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Minoxidil For Men

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Key Takeaways

Topical minoxidil can be an effective treatment in reducing hair loss and increasing hair growth. Seeking proper guidance from a doctor to understand the benefits, usage and side effects of minoxidil for your own unique situation may be beneficial.

There are numerous reasons why people lose their hair, so finding the right doctor is essential before looking up treatments such as minoxidil for men. 

At Mosh, we connect you with a network of doctors who will review your hair situation, background, and more to provide you with a safe space to freely discuss your health concerns. 

Our men’s health platform offers a wide range of products and services catered to providing our patients with personalised quality service with honesty and transparency. 

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What is minoxidil?

The use of minoxidil is popular among people looking to treat their hair loss concerns. It was originally designed for treating patients with high blood pressure, but it has the effect of increasing blood flow in the region it is applied to topically. It has been used to treat hair loss in both men and women by allowing more nutrients to the follicles, leading to healthier and thicker hair.[1] There is no surprise that more Australians are searching for 'minoxidil for men' online, so understanding how minoxidil products help with hair loss is vital.

How does minoxidil work?

Minoxidil essentially works by stimulating the blood flow of an area of the body, which shortens the resting phase of hair growth, stimulates follicle growth, and lengthens growth overall.[2] Minoxidil promotes hair growth by influencing the hair follicles to enter the growth phase of the hair growth cycle. Evidence also suggests that minoxidil has resulted in larger hair follicles and longer growth periods, resulting in thicker and healthier hair.

How much does topical minoxidil cost?

It’s important that you have an estimate of how much you’ll probably spend per month if you decide to use topical minoxidil to know if you can sustain it. Topical minoxidil doesn’t result in permanent scalp hair regrowth; it must be used regularly to maintain hair regrowth, if any. If you are wanting a pharmacy grade treatment, the price of a 180 mL 5% minoxidil solution can be around $79, worth three months of use. If however you would like a doctor prescribed treatment, personalised to your hair loss situation, this can cost from $29 a month.
It’s important to remember that for minoxidil to be effective, it must be used continuously; otherwise, hair loss will return.[3]

What are the minoxidil side effects?

While different minoxidil hair loss treatments have been considered to be safe, there are still some side effects associated with the use of minoxidil.[4]  Some of the possible side effects of minoxidil use may include: skin redness, irritation, dryness, flaking, itch and mild dermatitis. [5] 

Whether you need a minoxidil hair loss treatment to treat your hair loss or you have questions about how effective minoxidil is for hair loss. You should consider speaking to one of our Mosh doctors today to better assess your health concerns and help you understand your hair loss problems. Our doctors can recommend treatment options based on scientific evidence if necessary so that you don't experience unwanted side effects. 

What should I do after applying minoxidil?

After using any kind of minoxidil treatment, it is advised to wait at least four hours before washing your hair or using additional hair products.[6] During the treatment period, minoxidil stimulates hair follicle activity by lengthening the hair growth phase and shortening the resting phase of hair growth. 

The application of minoxidil for men should be made in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations or those of your doctor. Prior to using any minoxidil hair treatment, make sure your scalp and hair are absolutely dry. 

Speak with one of our numerous doctors at Mosh if you have any questions about whether or not your various hair products are safe to use concurrently with your minoxidil hair growth treatment. If you fill out our short online questionnaire, our doctors can advise you based on your individual needs, unique circumstances, and desired effect.

At Mosh, your comfort is our priority. Our doctors will never force you to go with a treatment plan you don’t like, and Mosh makes it simple to choose a new doctor if you think your present one isn’t the best fit for you. As soon as you say yes to a treatment plan, we can have the items delivered to your doorstep for free, with automatic refills available as needed.

Is it okay to sleep with minoxidil on?

It is recommended to allow two to four hours for the minoxidil to completely dry before going to bed.[7]   Minoxidil for men comes in various forms: minoxidil topical solution (liquid) and minoxidil topical foam. While both are similar in efficacy and ease of application, minoxidil topical foam generally has less chance of staining your clothing and linens. 

However, if your hair or scalp is not completely dry after using minoxidil, it may discolour garments, caps, and sheets. We recommend that you avoid applying the medication to other areas of the body while moist to prevent stains. 

Check with your doctor if leaving minoxidil for a prolonged period is advisable for your hair situation. Mosh offers doctor advice when you use our subscription plans. You can easily reach out to your doctor through chat or call. 

What happens if I miss a day of applying minoxidil?

If you miss a day of applying minoxidil for whatever reason, you should not double your dosage.[8] If it is closer to the schedule of your next dose, just skip the missed dose and follow the subsequent schedule as instructed. 

If you are planning to receive any other type of hair treatment, like colour treatment or hair lengthening, it is advisable to wait at least twenty-four hours before and after a hair treatment before continuing your minoxidil hair regrowth treatment. 

However, note that minoxidil for men may not be as effective with skipped doses. Minoxidil works best when consistently used over several months to start to see noticeable results. As such, we do not recommend skipping or stopping your minoxidil doses, especially for weeks at a time, without advice from your doctor.

With Mosh, we help our clients connect with a network of AHPRA-registered doctors without having to deal with the hassles of physically visiting a clinic. Our telehealth platform links you to a doctor who can offer evidence-based recommendations to assist with your health concerns. If necessary, they may also prescribe a treatment plan tailored to your specific requirements and objectives. 

Are there alternative treatments to minoxidil?

Yes, there are alternative treatments to minoxidil that include natural products, like pumpkin seed oil and saw palmetto, that can block DHT.[9] Depending on your circumstances, our doctors may recommend other Mosh products for your treatment Mosh provides a range of over-the-counter products that may be appropriate for your concerns.

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