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How to Lose Weight on the Thighs

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Key Takeaways

Reducing thigh fat involves a combination of overall weight loss, targeted exercises, and healthy lifestyle habits. Remember to consult with a healthcare professional or a certified fitness trainer before starting any new exercise or diet program, especially if you have any underlying health conditions or concerns. They can provide personalized guidance and tailor a plan according to your specific needs.

It’s not uncommon for people to look up how to lose weight on the thighs, how to reduce belly fat, or how to lose face fat when aiming to reduce their overall body fat and improve their appearance. However, it’s not advisable to take weight loss advice from the internet because there’s no guarantee that the information is accurate or suitable for your specific situation and needs. 

With proper guidance from a qualified doctor, you can get the appropriate weight loss treatment, with a personalised diet and exercise plan if necessary, so you can have a better chance of achieving your weight loss goals. 

We know some people find it awkward to ask a doctor in person about how to lose weight on the thighs or how to lose leg fat fast – so, Mosh makes it convenient for you to consult a doctor from the comfort of your home. Through chat, phone, or video call, you can let your doctor know of your health situation and weight loss goals for medical, over-the-counter, or coaching solutions tailored to your unique conditions.

Whether you wish to find out how to lose weight on the thighs for health or appearance reasons, the information below can help you make more informed choices on how to approach weight loss. 

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Which exercises are best for getting slimmer legs?

For long-term healthy weight loss, focusing solely on a diet is not sustainable; physical activity should be promoted to increase muscle strength and maintain muscle mass while reducing fat,[1] which may contribute to a ‘toned’ overall appearance, including the legs. 

Resistance and endurance exercises help preserve muscle mass during weight loss, and resistance exercises improve muscle strength, as well.[2] Additionally, running and walking are excellent exercises for strengthening the legs. The use of cross-training – the combination of running and walking with strength training – may also increase your leg strength, which is likely to assist in weight loss leading to slimmer legs.[3]

But even if you know these exercises may address how to lose weight on the thighs, you should still consult a doctor before starting any exercise program. 

Your Mosh doctor will assess your unique health situation, including any underlying health conditions, to help you determine if exercise is safe and ideal for you. To propose a weight loss solution that’s realistic and customised for your needs, your Mosh doctor will also consider a multitude of other factors such as your body mass index (BMI), age, activity level and any medications you’re currently taking. 

Is it possible to get a thigh gap through exercise and diet?

The term ‘thigh gap’ refers to the space between a person’s thighs when they stand with their feet together.[4] It mostly depends on the person’s genes and bone structure.[5] Even if a person is very slim, there’s still a chance that they may not have a thigh gap.

Research shows that the mid-thigh fat and mid-thigh low-density lean tissue can be decreased through dietary restriction and walking.[6] However, there are various other factors that come into play when it comes to weight loss, such as genetics, environmental causes, stress, and your overall lifestyle.[7] A doctor can help you take all these into consideration when identifying the ideal weight loss plan for you. 

At Mosh, to get started, you just need to fill out the free health quiz on the Mosh platform for a doctor to assess your situation. If needed, a Mosh doctor will get in touch with you for further information on the above-mentioned factors or other considerations your doctor might want to look into to grasp your situation better.

Your doctor may simply give you weight loss advice or propose a customised weight loss plan – you’re free to accept or reject their proposal as you like. You may even request a different solution or switch to another Mosh doctor if you don’t feel that your current doctor is your best match. 

How much weight can I lose on my thighs per week?

It’s important to set realistic expectations when looking for ways on how to lose weight on the thighs. A common misconception is that concentrating exercise on a specific muscle group will lead to a gradual decrease in body fat in that area, but this is false. Losing fat in any particular area requires reducing overall body fat;[8]  overall body fat reduction can result in fat loss in the thighs and other parts of the body.

With that, it’s not possible to track how much weight you’re losing from your thighs alone every week. A doctor can show you how to track your progress; they may ask you to take measurements of your thigh circumference to see if your weight loss plan is working for you. 

The good thing about Mosh weight loss plans is that you get ongoing consultations with your doctor; they can track your progress and adjust your plan accordingly. If you have questions other than ‘How to lose weight on the thighs?’ – such as ‘Why can’t I lose weight?’ or ‘How to calculate body fat?’, you’re welcome to ask your doctor during your consultations. 

You don’t have to constantly look up what to eat to lose weight or ‘How many calories should I eat to lose weight?’ either since you can choose to have meal plan guides as part of your Mosh subscription. You also choose to include meal replacement shakes, which are an easy meal option for busy people, so you can stick to your diet plan more consistently. 

What are the common steps to lose weight?

Now that you know overall weight loss is one of the answers to ‘How to lose weight on the thighs?’, here are the common steps to lose weight: 

Food and diet 

It’s crucial to follow a diet that promotes a negative energy balance and focuses on quality food for weight loss. Generally, low-carbohydrate, high-protein diets and intermittent fasting can be employed as a jumpstart to promote weight loss in the short term. However, there is no single diet that promotes weight loss the best;[9] a doctor can guide you toward finding the most suitable diet plan for you.


In addition to food and diet, exercise can aid in weight loss, particularly in preventing regain after weight loss.[10] If long-term weight loss is your goal, then exercise is a crucial component to consider. 

Evidence-based treatments 

Many people are unable to lose weight through exercise and diet alone for a variety of reasons and factors. Individualised weight loss treatment options may maximise patient outcomes since the approach is tailored to each person’s unique circumstances and goals.

For weight loss advice and solutions that are tailored to your individual needs and goals, you can rely on Mosh. Know that our doctors are ready to help you when you feel ready to get started on your weight loss journey.

Before and After

Angela beforeAngela after
Angela, 37WA
Program typeWeight loss medication
Weight Lost10kg
Results shown5 weeks
Joshua beforeJoshua after
Joshua, 43TAS
Program typeWeight loss medication
Weight Lost10kg
Results shown4 weeks
David beforeDavid after
David, 38NSW
Program typeWeight loss medication
Weight Lost13kg
Results shown5 weeks
Sallie beforeSallie after
Sallie, 48QLD
Program typeWeight loss medication
Weight Lost5kg
Results shown10 weeks

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