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Not Everyone Needs to Treat Hair Loss — Should You?

Created on June 24, 2018 by Mosh
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Hair loss affects guys in a lot of different ways.

Some genuinely don’t mind. They don’t associate their hair with youth, vigour, or strength, and they don’t think it makes them any more or less attractive. So losing their hair doesn’t erode their confidence.

Some dudes like the simplicity and practicality of a bald head. They like not having to spend money every month on a haircut. They like being able to run out the door after a shower without brushing or applying the product.

Some men have achieved everything they want in life. They have a partner they expect to be with forever. They have a solid career or income stream. They have a committed group of friends with bonds that will outlast each other’s appearances. Essentially, they’re at a point where having hair wouldn’t get them anything they don’t already have.

Furthermore, some guys grow up in families or communities where baldness is so common that they’ve always known they would be bald someday. Some cultures intentionally shave parts or all of the head to adhere to their traditions. Losing their hair isn’t a shock. It’s expected.

If you’re one of those guys, you don’t need to treat your hair loss. There’s no reason to address a problem if it doesn’t bother you.

As much as we love helping guys overcome their hair loss, our real goal is to help you regain your happiness, satisfaction, and confidence. We want you to have a youthful appearance, so people credit you with desirable qualities. We want people to perceive you as healthy and make it easier to find a mate.

However, if you already have those things, or you don’t want them, then there’s no reason to waste any of your time or energy worrying about your hair. Why would you fight to bring something back that you don’t miss?

However, here’s the thing...

Some Guys Hate Their Hair Loss

Those guys who genuinely don’t care about their hair loss are the minority.

Most men are discouraged by their hair loss - simply annoyed and disappointed. For some, hair loss can trigger an enormous emotional burden or even more serious psychological disorders like depression.

If you’re one of the men who hate losing your hair, take some solace in the fact that you aren’t alone. Men may not talk openly with each other about their appearances, but every balding guy you see on the street who seems to live their life comfortably and confidently is probably aching inside just like you.

A lot of guys take steps to treat their hair loss, too - we just don’t talk about it. In 2015, the hair loss treatment market was valued at more than $7.2 billion. That’s a lot of money spent on personal products we don’t openly discuss.

For a lot of guys, the decline of their hair is the first time they’re forced to deal with the loss of youth and their mortality. They come face-to-face with the realization that they won’t be young and desirable forever. There’s a new crop of young-ins ready to claim that title.

Unfortunately, this happens far earlier than it should for a lot of men. You can’t maintain your youth forever, but surely it shouldn’t fade in your early 20s or – heaven forbid – your late teens.

Moreover, even if you’re in your late 40s or early 50s, and most of the men in your peer group are dealing with some stage and variation of hair loss, you still don’t want to give up your youth. No one would.

So you’re probably wondering, “Should I treat my hair loss?”

Who Should Get Treatment for Their Hair Loss?

First, it’s important to understand that hair loss is rarely the symptom of anything other than male pattern baldness.

Yes, things like stress, poor nutrition, smoking, and certain lifestyle factors can cause or contribute to hair loss. Even medications, brushing your hair too hard, or using damaging products can cause hair to break off. However, those cases are rare, and the hair will regrow once you identify the cause and change your behaviour, diet, or medications.

For an overwhelming number of guys, hair loss is caused by genetics – traits that come straight from your DNA that you can’t change (for now, at least).

If you think your hair loss is caused by factors other than genetics, it’s important to speak with a doctor to uncover the cause and learn how to fix it. Our medical team can help.

If your hair loss is caused by genetics, you still have a fighting chance, but take a couple of things into consideration:

1. Genetics are Tough to Beat

At the moment, we don’t have any reliable tools to change our genetic information or fight the changes our genes make to our bodies. There are some new treatments in the hair loss development pipeline, but currently the best tools we have fight the symptoms of hair loss, not the main cause.

Check out this great image from Hair Loss Talk that shows the different types of hair loss treatments currently in development.

What this means is that treating your hair loss isn’t as simple as flicking on a switch. Everyone behaves differently. Some people see results quickly; others take years. Some people see incredible results; others don’t see any change at all.

Plus, hair loss becomes harder to treat the longer you let it go. Over time, DHT binds to your follicles, choking them of essential blood and nutrients. Eventually, the follicle’s hair withers and the follicle itself falls dormant and dies.

This means there is a point where a follicle loses the ability to produce hair, and no treatment will force it to start working again. If you lost your hair a long time ago, lost your hair quickly (in a few short years), or lost your hair young (late teens or early 20s), the best treatments to regrow hair may not be as effective.

Does this mean if your hair loss is advanced that you shouldn’t attempt to treat it? Absolutely not.

Like most things, there’s no way to know how well you’ll respond unless you take the plunge. There may also be other suitable treatments that our medical team can talk to you about.

2. Treating Your Hair Loss is a Long-Term Commitment

Hair loss treatments take time. Due to the phases of hair growth, most guys don’t see significant results from their hair loss treatment regimen within the first few months. Some men don’t rate their results as “satisfactory” until a year later (or even more).

If you decide to treat your hair loss, you have to commit to it. You have to commit to applying your topical and taking your pills every day (or whatever the medical team deems suitable for you). Missing a day here or there won’t hurt, but long stretches without following your regimen will set you back.

So if your lifestyle prevents you from committing to a treatment regimen, or you just aren’t someone who commits to things like this, treating your hair loss might not be right for you.

Fortunately, a standard hair loss treatment regimen is simple. It only takes a few seconds a day. Most guys fit it into their morning routines without much issue, so it’s worth trying.

What’s Your Future?

Hair loss isn’t fatal. You don’t have to treat it. Plenty of guys live perfectly normal lives with bald heads. They do well at work, get girls, and live healthy lives, inside and out.

However, if you’re part of the majority of men who hate the fact that you’re losing your hair, there’s no harm in treating it. Maybe a treatment regimen isn’t right for you and your lifestyle, but you’ll never know unless you try.

You don’t have to be bald, but you do have to decide to take the first step.

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