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Treat Mental Health
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Consulting a therapist is a good way to address your mental health concerns. A certified therapist can guide you through the processing of your thoughts and feelings, especially if you are experiencing symptoms of depression or anxiety. With professional help, you can cope with how you are feeling in healthier ways, increasing your chances of getting better and avoiding relapsing into the same concerns.

Mosh is a leading online platform in Australia that is dedicated to men’s health. We offer mental health services for both men and women, including online therapy sessions where you can consult with certified mental health doctors from anywhere you are. You can connect with your doctor via text, call, or video chat, so you can express your mental health concerns to your doctor freely in the comfort of your own home. 

If you have questions such as ‘What is therapy?’ or ‘What is the difference between a psychologist vs therapist?’ our answers below might help.

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What is the difference between a psychotherapist and a psychologist?

If you have considered getting mental health therapy before, you are probably familiar with the terms ‘psychotherapist’ and ‘psychologist’. Although a therapist and a psychologist may work hand in hand to address your mental health concerns, they play different roles. 

The primary focus of a psychologist is on the assessment, research, and testing of how people think, behave, and feel to help them understand and manage their behaviour. On the other hand, what does a psychotherapist do? They provide services that include a variety of different therapies, depending on their area of specialisation, such as family therapy or cognitive behavioural therapy.[1] 

Psychologists, psychiatrists, and mental health professionals with in-depth training and specialisation in psychotherapy may work as qualified psychotherapists.[2]

Mosh works with individually vetted and qualified Australian doctors, increasing your chances of finding a doctor with expertise that matches your mental health needs and goals. During your doctor’s consultation, your doctor will take the time to understand your situation and, if necessary, provide you with treatment recommendations. They will never force you to proceed with a treatment plan you are not uncomfortable with. In addition, they may also propose a mental health care plan, recommend online therapy, or prescribe mental health medications for your concerns – all tailored to your unique circumstances.

What should I look for in a good therapist?

There are many factors to consider when finding the best therapist for you. First, consider if their mode of providing counselling therapy suits your preferences. Some people prefer online over in-person consultations because they feel more comfortable expressing their emotions. 

In addition, consider the therapist’s line of expertise. If you are dealing with symptoms of anxiety, for example, it is ideal to go to a therapist who specialises in that area. 

Above all, a good therapist is passionate and truly cares about your mental well-being. 

At Mosh, your therapist can patiently walk you through the process of understanding your thoughts better, and together, you can come up with a tailored solution that you are comfortable with. You are free to switch to a different therapist at any time as well if you feel like your current one is not the best match for you. 

Do online counselling sessions really work?

Research has found that online counselling sessions are effective in treating mental health conditions, including depression, anxiety, and trauma or PTSD.[3] The same study states that the effectiveness of a therapy session – whether individual therapy, couples therapy, or family therapy – is largely dependent on the capacity of the therapist as well as their willingness to seek and act upon the feedback of their patient. 

At Mosh, you get ongoing support from your doctor, where you can provide feedback, allowing them to track your progress and adjust your treatment plan as needed – whether it includes online therapy or prescription medication. 

We have various therapists with a range of specialisations, so you can find one who understands what you are going through and can help you through it. Some people get the help they need after one session, while others take longer. You have complete freedom to move forward with Mosh however you like. 

To get started with Mosh, simply fill out our questionnaire, and a doctor will reach out to you with a recommended treatment plan. Our doctors will be happy to address questions such as ‘What type of counsellor should I see?’ and ‘When to seek therapy?’ 

Getting started at Mosh is easy; just answer a short questionnaire on our platform so our doctors can get to know your situation better and provide you with tailored advice. If treatment is suitable for your situation, an Australian doctor will review and consult with you through call, video conference, or even text.

You may avail of our subscription service to get your medications replenished as needed, and they will be delivered discreetly to your doorstep. You can easily renew your prescription online as well.

Mosh can help you take better care of your mental health. If you have any concerns, you are more than welcome to talk to a Mosh doctor. Consult us any time you are ready. We are here to help.

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