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Mosh is a unique treatment option for guys suffering from hair loss. We’re proud that our product is different than the ones you find on store shelves or in hair loss clinics.

Before we started Mosh, we noticed that the current available solutions just weren’t serving the market well. They failed to address the major pains of guys dealing with hair loss. They're expensive, ineffective, inconvenient, and often embarrassing.

Today, we wanted to take a moment to explain why we created Mosh in the first place. This is what’s wrong with the hair loss treatment industry and how we’re trying to fix things.

The Alternatives are Ineffective

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While there are countless hair loss “solutions” available in your local pharmacy or on the web, few of them work. They can legally market themselves as hair loss products because they address some vague hair-related issue (like blood flow or sebum) and don’t explicitly promise to regrow hair.

But they rarely have any effect on your recovery. In fact, you could say they have the opposite effect, because they cause you to waste time you could use on a real treatment program.

Why don’t they work? For one, these companies don’t want to invest money in the science of hair loss. They’re happy slapping a label on some topical or device that has a small link to hair loss and pushing it on desperate people.

For another, they often mislead you on statistics and side effects. They don’t mind misrepresenting a number or neglecting its context to get you to make a purchase. Those products often quote flawed studies or clinical data from trials that didn’t have anything to do with hair loss.

When we created Mosh, we decided not to waste anyone’s time and money with ineffective treatments. We only use scientifically-proven techniques to help guys recover their hair.

The Alternatives are Expensive

Even if the hair loss products you see on shelves worked, they’re far too expensive for most people. It’s easy to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars every month on creams, lotions, supplements, and other weird remedies.

And hair transplants are out of the question for most blokes. Light transplant work will run you around $20,000 AUD. Extensive work can cost far more, and the results are rarely as quality as your natural hair.

Most men can’t afford stuff like that. It’s just not feasible.

When we created Mosh, we realized that if we want to appeal to guys, we have to make our service affordable and predictable. There aren’t any surprises. We don’t use hard sales tactics to push new (and unproven) products on you at every turn.

That’s why Mosh is the same price every three months. No surprises. Our extra services - like our doctor and nurse consultations - are entirely free. The effectiveness of our products and the affordable price point means we’re confident that our customers will love our program.

Long Term Contracts are Lame

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If you walk into a typical hair loss clinic, they’ll promise you the world and then push you to sign a long term contract. They want you to promise (with your signature on a contract) that you’ll pay them for six months, a year, or even longer.

That doesn’t include the price of the products, by the way. They want a monthly fee plus you have to buy the products they recommend. Oh, and you also need to use their in-house grooming team when you need a haircut because they claim to the have the right products and expertise to make your hair presentable.

By the way - In many cases, the “treatment” these clinics offer is just a hair piece. That comes with a lifetime of maintenance and fitting costs.

Why do hair loss clinics demand that kind of commitment? Because they aren’t confident in the quality of their product. They aren’t sure you’ll see results. So they squeeze you into a long term contract to get as much money out of you as possible. They want you to pay a little more after you grow wise to their scam.

Admittedly, it’s true that hair loss treatments take time. You won’t see results in a weekend, but within three months (though usually less), you should start to see something - like a halt to your loss, a shed (which indicates future growth), or thickening of your existing hair.

We created Mosh because we think long term contracts are lame. You shouldn’t be stuck with a company for a year because you made a decision you didn’t really understand. No one can see the future, after all.

We’re confident in our product and our service. We think you’ll be happy with the results and want us to continue to help. If you aren’t happy, stop any time. It’s that simple.

Treating Hair Loss Should be Convenient and Discreet

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Hair loss is a sensitive issue, even for the most self-confident guys. You may not be overwhelmingly embarrassed by it, but it’s still probably not something you like to talk about.

Hair loss is a big deal for guys. It has strong social connotations. People might assume you’ve lost your youth and vigour, even though you feel the same.

As a bloke, you’re not supposed to be vain; you shouldn’t care about your looks. At least that’s what they say. But inside, we definitely care what we look like.

This means visiting a clinic, purchasing a product in a brick-and-mortar store, or even having a one-on-one conversation with a doctor can be challenging. Could you imagine bumping into your friend as you leave a hair loss clinic, or in line at the market with your hands full of hair loss products?

A lot of blokes can’t bear to put themselves in those situations, so they neglect to treat their hair loss all, which just compounds their unhappiness. (If we want anything at Mosh, it’s for you to be happy with yourself.)

When we created Mosh, we asked ourselves how we could help guys skip all that. Could we create a treatment program for guys without asking them to visit anyone face-to-face?

Turns out we could! As an online clinic, our doctors and nurses can evaluate your situation and treatment program without meeting in-person. Everything happens from the privacy of your home. That means no embarrassing situations or awkward conversations for you.

We extend that convenience by following you throughout your entire journey. Where other products are one-size-fits-all, we tailor our plans to your individual needs. Everyone gets a custom, comprehensive treatment plan, including nurse follow-ups, educational/support material, and ongoing medical support.

How do you get your products? Discreetly through the mail. Your Mosh box arrives every three months in unmarked packaging. No one will have any idea what you order. It doesn’t get any more discreet than that.

We Do Things a Bit Differently…

We didn’t write this article to be a pitch, but we bet you can identify with many of those problems. If so, Mosh is likely for you. We’re the first online hair loss clinic in Australia. You don’t have to go broke dealing with hair loss.

Take action today with our affordable and convenient approach and join 1,000+ Aussie blokes already on Mosh. Get started today.

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