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Hair Thinning Treatment

By Mosh
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Key Takeaways

Individuals experiencing hair thinning have unique needs, and the treatment for this condition varies from person to person. Factors such as genetics, age, diet, and medical treatments can affect hair growth. Personalised treatment plans are important to address these factors and provide effective solutions for hair thinning.

Each man’s needs for hair growth are unique, and hair thinning treatment will vary from individual to individual. Many factors affect hair growth, such as genetics, age, diet, and certain medical treatments. Recognising this, Mosh offers the best treatment for thinning hair customised to your needs. 

The doctors who work at the Mosh platform will create a personalised treatment plan based on your needs. Our goal is to provide you with a treatment for thinning hair that works for you. 

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Mosh is an online men’s health platform that houses Australian doctors who care about your well-being. Our doctors are independent contractors registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). Because of this, they provide unbiased advice and only aim to improve your health.

We pay our hair loss doctors using the fee-for-service model, which means they are not obliged to prescribe you a particular medication for hair growth but instead consider your individual condition and needs. Our doctors are passionate about men’s health and are happy to answer your questions. 

You can get medical advice and hair thinning solutions through our secure consultations via text, call, or video chat. When you receive a prescription for hair loss, Mosh also takes care of the delivery, sparing you the hassle of pharmacy trips. 

We also sell hair growth products, supplements, and men’s hair growth shampoo that work in tandem with your doctor’s recommendations. With our products and services for hair, you can rest assured that we are aware of the latest hair care research and information to help you achieve optimum hair health. 

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What causes thinning hair?

When you start losing hair, you might feel quick to blame yourself. You may think it’s the new shampoo or hair product you’ve been using or even the increased frequency of hat-wearing you’ve indulged in.

The truth is that hair loss can result from several different causes. The most common cause is male pattern baldness (MPB). Your hair thinning is not a result of any product or lifestyle decision but is mainly due to genes. You may have inherited it from your parents. However, the major culprits of MPB are testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Testosterone tends to convert into DHT, which makes your hair follicles weaker. DHT further shrinks your hair follicles and shortens the hair growth cycle, leading to significant hair loss.[1]

Consumption of an unbalanced or poor diet or smoking may contribute to rapid hair thinning. Minerals such as iron and proteins play important roles in hair development. Without enough of these nutrients, your hair may become weaker and more brittle. You may need to take additional supplements such as biotin to support your hair.

As for smoking, toxins in the smoke can harm hair follicles. The smoke may lead to decreased blood circulation.  This means that if you smoke, you are more likely to need hair thinning treatment. If you are an avid smoker, you may want to consider quitting if you notice your head of hair beginning to go bald.

What are the best treatments for thinning hair?

At Mosh, we believe that the most effective hair thinning treatment is one that is tailored to your specific needs. We don’t just give you an over-the-counter generic hair loss medicine and leave it at that. We make an effort to get to know you and your situation. Through this method, we can ensure our medications can effectively treat hair loss.

Having personalised hair loss treatment is key to having the most success in preventing your thinning crown. You can avoid drastic processes such as surgery as our services are based on what you prefer and the latest in clinical studies. Our medications for hair loss range from natural treatments such as seabuckthorn-infused shampoo and conditioner with avocado oil to FDA-approved medical hair loss drugs such as minoxidil.

Using our services is stress-free as you simply need to give us details about your symptoms and medical history through our short online quiz. All this information will be used by your doctor to provide you with appropriate treatment recommendations. 

Your hair loss treatment will be delivered to your home after your doctor provides you with a diagnosis and, if appropriate, a prescription. Subscribing to our service eliminates the need for regular pharmacy visits and sorting through different medicine brands.

How long do these treatments take to work?

The effects of hair thinning treatments vary as your body reacts differently. There are also other factors in play that could affect the result of the treatment for thinning hair. We usually give a combination of treatment methods so you can achieve your desired results.

Our personalised hair loss solutions at Mosh don’t have a set time frame before visible changes occur, but many of our customers notice improvements within three to six months. Maximum results can take up to a year[2].

If you are worried about side effects or wish to change your treatment plan, our doctors are always on hand to give you advice. You can easily bring up any concerns during your consultations. Our service allows you to update your doctor and let them know how your treatment for thinning hair works for you.

Our doctors are also available for anything related to men’s health, including skin and facial care, mental health, and sexual health.

See how Mosh can help you by subscribing now. Instead of going to a physical hair loss clinic, allow us to provide you with medical advice and effective treatment products for your hair thinning.

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