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Minoxidil Extra Strength

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Minoxidil is a popular treatment for hair loss, and Mosh offers a platform for connecting with doctors to help you choose the right product for your needs. Minoxidil products come in various concentrations, ranging from mild to extra strength, but it is essential to consult a doctor to determine the most effective treatment plan.

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Do you feel as though your standard minoxidil no longer feels as effective? Don’t you just wish that you could be given the right minoxidil product for the unique you? 

Instead of doing your own research on ‘minoxidil extra strength’ products and finding out about adverse effects after you’ve bought them, consult your doctor. At Mosh, our health platform connects you with a network of doctors so that you have the best chance of achieving your desired results.

Let our dedicated health practitioners at Mosh guide you through your hair treatment plans and give you the clarity to your questions surrounding minoxidil products and more to meet all your needs.

What is minoxidil?

Minoxidil is one of the most popular ways to tackle hair loss concerns. Despite starting as a medication for patients with high blood pressure, it has the effect of improving blood flow on the applied area. This effect has been used to benefit the treatment of hair loss in both males and females by introducing essential nutrients to nourish and develop thicker hair. 

When applied topically to certain parts of the body, minoxidil can improve blood flow. The increase in blood flow to the hair follicles may nourish and thicken the hair. Today, minoxidil is frequently used to promote hair growth and provide essential nutrients to maintain healthy hair. It comes as no surprise that more Australians are searching for ‘minoxidil extra strength’ but looking for stronger minoxidil products doesn’t necessarily mean they're more effective.

How does minoxidil work?

Regardless of the concentration of minoxidil, it works by shortening the resting phase of hair growth, which stimulates follicle growth and lengthens growth overall.[1] There are four stages in the hair growth cycle:

  • anagen (growth);
  • catagen (follicle shrinking);
  • telogen (rest); and 
  • exogen (shedding).

To reach the next growth phase and grow new hair, your hair first goes through the shedding phase, so it is natural to notice that you have some hair loss, as your body would naturally shed old hair.

How much does topical minoxidil cost?

It’s important that you have an estimate of how much you’ll probably spend per month if you decide to use topical minoxidil to know if you can sustain it. Topical minoxidil doesn’t result in permanent scalp hair regrowth; it must be used continuously to maintain hair regrowth, if any.[2] If you are wanting a pharmacy grade treatment, the price of a 180 mL 5% minoxidil solution can be around $79, worth three months of use. If however you would like a doctor prescribed treatment, personalised to your hair loss situation, this can cost from $29 a month.

What are the topical minoxidil side effects?

Even though topical minoxidil is considered safe, there are still some side effects to be aware of. Possible reactions include irritation, dryness, itching, flaking, and reddened skin.[3] An increased risk of side effects can result from excessive topical minoxidil absorption into the body, so always consult your doctor before using it.

How do I choose the right minoxidil extra strength?

Minoxidil products are generally regarded as effective in treating and preventing hair loss, but it’s important to remember that not everyone will experience the same results.

If you find yourself constantly searching for ‘minoxidil extra strength’ online, know that there’s an alternative. Instead of relying on assumptions, tap into our network of AHPRA-registered health practitioners online and forget about the hassles of having to physically visit a clinic. 

Our mens telehealth platform links you to a health practitoner who can offer evidence-based recommendations to assist with your health concerns. If necessary, they will also prescribe a hair treatment plan that is tailored to your specific requirements and objectives.

Our health practitioners will never force you to go with a treatment plan that makes you uncomfortable. Mosh makes it simple to choose a new health practitioner if you think your present one isn't the best fit for you. Thanks to our network of pharmacies all across Australia, as soon as you say yes to a treatment plan, we’ll send them to your home for your utmost convenience.

What are the different minoxidil strengths?

Minoxidil products come as a liquid solution or Minoxidil foam and both are available in several concentrations, ranging from the mildest 2% and 5% solutions to Minoxidil high-strength 10% and the 15% minoxidil extra strength. Research suggests that higher-strength versions of minoxidil don't always result in faster hair growth.[4]

Should you get higher concentrations of minoxidil products?

You may be looking up ‘Minoxidil Australia’ assuming it can give you faster results. However, it’s important to note that while minoxidil is TGA-approved, concentrations ranging from ten percent to fifteen percent have not yet been FDA approved in the United States, where it was first launched in 1988.

Moreover, according to research, increasing the strength of minoxidil applied doesn't always seem to result in faster hair growth.[4] The five percent liquid solution or foam is the most common concentration of minoxidil, but it’s always important to consult your doctor on what will be most effective for you.

At Mosh, you can connect with our health practitioners who can answer any questions you may have about our Minoxidil 5% Spray, and they can discuss if it is clinically appropriate for you. If necessary, they can even prescribe a treatment plan to further boost your chance of getting your desired results. 

Rest assured if you no longer feel like your current treatment plan is addressing your needs at any point, you can work with your doctor to make adjustments. We’ll never pressure you to move forward with a plan you’re not happy with.

What do minoxidil percentages mean?

The percentages on minoxidil products essentially tell you how much of the product consists of minoxidil. All minoxidil products only contain a portion of minoxidil among their ingredients. Other prominent ingredients used in many minoxidil products include: propylene glycol, ethanol, and water. 

Our minoxidil products use a five percent minoxidil solution; when you speak to our Mosh doctors, know that they won’t just advertise ‘minoxidil extra strength’ as a catch-all solution. They’ll take into consideration your unique needs and make a careful assessment of what will work best for you.

At Mosh, we believe that you should be getting the quality service where it’s a safe space for you to discuss whatever health concerns you may have. And that you deserve to have a say in how you want to feel in your own body. 

Are there alternative treatments to minoxidil?

Yes, there are alternative treatments to minoxidil, including some natural ones.[5] A number of factors are taken into account by your health practitioner when assessing your hair loss concerns. Your minoxidil treatment can be replaced or complemented by other forms of treatment if it suits your needs better. Your Mosh health practitioner may also recommend over-the-counter products to help with your hair health.

At Mosh, you're in good hands

Place all your health concerns in the trusted hands of our doctors. Mosh exists to make men’s health easier to talk about, and we pride ourselves on operational excellence and delivering the best services for all our Moshers. Beyond hair loss, we help give clarity on concerns surrounding skincare, mental health, and even questions about erectile dysfunction

Our telehealth platform also offers a subscription delivery service with the utmost privacy and discretion. If you have any more questions about hair growth treatment products, such as hair growth vitamins, hair growth spray, and minoxidil for men, feel free to contact us from Monday to Friday, AEST 8.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. 

You don’t need to keep looking for a hair loss doctor or a psychologist online with our dedicated telehealth platform. Consult our doctors about your questions, whether it’s about minoxidil extra strength treatments, skin care solutions, or other men’s health concerns.



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