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What Is The Meaning Of Libido?

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Sex drive, also known as libido, varies significantly among individuals and can be influenced by several factors. A decrease in libido can affect one's self-esteem and overall mood. Seeking advice from a healthcare professional is advisable as they can offer the right guidance and help find the best solution for your specific needs.

If you have ever searched "what is the meaning of libido," you may be unfamiliar with how your libido may impact your romantic or sexual relationships. You may even be unaware of how your libido can fluctuate based on various factors.

For most men, low libido can be a tricky thing to deal with. It can influence relationships, self-esteem, and overall mood. Low libido can be caused by factors such as stress, depression, and hormonal changes.

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What factors affect libido level?

Simply put, libido means sex drive or one’s desire for sex, and it varies greatly between each person.[1] A person’s sex drive can fluctuate over time, and there is no such thing as a ‘normal’ libido level when it comes to how often you have sex. Some people may feel the need to have sex once a day, once a month, or even once a year.

In general, there are a couple of common factors that can affect a person’s libido, such as:

  • your preferences or orientation
  • your life situation or circumstances
  • your medical condition or medications
  • your hormone levels or bodily state
  • your lifestyle or diet
  • the health of your relationship

It is also common for new couples to go through a period of high libido early in their relationship, which decreases over time.[2] Moreover, a busy life can preoccupy some people and take their attention away from thinking about sex.

If you ever wish to talk to someone about what is the meaning of libido or want to discuss how your sex drive may be causing problems in your relationship, then Mosh has got you covered. We have an extensive network of doctors that you can connect with from the privacy of your home – no more awkward waiting rooms.

You can freely talk about your libido and other health concerns without judgement or shame. We are here to help you achieve more confidence in and outside the bedroom. You can start by completing a short online questionnaire so we can learn more about your situation. Afterwards, a doctor will send you personalised advice within 24 hours.

How do I maintain my libido?

You shouldn’t have to worry about maintaining your libido, as it will increase or decrease based on different factors, such as bodily functions, mental state, preferences, and life circumstances.[3] However, there are general causes of lowered libido that include:

  • medical conditions like erectile dysfunction
  • the side effects of some medications
  • performance anxiety, such as premature ejaculation or painful sex, or types of anxiety
  • fatigue from daily life or stress
  • lack of time and privacy, perhaps from demands of work, family, or home life
  • familiarity with your partner
  • sexual incompatibility
  • changes in sexual preferences
  • mental health conditions
  • too much or too little exercise and physical activity
  • past traumatic experiences, such as sexual harassment, sexual abuse or rape
  • relationship troubles

While each person may or may not be impacted by any one of these general causes of low libido, it is recommended that you try to live a balanced, healthy, and sustainable lifestyle to keep your libido at a relatively stable level throughout your daily life.

If you are worried that you may have abnormally high or low libido levels for whatever reason, you can talk to a doctor about your concerns.

At Mosh, our AHPRA-registered doctors will give advice tailored to your specific concerns and needs. If it is deemed appropriate for you and your situation, you may be recommended a personalised treatment plan, and Mosh can deliver your treatment to you discreetly. You can even opt for a subscription and get automatic top-ups as needed, so you no longer have to run to the pharmacy and wait in long queues.

Are there treatments for low libido?

Yes, there are several treatments for low libido.[4] If you happen to lose interest in sex for no apparent reason, a doctor can help you find the causes of your low sex drive through a range of tests, including:

  • a physical examination
  • checking your medical history
  • conducting a blood test
  • conducting radiological imaging
  • conducting sperm analysis

Depending on your doctor’s evaluation, there are many options for treatment. Doctors typically recommend lifestyle changes first. You might be advised to change your diet, exercise more, stop smoking, and stop taking drugs and alcohol.

Another possible treatment is therapy. A counsellor may assist you in identifying emotional or psychological factors that affect your libido. For example, your counsellor can teach stress management strategies that show you how to reduce stress to help with your sexual drive.

Counselling may be done individually or with your partner, and if you and your partner are willing to be open and honest with one another, it may help you to relieve your stress or alleviate concerns.

It’s important to identify and address any issues in your life that are causing you distress over low libido. Your doctor can discuss alternative or further treatment options with you and answer your concerns on how to increase libido.

At Mosh, we will help you every step of the way, and you can reach us however is most comfortable for you, whether through text, call, or video chat. If you are prescribed any treatment plans, you can rest assured that they are personalised to your needs, with free and discreet delivery available.

We would never force you to accept any treatment plan that you don’t agree with. At Mosh, we believe that you should have the final say in how you want your body to be treated, and we are only here to help you achieve your desired results.

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At Mosh, we are committed to helping you understand what is the meaning of libido and your other questions surrounding sexual health. Now is the time for you to be confident inside and outside the bedroom. That is why we are here to help you achieve the results you desire.

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If you want to learn more about how to improve your lifestyle and diet for your sexual health, you may also read about ‘how to lose weight’ and ‘how to plan a diet to lose weight’. You may also explore how to manage anxiety in the bedroom or how to improve mental health when you’re feeling low because of your concerns.

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