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What Causes Depression?

By Mosh
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Key Takeaways

Depression can be triggered by various stimuli in one's environment and life circumstances, such as stress, family history, personality, or serious medical conditions. While taking supplements may help manage depression, it is always best to seek medical advice from a professional who can tailor a treatment plan for you.

Depression is a mental illness that affects 7.5 per cent of the adult population in Australia.[1] Despite its prevalence, there are still some questions about what causes depression. With Mosh, learn more about how depression affects your mental health and its possible origins.

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What is depression?

While it is natural to feel sad, moody, or ‘out of energy’ from time to time. Depression is feeling those emotions, among others, more intensely over a long period. People can experience depression differently and have varying symptoms, but some common symptoms include having negative thoughts about oneself, not enjoying your interests anymore, feeling fatigued or tired, and changes in appetite and sleep patterns. 


Since depression can be caused by several factors, from genetics and environment to social aspects, it can be hard to figure out what causes depression. But it is possible to treat symptoms of depression and work through unique causes if you seek medical help as early as possible. 

Mosh connects you with doctors who can help you understand what causes depression and guide you through what you are experiencing. If necessary, our Mosh doctors can refer you to a psychologist or counsellor for therapy or recommend prescription medication to help you through your treatment. 

Let Mosh help you learn the causes of depression and catch its signs and symptoms early. 

Can daily stress become a cause of depression?

Yes, daily stress may contribute to causing depression if the stress is prolonged without proper rest and relief.[2] It’s important to know that depression can also be caused by a combination of factors that can be triggered if you’re already at risk. It’s important to understand that stress can accumulate from different sources, including but not limited to: 

  • major traumatic life events, such as the death of a loved one;
  • health issues;
  • financial problems;
  • difficulty in school, work, or family life; and
  • relationship problems.[3]

If you feel as though you’re under a lot of constant stress in daily life, then we encourage you to consult your doctor at your earliest convenience. If stress is left untreated for a long period, then it can develop into other mental disorders, such as anxiety and depression, and exacerbate other medical conditions you may have.

Stress is not always a bad thing. It is our body’s natural response to new experiences, but when it gets overwhelming, it’s important to understand how to reduce stress

Besides daily stress, there are other causes of depression that can be exacerbated by the accumulation of stress and anxiety, such as:

  • family history and life circumstances;
  • personality;
  • serious medical conditions, like chronic pain; and
  • alcohol and substance abuse.[4]

While each case of depression is uniquely different and can be caused by a combination of factors, it is crucial to understand that you can’t always identify the cause of depression. Instead of self-diagnosing by searching ‘what causes depression’ and taking a depression test online, you should speak to your doctor as soon as possible. 

Recognising the signs and symptoms of depression and seeking help as soon as possible is the best way to treat depression. At Mosh, we can help you identify possible signs and symptoms of depression and help you understand what causes depression by listening to your concerns.

What environment factors trigger depression?

Depression can be triggered by various stimuli in one's environment and life circumstances. Research shows that prolonged exposure to environmental pollution may lead to a decline in mental health.[5] Other environmental factors that could trigger depression in a person include:

  • long-term unemployment;
  • living in an abusive or unloving relationship;
  • long-term isolation;
  • loneliness; 
  • prolonged exposure to stress at work, school, or home; 
  • being diagnosed with serious illness; and
  • suffering from childhood environmental stress.[6]

Aside from these, there are still many more unique environmental factors that could trigger depression in people, so it’s important to know what are the symptoms of depression

Depression influences how people think, feel, and act.[7] But the symptoms of depression can express themselves differently for each person, and every person may experience the same symptom differently. So instead of guessing whether you have depression or not, we encourage you to seek help. 

If you feel that you may be depressed or you’re exhibiting symptoms of depression, you can easily use Mosh’s health platform to connect with one of our AHPRA-registered doctors, who can better understand what causes depression and provide recommendations based on their individual clinical judgement. If

Can taking supplements help with managing depression?

Taking supplements can help with managing depression by improving a person’s general mood and treating major depression symptoms.[8] But its effectiveness varies depending on your unique circumstances and medical history. If you want to learn more about questions like ‘how to deal with anxiety?’ we encourage you to talk to a medical professional. 

When undergoing any treatment plan for your depression, it is recommended to always be in contact with your doctor, counsellor, or therapist and update them with any changes in your well-being and mental state throughout your treatment. 

Mosh has a network of doctors with different interests that can help you understand what causes depression. Getting started with a Mosh treatment plan is as easy as filling out the questionnaire; our doctors will review your information and recommend you the ideal solution that can get you treated. 

During your virtual consultation, a Mosh doctor will explain their proposed solution and get to know more about your unique situation at the same time by asking about your medical history and other important information. And, if you’re diagnosed with depression or found to be at risk, our doctors may recommend a personalised treatment plan to assist you.

You don’t have to proceed with a recommended treatment plan if you’re not comfortable with it; you can request another treatment method or switch to another doctor that you think will be a better match for you. You also get ongoing support from your doctor, so they can check on your progress and adjust the treatment accordingly. 

Once you’ve found the perfect doctor for your needs and have opted to use their recommended treatment plans, we also provide a range of services for our Mosh patients. We offer free unlimited medical consultations through either text or video check-in. We also provide one-on-one confidential therapy sessions online to support you in every step of your recovery. 

If you are prescribed medications by Mosh, your medications and prescriptions will be delivered to you at your earliest convenience. After that, you will need to check in with your Mosh doctor after the first, third and sixth months, as well as every six months after that. You can also book an appointment with your doctor as needed.

Let Mosh stand alongside you in your struggles

Depression can be a challenging condition to live with and cope with, but you shouldn’t have to struggle alone in silence. We are here to support you through your struggles. While it may take time and effort to get better, it’s all part of the process of overcoming depression.

At Mosh, we are committed to helping you get through your difficult moments. 

Depression is a treatable mental health disorder if you seek proper medical help as early as possible.

The earlier you talk to a doctor or therapist, the sooner you understand what is depression and how to cope with it.

No need to keep searching ‘how to know if you have depression’ online or if you want to learn more about what causes anxiety; your doctor is ready to listen. If you're in crisis or experiencing suicidal thoughts, please call Lifeline support at 13 11 14.

We encourage you to talk to a Mosh doctor today.

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