Building muscle & performance enhancing drugs on hair loss

By Mosh
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We’re often asked about the impact lifestyle factors have on hair loss. One client recently questioned whether or not so called ‘testosterone boosting’ activity might accelerate hair loss.

Don’t stress. Pumping weights, having sex and changing your diet will not sufficiently boost endogenous (within the body) DHT levels to cause accelerated hair loss or balding. Levels of hormone within the body are tightly regulated by feedback mechanisms, such that any of these activities are unlikely to cause any measurable hormonal fluctuation for long periods of time.

Those of you boasting to your mates that you’re bald because you ‘have more testosterone’ are unfortunately wrong as well. Remember, we go bald because of a localised effect, which varies amongst individuals, of DHT on hair follicles in the scalp.

Having said all that, a dangerous new trend amongst Australian men certainly will interrupt your hormonal milieu and accelerate hair loss, as well as cause many other serious problems. The most commonly injected illicit drugs in Australia are now anabolic steroids. The term anabolic steroid refers to synthetic substances derived to resemble male sex hormones, including testosterone.

These are usually purchased over the internet or from illegal dealers with the intention of accelerating muscle gain and fat loss. Many of these substances can be easily purchased over the internet from seemingly reputable websites. These sites are poorly regulated and often sell veterinary grade steroids. They also neglect to disclose the risks involved with anabolic steroid use.

The risks of recreational anabolic steroid use are frightening. They include early heart disease, malignancy, testicular atrophy and early death. If those aren’t enough to frighten you, they also cause gynaecomastia (man boobs) and yes, you guessed it, hair loss!

The psychosocial impact of anabolic steroid use is also significant. These drugs fuel aggression and violence and have been at the centre of fatal ‘one punch’ attacks in recent times. They’ve also been associated with spikes in rates of domestic violence. These reasons alone should deter you and your mates from using these substances.

We can reassure you that using clinically proven hair loss treatments, which work as localised DHT antagonists, will not work against any gains you are making in the gym. There is certainly no need to supplement your regime with anabolic steroids to ‘counteract’ medication you are taking for hair loss.

Remember, our service is confidential and discreet. Please disclose on your medical questionnaire if you are using performance enhancing drugs. We will not judge or report you. Click here if you would like to begin an online medical questionnaire now.

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