioning what other people, especially women, think of them.

It’s not easy, and we get that balding can also lead to psychological stress and a sense of insecurity or awkwardness. This can potentially trigger feelings of anxiety and for some, impair their overall quality of life.

Unfortunately, the impact of losing one’s hair can also extend to a guy's career. A national survey of Canadian men revealed that losing their hair made it harder for them to find employment. Appearance matters in the workplace and a lack of confidence in one’s body image and self-esteem will negatively impact a man's career or job-seeking ability.

It’s often harder for balding men to sit through job interviews, fearing discrimination, and decreased chances of landing a new job or promotion. They may also shy away from social events or gatherings within the workplace. Therefore a receding hairline is a real threat to not only a man's charming youthful look but also his chances of successful employment.

The good news is that we are free to talk openly about hair loss in men like never before. Today, reversing a receding hairline is a real possibility. So what does a bloke do if he’s thin on top?

Visiting Mosh is a good start!

We acknowledge that great hair doesn't happen by chance, and we provide a range of hair loss treatment options that actually do work.

Mosh is the first and only specialised online service providing evidence-based prescription treatments for hair loss. We work with Australian registered doctors, and all products are manufactured in an accredited facility in Melbourne.

Our product range has been specifically selected by our medical and pharmacy team to provide our customers with their best chance of stopping hair loss and regrowing their hair.

Getting started is easy! Complete our 1-minute guided online medical questionnaire and select a recommended treatment option. We will then ship the treatment in discreet packaging.

At Mosh, we look forward to helping restore both hair and confidence!

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The Mosh Team

Topics: Hair Loss, Hair Loss Treatments