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Why I Can’t Get Hard

By Mosh
Treat Erectile Dysfunction
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Key Takeaways

Many men struggle to get and maintain an erection, but due to the topic being stigmatised, many do not know how to access help or what treatments are available. There can be medical or psychological reasons as to why men may not be able to get an erection luckily, medication, lifestyle changes or talking to both a professional and your partner can help. To receive guidance regarding your sexual health concerns, it is recommended that you consult with a healthcare professional or a registered dietitian for personalised advice based on your specific needs.

If you are feeling worried that you cannot get hard in bed, know that there is help available for you. Erectile dysfunction is more common than you might think, with millions of people affected worldwide. In fact, studies have shown that for every ten men, approximately one of them has longterm problems maintaining an erection.[1] 

However, even with how common this issue is, most of those affected find it difficult to look for a fix or cure due to how stigmatised and taboo these topics are. Many still search for ‘How can I get hard fast without pills?’ or ‘Why can’t I get hard?’ or even ‘What to do when you can’t get hard?’ on the web to no avail – perhaps you should consider getting discreet medical support from us at Mosh instead.

Allow Mosh to provide you with a safe, confidential space to bring up your erection concerns and even custom-made treatment, if applicable. 

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What are some of the most common reasons why men can’t get erect?

Unlike other men’s health conditions, erectile dysfunction is a condition that is both psychological and medical in nature. Some men may even find that they cannot get hard due to a combination of causes. 

  • Psychological. While often not talked about, common reasons for not getting an erection are underlying mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. Our feelings play an important role during sex, so emotional stress from the relationship or even feelings of guilt may result in lowered penile function.[2] 
  • Medical. When it comes to physiology, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity can cause younger and older men to experience erectile dysfunction.[3] Most commonly, health disorders that impede blood flow can make men have difficulty getting an erection.[4] 

With this, it can be quite challenging to pinpoint why you cannot stay erect during intercourse. As such, it would be beneficial to seek professional help from those who have extensively studied sexual health. 

Our procedures at Mosh are incredibly simple. To get medical advice from our AHPRA-registered health practitioners, navigate through our platform and answer our online questionnaire. Afterwards, our team will analyse your medical background based on the answers you provided. Once we have completed our comprehensive review, you can consult with one of our practitioners regarding possible steps to be taken or maybe a personalised treatment plan. 

Can the food I eat affect my ability to get an erection?

Studies have shown that men who cannot get erect during intercourse can transition into a healthy diet for improved sexual performance. Ultimately, incorporating ingredients such as nuts, fish, fruits, and vegetables into your meals and omitting processed alternatives can help with erectile dysfunction and maintaining overall erectile health.[5] 

For science-backed results, you can combine healthy eating habits with the advice our Mosh health practitioners offer. Depending on your situation and why you cannot get hard, they may prescribe treatments as needed, which may include pills, sprays, and other options your health practitioner may deem best for you.

What is great is that you can easily refill your prescriptions since our convenient subscription service can send over your treatment in a discreet manner. With top-ups available whenever you need them, you will not have to worry about queuing in a local pharmacy. 

Are natural remedies effective if I can’t get a hard on?

If you are having difficulty with your libido or find that you cannot get hard, then you might have considered trying herbal or natural remedies. Though some men claim to have experienced positive results from natural cures, there is often a lack of regulation and clinical research.[6]

The good news is that the erectile dysfunction service we have at Mosh takes care of this problem. Your treatment plan, if necessary, is clinically backed, reviewed by health practitioners, and personalised to your medical background. Even more, we will make sure that you are comfortable and informed throughout the entire process. 

Let them explain everything step-by-step and give you detailed instructions through phone calls, video chats, or even text messages. Best of all, you will not ever be pressured into treatment, and you can even pause or cancel at any time should you push through.

Mosh – an online service for all your men’s health needs

Here at Mosh, our hardworking and committed team is all about men’s health. Over the years, we have developed a holistic approach that encompasses a wide range of disciplines. Besides helping Australian men with erectile dysfunction, we are also more than capable of providing guidance in the fields of mental health, weight loss programs, hair loss treatment and much more. 

With us, you can receive medical advice from AHPRA-registered health practitioners who care about your well-being. From mental health therapy to a diet plan for weight loss, our team is knowledgeable in many areas of men’s health. Feel free to get in touch with us, as we will be more than happy to give you insight and perhaps a mental health care plan or a weight loss plan if appropriate for your current situation. 

Get started on the road to better men’s health and allow us at Mosh to address your concerns, whether they are related to sexual health problems, understanding how to deal with anxiety, or the best diet for weight loss.

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