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Balding Treatment

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The hair-growing needs of each man are unique, which is why Mosh is dedicated to providing you with the most suitable balding treatment tailored to your needs. Various factors affect hair growth, such as genetics, age, diet, and an ongoing medical diagnosis, such as alopecia. We at Mosh understand this, and that’s why we bring you a personalised doctor-approved treatment plan. We aim to provide you with an effective treatment for hair loss. 

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Mosh is a men’s health online platform housing experienced Australian doctors who care about your well-being. Our AHPRA-registered doctors work independently and are passionate about men’s health. If necessary, they can prescribe you the best treatment plan for you based on their clinical assessment.

With our secure consultations via calls, video chats, or texts, you can get professional advice and a treatment plan to combat your baldness. Additionally, we offer hair growth products and men’s hair growth shampoo, which work in conjunction with your doctor’s recommended hair loss treatment plan. All this guarantees that your scalp remains healthy and your hair gorgeous.

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What causes balding?

Most balding in men is caused by male pattern baldness, although there are other possible reasons. It’s important to look at different aspects of your life to determine the best medicine for hair loss. 

Having a fundamental understanding of how hair grows is crucial so you can see the science behind our subscription service. At Mosh, we don’t simply jump on the latest internet trends or promote products that haven’t been tested. Our doctors will only provide hair regrowth recommendations that are backed by rigorous scientific research.

Every strand of hair on your body grows from structures under your skin called follicles, which are tiny capsules containing a single hair. Normally, hair develops within a follicle over a period of two to six years.[1] No matter how much you shave or cut your hair, the same hair will continue to grow from the roots. By the end of this period, the hair enters a resting phase and eventually falls out after a few months. Then, the follicle produces new hair. Thereafter, the same cycle begins again.

High levels of DHT (a stronger form of testosterone) can shrink your hair follicles and shorten this cycle. As a result, hair grows out looking thinner and more brittle and falls out faster. DHT can also make it harder for your follicles to grow new hairs once the old ones fall out.

What are the best treatments for balding?

The best and most effective balding treatment is, of course, one that is tailored to your needs. Instead of simply giving you the latest hair loss treatments available on the market, we make an effort to get to know you and your situation. This way, you can rest assured that your prescription for hair loss is exactly what you need.

Having personalised hair regrowth for men services is key to having the most success in helping prevent your baldness. Our services are based on your preferences. We offer natural treatments such as saw palmetto–infused shampoo and conditioner and effective topical treatments such as minoxidil.

In addition to these options, there are other methods we cannot discuss with you until you have spoken with your hair loss doctor. These methods have been proven equally effective when used with our other treatment options – no need for drastic surgery processes that result in potential scarring or infection. Contact our online hair loss platform to determine if this hair loss treatment can work for you.

We consider all your answers to our short online quiz about your health history and condition before your doctor’s consultation. Our doctors will then provide you with a diagnosis and prescription, and your personalised hair loss treatment will be delivered straight to your door. There is no need for monthly pharmacy visits and worrying about not having enough medication as long as you utilise our subscription service.

How long do these treatments take to work?

The effects of balding treatments generally vary as your body reacts differently. There are also several other factors in play that could reduce the effectiveness of the treatment. 

Our personalised hair loss solutions at Mosh don’t come with a set time frame for concrete results. Most of our customers have seen visible changes within three to six months. Maximum results can take up to a year.

If you have concerns relating to your personalised treatment, your doctor will always be reachable. You can easily bring up any issues by calling, texting, or video chatting your doctor. Our service also allows you to receive constant feedback and updates from our Australian doctors and/or registered nurses.

Our consultations are a space for you to be comfortable. We value transparency, so expect that your doctor will provide you with full information regarding your treatment. With their expertise, they will certainly be able to guide you to an effective solution for your balding. You can also speak to our doctors about anything related to men’s health as our service extends to mental and sexual well-being.

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