Myths About Hair Loss & Hair Regrowth - Separating Hair Loss Fact from Fiction

Created on 27-3-2016 by Mosh
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There are lots of myths about hair loss that get thrown around. The Mosh medical team has debunked some of the most common ones.

  1. Hair loss comes from your mother’s side of the family

There has been a long held myth that the ‘bald gene’ comes from the mother’s side of the family. In fact, there is no ‘bald gene’ per se. Whilst a family history of balding is certainly a predictor, plenty of guys with no family history at all go bald. Contrary to popular belief, most studies have found a higher concordance of balding between fathers and sons.

  1. Guys who go bald have excess testosterone

Sorry fellas. A bald man is not more of a man!

Whilst DHT, which is a metabolite of testosterone (the major hormonal mediator of baldness) testosterone levels have no correlation with going bald. Rather, studies have shown that guys who go bald in fact have higher levels of 5 alpha reductase (which converts testosterone to DHT) and androgen receptors in the balding scalp.

  1. Washing your hair too much or wearing a hat causes baldness

Going bald is no excuse to have dirty hair or not be sun smart.

There is absolutely no correlation between washing your hair often or wearing a hat and baldness. Going bald is not a mechanical process. Going bald is due to a mix of hormonal and genetic factors. Whilst you might notice some hair shedding when you wash your hair, you’re not pulling hair out, it’s shedding by itself.

  1. Stress causes hair loss

Stress does not cause garden variety male pattern baldness. Full stop.

Stress can however precipitate a condition known as Telogen Effluvium. This is a condition where the hair growth cycle is interrupted by high levels of physiological stress. This leads to hair shredding.

  1. Cutting your hair, like pruning the rose bush, will make it grow faster

Your grandma might have taught you that pruning the roses encourages growth and flowering. This is certainly true.

Unfortunately this is not the case for your mop. There is no evidence that cutting your hair regularly is linked to hair regrowth or thickness. Bad luck guys!

The bottom line is, going bald is normal. It’s not your fault, but there are no quick fixes!

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