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How To Make The Growth Of Hair Faster

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Nutrients in a diet are crucial to hair follicle growth cycle and cellular turnover, and vitamin and mineral deficiencies have been linked to hair loss. It's essential to consult with a doctor before starting a supplement regimen for hair growth, as some nutrients, when consumed in excess, have been linked to hair loss.

Are you wondering how to make the growth of hair faster? Hair growth is tricky to manage; it takes nourishment and patience. Plus, it happens on its own timeline, which doesn’t always line up with yours. We understand all too well how frustrating this can be.

One in every five men in their twenties, one in every three men in their thirties, and nearly half of men in their forties suffer from significant baldness.[1] This explains the popularity of online searches for ‘how to make growth of hair faster’, ‘what causes hair loss’, and ‘how to grow hair faster’.

This is why we at Mosh connect you with doctors who can address your hair loss concerns from the comfort of your home. You can ask your doctor for advice on things like natural hair growth tips or how to increase growth of hair fast.

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What is the average hair growth rate?

To understand how to make the growth of hair faster, we should first understand how it grows.

Hair growth occurs in four phases: anagen (growth), catagen (follicle shrinking), telogen (rest), and exogen (shedding). The length of time it takes to complete each stage varies from person to person and depends on factors including age, diet, and general health.[2]

Protein cells that make up the hair root are contained within each follicle. These cells rely on oxygen and nutrients carried by the blood as it travels through the body in order to proliferate. Hair is made of these cells, which multiply and cause it to protrude through the skin. The hair shaft passes via an oil gland on its way out of the skin. This gives it the oil it needs to remain smooth and lustrous.[3]

The hair follicle is already dead by the time the shaft is long enough to penetrate the epidermis. The dead hair is expelled from the skin as a new one grows below it. Next, it sheds or falls out.

The average rate of hair growth is between 0.5 and 1.7 cm each month. As part of the hair's natural cycle, people typically shed between 50 and 100 hairs daily.[4]

Are there foods that can make hair grow faster?

Food is an important part of ‘how to make the growth of hair faster’. Vitamins and minerals in your diet are crucial to the hair follicle growth cycle and cellular turnover. Too little caloric intake can lead to stunted hair growth and eventual baldness by starving the body of essential nutrients.[5]

Hair loss has been linked to vitamin B and D deficiency, iron deficiency, and other nutrient deficiencies.

If you're losing your hair because of your diet, try to eat more foods rich in these vitamins and minerals to get more nourishment that promotes hair growth.[6]

Some food options that are rich in these nutrients are listed below.[7]

Biotin, also known as vitamin B7, is essential for proper cell function. Suboptimal levels have been linked to balding, rashes, and brittle nails. It's possible that medications for epilepsy or antibiotics can cause a drop in your levels. You can get it by eating egg yolks, whole grains, and meat.

Vitamin D, which is usually associated with bone development, is also linked with hair loss. Sunlight stimulates the skin to produce vitamin D, but for many people, especially those who spend most of their time indoors, this is not enough. Fatty fish or fortified milk are good ways to increase your levels.

Iron is responsible for the oxygen-carrying capacity of our blood. Anaemia from a lack of iron can occur at very low levels. Hair loss, tiredness, and pallor are all possible symptoms. If you have a chronic illness or if you don't eat meat, you may have trouble getting enough iron. Red meat, grass-fed, leafy greens, and legumes are all good examples of foods that contain high amounts of iron.

Zinc can aid the protein synthesis of hair and other cells. The human body doesn't produce it, so you can only get it from outside sources. Hair loss, slow wound healing, and an impaired ability to taste or smell are all symptoms of zinc deficiency. It can be found in shellfish, meat, beans, nuts, seeds, and other whole-natural foods.

If you think your hair loss may be caused by nutrient deficiency, instead of browsing through pages about how to make the growth of hair faster, you can consult a doctor through Mosh. You can discuss your diet and other factors that may be contributing to it. If deemed necessary, you may be recommended for a personalised hair treatment plan.

Are supplements effective for faster hair growth?

Hair vitamins or supplements aimed at promoting healthy hair growth, are a popular topic in the beauty industry. Many well-known products promise enhanced hair growth, shine, thickness, and strength.

Of the available products, most share common components, such as biotin, vitamins C and E, collagen, folic acid, and omega-3 fatty acids. Some of these products may also have ashwagandha and ginseng, which are added because of their purported ability to improve hair health.[8]

Don’t get too caught up with the results of ‘how to make the growth of hair faster’; without proper guidance, supplements can cause more problems than they solve when used, so proceed with caution. Some nutrients, such as selenium, vitamin A, and vitamin E, have been linked to hair loss when consumed in excess.[9] 

Consult your doctor to see if you're deficient in any essential vitamins or minerals before starting a supplement regimen aimed at hair growth. Receiving proper guidance can increase your chances of achieving your hair goals and minimise any risks. We recommend our services here at Mosh, where, if prescribed, you can get vitamins for hair growth no matter where you are in Australia.

Every person's hair loss is unique. This is why an ideal treatment is one that is tailored to the patient's specific physiological needs. With our doctor's ongoing assistance, they can assist you in determining what is causing your hair loss. Stop searching for ‘how to make the growth of hair faster’ or ‘how to make hair grow faster’ and talk to a doctor about what your next steps should be.

 You don’t have to worry about any of that awkwardness or stigma. We hold our consultations online, and, if prescribed, we offer discreet deliveries of medication straight to your doorstep. 

 Aside from dealing with hair loss, we also offer skin care, mental health, and sexual health services, among other things. Our AHPRA-registered doctors prioritise your overall health and well-being and are ready to provide you with advice.

Mosh provides a safe space for you to ask medical questions, no matter how delicate they may seem, like ‘how to know if you have depression’, ‘how to stop anxiety’, or questions surrounding mental health, such as Why can’t I lose weight?’ Our doctors can also provide clarity on concerns about sexual health, such as ‘What is the meaning of libido?’ Our goal is to make it easier for you to get the help you need.

From now on, there’s no need for late night guesswork. When you’re ready, get in touch with us at Mosh.

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