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Hair Transplant Costs Sydney

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If you're considering a hair transplant in Sydney, it's important to consult with a doctor who can provide comprehensive information on hair transplants and alternative hair loss treatments best for your situation.

If you’ve looked up ‘hair transplant costs Sydney’ before, you’ll know that a hair transplant is not the cheapest hair treatment out there. Some men, however, are willing to risk spending thousands on a hair transplant, hoping they will regain their thick hair and self-confidence along with it. Before you start saving up for a Sydney hair transplant cost, talk to a doctor first about other hair treatment options available that may be more affordable and suitable for you. 

You can talk to a Mosh doctor about anything, from hair transplant costs in Sydney to a multitude of other science-backed hair treatment alternatives. At Mosh, we connect men with AHPRA-registered doctors via text, phone, or video call to do away with the awkwardness that most people feel in a traditional clinic setting. You can talk to your doctor with better confidence from the privacy and comfort of your home, increasing your chances of getting the right support for your hair growth concerns. 

Get more information related to hair transplant costs in Sydney below to help you narrow down your hair treatment options. 

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How does FUE hair transplant work?

The cost of hair transplants in Sydney depends on the type of hair transplant you are getting. Follicular unit extraction (FUE) hair transplant is a technique where individual hair follicles are harvested from the scalp by making microscopic circular incisions.[1] Although FUE is less invasive than other types of hair transplant, infection is still possible during the recovery process, so doctor consultation is important from the beginning to the end of the process.[2]

If you can’t afford to go through the long recovery period that most hair transplant patients experience after the surgery, it’s ideal to talk to your Mosh doctor about other alternatives that may be a better fit for you. Your doctor will consider all factors that may be causing your hair growth concerns, such as your genes, medical history, and lifestyle.

Your doctor can also better grasp your situation when you inform them about any hair products or treatments you’ve tried in the past, as well as any side effects you’ve had. This can help your Mosh doctor identify the treatment options that have higher chances of being more effective and safe for you.

Is getting a hair transplant painful?

It’s not just the hair transplant costs in Sydney that depend on the type of hair transplant you’re getting; the level of discomfort or pain you’ll feel also varies according to the technique used in the procedure. During the actual hair transplantation process, local anaesthesia is used to minimise pain. Post-surgery, however, there may be some aching or tightness in the scalp. Hair transplant doctors may prescribe some medication to help with the pain and healing process.[3]

There are other hair treatments that are less invasive and painful and may also be cheaper than hair transplant costs in Sydney; topical creams and oral medications are some examples. Mosh works with a network of Australian doctors who are capable of assessing your unique hair situation and recommending the treatments with the best chance of working for you.

Your Mosh doctor may prescribe a treatment plan if required by your situation, and you are free to accept or reject it as you like. If you agree with your doctor’s recommended treatment plan, the products will be sent discreetly to your doorstep anywhere in Australia. We also offer a subscription plan where you can restock your products as needed – no need to worry about queuing for refills.

How should I prepare for a hair transplant surgery?

Not everyone is a suitable candidate for a hair transplant, even if they can afford the hair transplant costs in Sydney. Your doctor will check if you are safe to undergo a hair transplant based on your past or existing medical conditions, including the medications you take.

If you get the go signal from your doctor, you may have to temporarily stop taking certain medicines so as not to increase the risk of bleeding. Smoking may also affect wound healing, increasing the chances of infection and bleeding, so if you do, you may also have to stop smoking in preparation for the surgery.[4]

To get assessed by a Mosh doctor on what hair treatments are ideal to achieve your desired results, simply take our short online quiz to get doctor-led and personalised recommendations. Rest assured that your answers will be kept confidential and secure; only your doctor will have access to them. Your Mosh doctor will then reach out to you via text, call, or video conference for tailored advice.

Men’s health – the Mosh way

Mosh aims to make treatment more affordable, more accessible, and more normal than ever. Aside from hair loss, we can help with a variety of concerns, including skincare, weight loss, and mental health. 

If you have mental health concerns or would like more information about the symptoms of depression or mental health medications, you may ask your Mosh doctor. If needed, your doctor may recommend a mental health care plan that is suited to your needs. 

Mosh doctors can also address any weight loss concerns you may have. We have helped thousands of Australian men get the right weight loss programs for them, including meal replacement shakes and a diet plan for weight loss that they can consistently stick to. 

Get started with your free Mosh consultation any time you’re ready; our online Mosh doctors will assist you with your health concerns at your most convenient schedule. 

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